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Anime has taken it too far! Only if you know what I mean.

So this has happened since a long, long time ago, maybe right after the anime was introduced as a rapid entertainment industry. And one of the most types of content that have gone too far is those which are made so sexually attractive. Either it is an ecchi or even a hentai series, anime or even doujinshi. Of course we won’t talk about that beyond too far, but to be honest, adult ‘cartoons’ these days can’t be separated from the Japanese material and culture, either if it is a legal series or even a parody of any famous titles or games, maybe shounen anime such as Naruto franchise and Fairy Tail, or some popular character such as 2B from the Nier: Automata and even each playable female characters in Resident Evil. And for the current time of Japanese culture, we’re almost won’t think that we need to hide anything that we felt, about adult contents that we gain are needed to be hidden from friends or people around.

But now, we wouldn’t talk about that kind of adult content. I mean, this is just a post introduction, okay? Just because someone messages me and ask why my reviews are mostly an R rated anime, well it is because I like to watch R rated anime, okay? And now, we will discuss that kind of anime again. Maybe you are already watched the anime, or maybe you haven’t, but I quite surprised that most of my Facebook friends are never watched this one. So that said, I am here to give everyone an assessment whether the anime worth to watch or not.

The title of the anime is known as Redline.


There is a young racer known as JP who has almost won the first place in Yellowline racing. The story is centred on him, he is our main character, which is a hospitable person but yet so reckless as a racer. One day, he got taken into account as a replacement racer in the Redline racing, which is a much higher class of competition rather than Yellowline racing, the story said Redline is so far the biggest and most dangerous racing event in the universe. It is held once in every five years, and always takes place in different places every time it is held.

This time, JP is called into action on a planet called Roboworld, although the government of that planet doesn’t approve anything about Redline. Because the racing will be held anyway, it makes the rulers of the planet planning to stop the race in any way necessary. That said, JP needs to fight many of Roboworld military force, and seven other racers at once.

In the other side of the story, one of JP’s competitors is the beautiful, and sexy, and tough as an independent woman named Sonoshee McLaren. She is the one who beat JP previously, the winner of the Yellowline race, which makes her qualified to enter the Redline race. As time by, JP learns that he already knew her from a while back when they are younger. Anyway, her background story is almost the same as Cruz Ramirez from the western animation, Cars 3 from Pixar and Walt Disney. Both her father is a racer, and they got the urge to win the race no matter what.


First of all, the animation of it is amazing. I can’t get enough of it, I even hope they have made a sequel to this movie. It was fantastic. In the beginning, I thought I will watch this movie and playing a game on my phone at the same time. But when it starts, I just can’t. I dropped my phone, pull a blanket, and just focus enjoying the movie. I will talk about the animation later. But what I wanted to tell you is, that Redline wastes no time whatsoever drawing your intention in. It is just like that in a few first minutes, and I just let myself sink into it.

Besides that, the movie also executed very well. At some point in the military atmosphere, they talk also about refugees, words such as M3 Nebula Federation and planet sectors are used as the conversation material, and that makes me almost feel like watching another Star Wars film with a different theme and styles. And when we talk about the tension on how epic the competition is, I just can’t say more, I really can’t find any scenes where plot holes peep out. Even when I reach the ending scenes, the story shift so fast, from those action into a romantic fantasy, they flying and accompanied by rainbows, complete with the colourful emoticon and some romantic stuff … but that shift still makes the story more interesting, and definitely not bring any bad or weird point to the movie itself.

And so, like Star Wars, the movie is surrounded by planets and the people in it, which is various kind of aliens. It is not just an inhabitants that mixed people and animal alike to blend in, no … here we are talking about cars and it’s technology, that is mean there are also robots and cyborgs, a little bit touchy about people with magic, but also a large creature that maybe can beat the nine-tailed weasel Kyuubi from Naruto. And yet, this story is telling us about racing competition.

So yeah, the main theme of Redline is racing. And this time the racing isn’t about just ‘shounen racing’ such as race stories in Yowamushi Pedal or Free! (the iwatobi swim club) series. Here, racing means action. So yeah, the speed of cars can make it’s driver’s eyes bleed, and simple mistakes can make them go to the hospital. And the interesting is, most part of the movie isn’t even about the racing itself. Some fistfight happens here, also a lot of talking scenes where they are just preparing for the race, like building a car and stuff.

A few issues also come up to bring you a little bit touch of drama, where the concept of loyalty and team building comes forward. There is a support character named Frisbee, which is one of JP’s mechanic team, he is the one who designed JP’s car machine. The problem is, he is working with a mafia to get the money so they can buy stuff to make the machine working. You will understand the touch when you watch the movie, anyway.

So overall for the setting is great. Even for the slow moments when no racing and action, which are time for growing some development for its character, and building for the hype when the race happens. Those slow pace moments are still interesting to watch. By the way for your information, this movie took a full seven years to create and used more than 100 thousand frames in production. This movie also one of a few anime that made its debut outside of Japan, this particular movie is made its prime on Locarno International Film Festival in 2009, which is one year before it released in Japanese theatres. So, that may be a few reasons why you should watch Redline?


So, you already read the synopsis, you know who is the main character, which is JP and Sonoshee. Even though their name is so simple, but the reality is not just a plain simple. From the character design, JP is looking badass, and Shonoshee is looking beautiful. Maybe you wouldn’t see her as a sexually attractive in the beginning, just a typical anime character because her first impression isn’t that appealing, considering she is wearing goggles and just sitting behind the wheel. But as the time goes by, maybe you will see a different side of her, as well as her development along with JP’s.

Once again, this movie is an R rated. That said, even though they didn’t come with sex scenes like in the Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt or Perfect Blue, but there will be some suggestive themes and female nudity like upper naked and stuff. A few support characters even more sexually attractive than Sonoshee, which of course the main object for fanservice. Some youngers maybe will just laugh watching someone talking while there is a finger rubbing his mouth, but we adults know that he is using drugs. So, there is some warning, people.

Anyway, even though this movie only an hour and around 40 minutes, I glad they can put this much development for the character in it. They have so much chemistry between each other, they nailed it even though without going too much overboard. Maybe it is because the pace changed in the minutes 20th, and the race starts again in over 40 minutes after. That said, they can put a lot of character development between those times.


Like I said a few times before, the animation is just amazing, more than any anime series that I’ve watched recently. Just because of that, I bought the digital and downloaded the original 11GB sized, then rewatched the movie two times in the same day. It is just because of that good even though the movie was released back in 2009/2010. Yeah, sometimes good anime isn’t considering what year the movie was released.

So, what experience I got from what I have seen? The consistent of amazing animation, it is so stylish, full of beautiful colour that perfectly blends in, and I often kept forgetting that I am watching an anime. Because anime these days rarely put that much of effort, not like it’s always been in a long time. When I watching this, I see the consistent, even though the story turning into a slow pace without action, but the animation never gets slower. Every time the crowds move, those characters actually move their bodies, and every time people are talking, even though when the people talking are a lot of people like paparazzi when JP’s in the hospital scene, those mouths are really moving, talking and sync with their each voice actors. Also the backgrounds … whooo, you just need to experience it for yourself.

And for the music, it is good. One of a few anime that collaborating with a western musician. It is called REDLINE DAY, sang it by James Shimoji and composed by Rob Laufer. I think that song is only played as the ending theme beside it was used for the movie trailers. For the sound effect and details, I think it is good enough for me to not notice any lack of it.

closing – nesha’s final verdict.

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Okay, back to the Redline.

In the end, we are back to the hype of racing competition, and its action of course. Is it wort to watch though? Well, ask yourself for that question. After you read my review, all those goodies in one movie, which maybe can give you a real entertainment … is it worth to watch? Hmm, it is worth to watch, of course. I myself watched it once, then rewatched it twice in the same day, how crazy is that? I spent almost seven hours in a day only to watch one same movie over and over again.

Anyway, the first reason I watched Redline is because it’s an R rated anime, and as you know I love to watch R rated anime more than those PG rated. But maybe you can watch Redline for another different reason, which is my experience of how good this anime is in front of my views. So actually like always, it depends on your anime genres and what you usually watch. If you like to watch some mature anime, then you should watch this one too. If you haven’t been a fan of mature anime and wanted some change, then maybe you would like to watch Redline as your first step to that so you can watch more interesting and more serious series from the anime world.

For that, I give Redline a nine out of ten scores. How’s about that?

additional information.

more info: http://red-line.jp/index.htmlAllcinemaBlogWiki (en), .lain, AnisonMALMAL (T1), and 

Okay, everyone. Really nice feeling to have you read until the very end. Well played! People who read my blog are those ones that kept me writing. But as you probably know, I can’t just do review every day because of my life, I need to work for the sake of my living. I mean, I can do that if I just write a simple review, no draft no edit, just post, with the help of Google for the image material … but I can’t do that, right? For me, it is quality first before quantity despite the result, will my post turns out to be good or just plain boring, what important is I do my best to make most of it. So yeah, I’m sorry that I can’t post reviews every day, but thank you again for reading all of them.

Anyway, thank’s for reading, that’s what I wanna say. See you on the next time. Bai bai now~!


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