r#28 – perfect blue

Perfect Blue was an anime that adapted from a novel, which written by Yoshikazi Takeuchi. Not everyone knew this, and they don’t mention about this on its MAL page, but I’m telling you this because maybe you should know. Okay so, another thing that you would need to know about Perfect Blue, this is an anime that produced on one year before I was born. So I am 19 now, it means this movie was first time aired in 1997.

That makes two points, and now another fact that you would need to know; there is an incident during the production. Back then, the Kobe earthquake hit the Madhouse studio, consequently made the movie’s budget was reduced. That said, this movie didn’t give us the greatest art from that time. It’s difficult to imagine it side by side with movies from Ghibli’s studio, Gainax, or even another movies from Madhouse.

So, is that means this movie was rated as bad? Hmm, let’s break that down.


Okay, let’s start with the synopsis. If you bought this movie as a bluray, then you will found a paragraph that tells you about its story on the back of the DVD’s cover. So, I will transcribe the writings there … here we go.

Pop singer Mima Kirigoe looks forward to a bright new career when she quits her chart-topping trio to become an actress. When she lands a role in a sexually charged murder mystery, Mima’s life begins to fall apart. Reality and hallucinations merge into a terrifying netherworld where innocence is lost and dreams become nightmares. Quickly descending into a dangerous state of paranoid delusions, Mima discovers Internet sites describing every intimate detail of her life. Helpless and afraid, she watches as her associates are threatened and killed by a mysterious stalker.


Besides the bad things that I just disclose on the start, actually, there are a few points which made this anime be great. So aside from the fact that Madhouse is a very case-hardened as anime producer, Perfect Blue was also directed by Kon Satoshi, which is the great suspense masters for a few various anime, such as the original JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken, Memories, or another very good movies like Sennen Joyuu and Paprika. Not enough with only one brain, this movie was also had Katsuhiro Otomo as the special advisor, by the way, Katsuhiro Otomo was the brain behind the famous movie; Akira.

Now let’s talk about the story in it. As you read the synopsis, then you should understand that Perfect Blue is an anime that meant for mature audiences, I mean literally for the adults over 17. Because there is more than one rape scene in it, detailed nudity, talking about a really creepy stalker, murder, a very, very graphic violence, and enough drops of blood to make you shudder. So, please know your place.

Back to the review. For you who a fan of pure psychological animes, a story without the support of actions and fight scenes, fantasies, or exaggerated behaviour … then you should watch this if you haven’t. Because this is a pure psychological attack to your mind, especially if you are easy to carried away by the main character in it. When you watching this and be as the main character, then you will feel the pain and the sadness as what the main character felt … and it’s really hurt.


Now we’re talking about the characters. For start off, I want to tell you that this movie was like an autobiography, which tells you all about this girl named Kirigoe Mima, and tell you about how she’s going through the most depressing chapter in her life. So that is true, this movie was centred on her, and only about her. Even though, it’s not that simple.

There are at least two other characters as the main supports. The first is Hidaka Rumi which is Mima’s manager. Hmm let me see, there is not much that I can tell you about her, except that she was a former idol singer and opposed to Mima’s crossover into an artist. And then there is also Uchida, which is one of Mima’s biggest fans and totally obsessed with her. He is literally an ultra-obsessive otaku.

But like I said before, this movie is all about Mima. All the things that happened in that moment made her character grow; from a naive, innocent, and easily manipulated idol singer, to a literally terrified girl in a grip of madness as her world shifts from reality to horrible dark fantasy. For people like me who relish to the character, this movie was indeed made me crazy. What the unique is, that I didn’t really concern about who is behind all of this, or why they did all of this … what I concern instead is how she can get out from a dreadful chaos like this. I mean I was sad for her life, I really frustrated for her when I was watching this. I mean if I was her, then I really don’t want to stay in a really depressing atmosphere, right? I am mad back then.

visual and arts.

As I was told you about the movie’s budget that was reduced during the production, and you maybe think that this movie was bad on its art, like the visual and the animation. The truth is, Perfect Blue was not a bad movie at all. I found that this movie was amazing since the first minutes. The midnight back when I first watched this, I instantly kill the lights and focus only on my TV screen, hoped I can live in the moment. Here I have it, finally one good psychological movie, is what I was thinking back then. And it turns out, it’s not just a good movie, but it was a great anime movie.

And as an anime movie with the limited budget, this whole film was good enough. I mean, this movie was released on 1997, but what more can you ask for the production of Madhouse’s studio? Perfect Blue, is simply become one of the most realistic animations on that time. Although the colours don’t have the perfect vivid and contrast but, even when the characters were dancing on the stage; the animation was almost no worst than any idol anime these days.

Although, the music and soundtracks were not as good as the animation. Maybe this is the outcome of the decreased budget. The whole movie has less soundtrack in it. But don’t worry, because you didn’t need them. Trust me, yet the most piercing moment to me is a scene where no any soundtrack or music playing in the background. So, yes it’s fewer soundtracks. But when the music comes, those music were perfect, with catchy tunes that could easily be stuck in your mind, even after the movie ended.

closing – nesha’s final verdict.

The final verdict is, this is the most depressing anime that I have been watched. This is a masterpiece, because it is a story with a realistic background, in fact almost like an adaptation from a true event in the real world. But not like other realistic animes, here they are settled so much of effort to the plot and how it influences the main character. This is one movie that can make me felt, oh shit my heart is hurt, even though I only watching her doing nothing but lay down with his hands tied. And then suddenly, ugh, she can do nothing, and I sad just because of it. That is how much appeal this movie is in front of my eyes.

And as you know, this is a very different review where I didn’t unfold spoilers in it, even one. Because the most of my review is a post which I told my readers about all the aspects which I like or dislike, including the spoilers in it. And I didn’t half-hearted to reveal all of those. But when come to this anime, those spoilers becomes too valuable to be explained. So what I can tell you is, please watch it. Even though this is a very old anime, but I promise you, this well worth your time and effort.

Again, Perfect Blue is a movie for mature audiences. It was an intense anime which will make your mind cracking pace. Okay, maybe I need to say it; there is a touch of mystery in this movie, which is the certain work to make a psychological anime. So yeah, there is a lot of plot twists, and some of them were made my mind go crazy. And don’t forget about the seiyuu alias the voice actors who did a good job in this movie; they deserve an applause.

Overall, (don’t be surprised but) this is my rating …

additional information.

official site: http://www.madhouse.co.jp/works/1999-1997/works_movie_perfectblue.html

One more thing! Watch this movie on the night, while being alone, and turn off the lights!

Okay, that’s it. I don’t know if I have fully explained about Perfect Blue and how much it affects me that night, or yesterday night when I was re-watching this (still felt the piercing into my kokoro). But obviously, this is a great anime movie for everyone in general and an almost perfect anime for those who love a psychological drama. Now I think I have stated it explicitly, so let me know what your thoughts about Perfect Blue. Reach me on my Twitter or Instagram profile, of course with a denial if you think this movie was not as good as I reviewed.

Anyway, thanks for reading. It’s been nice writing all of this, and I’ll meet you guys ointhe next review. Have a good night sleep!