r#42 – kuroko no basket 2nd season

This time, I will start the review with a quote from Kuroko Tetsuya, which is the main character from this particular series.

“Even if other people think it’s meaningless, it’s disgusting for me to quit, even when the possibility is 0. Therefore, I will never … Give up!”

– Kuroko Tetsuya.


Basically, this anime is the sequel to Kuroko no Basket’s first season. And just like the first season, this sequel doesn’t disappoint me at all. Okay umm, this second season starts with a mild warm up after the competition of inter-high school, also followed by the winter coming. And in the winter competition, Seirin High will no longer be the ‘underdog’ team, now they have the same standard and footing as other basketball teams that once ranked as the champion.

In this second season, there will be some changes. The most conspicuous changes are the development of physical abilities as well as the unique skills of each character, all of it will be developed further. Plus, we will find more tension. Because of course, matches that will be present will take a longer time, more intense, and more possibilities. All this can happen because the game has risen to a higher level, and there will be no ‘easy’ opponents in the Winter Cup. Each competing team has a unique play style, some even put the team on more specific powers such as defence, offence, speed and agility, distraction, and of course, street basketball is one of it. And on the other hand, Seirin High must conquer all the teams including the Three Kings of Tokyo.

the good.

The entertainment level in this season is very, very different from most shounen anime. Again, this is one anime which have the shounen aspect appearance that was executed very well. In the other words, it has made me satisfied. The genre continues to shine as the anime also continues episode by episode, especially when all the jumps and dribbles occur in a match. Despite many unrealistic abilities and skills, the anime managed to counteract many of the absurdities by giving a thorough explanation as to why it can happen. Kuroko’s expertise, for example, very much depends on the misdirection and cooperation with Kagami, so this is not a 100% magic or anything.

Still talking about the shounen aspect, Kuroko now gets more expression and ‘passion’, but his role remains as a support in every way. But not only Kuroko, some other characters also get the attention and a good character development. More than that, every ace also stands out as usual, but this time they are highlighted much more often.

In the second season, there will be more scenes where Seirin High is at stakes, and the only thing that can be done is to give up. At times like this, KnB succeeds to get me beyond that limit and continue to survive until the end of the match. To be honest, it’s not easy to have a face that endlessly motivated when everything is at stake, on a ball that we don’t even have. But every character has their own insecurities and doubts about their natural skills and talents, and from there they decide whether they will let their despair affect the team or not. Teamwork is also often discussed as the main subject, I just cannot watch KnB without the teamwork concept, but of course, with a variety of shouts and emotions on all sides, whether it’s Seirin High or any other teams.

the bad.

The number of characters that is too much is one reason why this anime has a bad side. Because not all the characters get the proper spotlight, even some important characters sometimes just look like an ordinary one. Some of the new members who joined the basketball club besides Kuroko and Kagami even didn’t get much spotlight and only played a bit on the court, and most of the time they just cheered on the bench.

Other than that, I also don’t get the knowledge and walkthrough of the opponent teams, maybe because most of the focus of the story was only given to the Seirin High team. Yet still, the development of each character must remain appreciated, at least it makes things in the court more balanced.


The sound and visual here got an improvement even though it’s not so much. In addition to that, there is a change of visual style every time we get the main character is at the peak of their glory, as when Kuroko or Kagami do the new technique for the first time. Opening and ending theme is also very fun as the first season, not a boring at all.

The behind the scenes voice actors were done very well. But in any case, this is a ‘Japanese cartoon’, so please understand it every time they use an English terminology. For some Japanese voice actors, they have their own accent when speaking English. Is it bad? Well yes, their English is 100% bad. But thank’s to the subtitles, I can understand it. Anyway, I’m sure there are no voice actors there who used English in addition to acting.

another slight review.

I forgot to mention this, there is one thing that troubled me since the beginning, beside of the English words they use, which is a little over-representation of the Generations of Miracles. Even though since the first episode of the first season GoM has been touted as individuals who play like gods on the basketball court, but that is not 100% true. Despite their ability to get an extraordinary recognition from many people, every one of them actually has a certain weakness and not as perfect as we imagine.

Which is, a positive thing because not all overpowered characters will always fit into a story. Not forgetting also the fact that there is only one GoM in every team, so that made the competition somehow fair enough.

And to close this review, we’re talking again about the unrealistic time. In KnB, a 20 seconds moment will take four minutes as a scene. I already discussed earlier when I reviewed the first season of the series, that we are talking about anime and not a real world. You can read my previous post on that particular topic. But let’s talk about this view from another side, the timestamp in this second season is so perfect. Some scenes show me the ‘big moment’ for every Seirin High members, which often so magical but they enter it at the right moment. As in the first season, this second season also gives me a number of moments when Seirin High managed to chase the score unrealistically in the last minute of the match. But that is where the ‘end game’ for Seirin High team is, and everything remains perfect.

closing – nesha’s final verdict.

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I highly recommend everyone to watch the first season first, then watch this second season. KnB 2nd Season will make you want more. It’s too easy for me to watch 25 episodes in a marathon because every story and matches are so great, it makes me hard to stop watching.

additional information.

more info: http://www.kurobas.com/

Okay, then, there you go my review for its second season. I’m very happy. Thank you for reading this until the end, bai bai now~!