dd#2 – three blogging awards for me? *can’t stop blushing..,..

Have you heard a tagging party called The Unique Blogger Award? Because I don’t, until this morning when I reaching deep into the comment section on #moe404 admin panel. Nearly at the end, I saw this one pingback comment :

[…] Nesha Eiga (a fellow reviewer, so take this beam of love) […]

Whaaat..??? And then I clicked the link and I redirected into a post from TPAB. It is a tagging party¬! Yay, even though I didn’t even know what tagging party is, at that time around. And so, then I asked my uncle who is a really smart guy, he is my sensei basically, sometimes he showed me lewd pictures, but overall he knows almost everything. I asked him, “Google-sensei, what is tagging party in WordPress community?” And he showed me not lewd pictures this time, but a few answers that probably right instead. A few minutes later I come up into conclusion, that I need to continue this tagging party … because like a wise person from old times (I mean Shikamaru when he decides to chase Sasuke together with Naruto), and he said, “better late than never.”

So, this is the game. I have been tagged by three people so far, and I’m sorry if I take too long to answer this tag. But I’m here now, you know … heroes always coming late (what does hero stuff have to do with this blog stuff, alright, whatever).

the unique blogger award.

I never have done this before, I’m a virgin now, this is my first, and I will a true mature blog after this (rofl. my mind is working weirdly this time around, I’m sorry). Anyway, don’t judge the way I reply to this kind of thing because I don’t know how this works.

Alright then, big shoutout to … I don’t know her name because I never read anytime anywhere about what her name is. And so, I will just call you Ms Dickless, because her blog is called Pantless. Anyway, she has completed more than 900 anime series and more than 21 thousand episodes, she’s also read a number of manga, “a number” by means more than 40 titles of manga … and that said, those facts have made me concern about your place in the society. 😅 And thank you anyway for tagging me, you’re really making me happy, Ms Dickless, and don’t be angry because I called you Ms Dickless, this is my own way to call you love.

Besides that, she is a really great blogger which aiming to reach the 1000 reviews on her blog. She has started to write in it since 2012, and she is really far from where I stand now, makes me wonder how people like her came across into my blog that recently just got 50 post achievement. You know … 50 review and 1000 review are a huge difference. Anyway, I glad that she found my blog, it means a senpai just noticed me. 😍 And I hope in the future, #moe404 can stand on where her blog stands right now. Anyway, her blog is The Pantless Anime Blogger, and for you who haven’t known her, then you should check her blog. Also, you can read her answers to the questions when she’s on demand in the tagging party.

Now to the Q&A time. Let’s get right into it.


She said about, what is a good book for a beginner to read, but something that challenging as well that will make you sit on the toilet just to look back on the experience. Well, she asked this because she didn’t like books, but she is trying to change that. And so, I assume you’re asking a book that isn’t manga because I know that you’re already reading some manga at the present time.

Alright then, my answer is maybe Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria. I know it’s a long title, but almost every light novel these days are having long titles anyway. At the beginning of the story, they all about every cliche light novel thing, telling our main character’s everyday life that changed suddenly when a transferred student come into his class. And yes, the new student is aloof beautiful too. But then, the story comes into a different stage. This is a story that full of mystery, a lot of puzzling time travel, modern touch with kind of matrix theme and similar things to that, but also pretty deep and dark.

The story is seven volumes long, and on last year the story has translated into English officially, so you can buy it from Yen Press via YESASIA or CDJapan. You can also search it on Amazon or eBay if you’re already used to shopping from there, but I recommend you to buy this from YESASIA because there are no shipping fees from there if your final price is above 40$. Anyway, its score in MAL page is also fabulous.

But this is my only particular suggestion since you asked. Because you know, my taste usually is pretty different from other people, such as dark stuff and deep mysteries, so you may not like this kind of stories..,.. But if you’re really new in this kind of reading, you may also like the light novel collection of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, or the famous Monogatari Series. And yes, Monogatari Series is adapted from its own series of light novel, and such like the anime series, the original version is also very good too.


She asked about, what is my top three favourite movies of all time. She didn’t say that it should be an anime series, so I assume any other movies besides just anime is okay to put in here.

Well then, just straight into it. The first one is definitely Byousoku 5 Centimeter. No need to explain why, because everyone already knows the reason. If you don’t know what movie it is, then you definitely not belong here. (rofl.) Anyway, this is the first movie from Shinkai-sensei that I watched, and I have rewatched it quite a few times. I cried a lot because of this movie, and it’s really stuck my heart.

The second one with no particular order is Perfect Blue. I have reviewed this movie, and I gave it a ten out of ten rating. This movie is also struck in my heart, this is one movie that has made me cried suddenly in the middle of nowhere. When the first time I watched this, I don’t know what to expect, but it just keeps interesting to watch, but then come to this one scene, and I just cried from there. I didn’t know what I felt, but I just cried. Weird right? Anyway, this movie is kind of old and you wouldn’t find it on Crunchyroll, so you probably need to save some money first if you want to buy its DVD.

And the third movie is … umm, this is so hard, there is not much but I just wanted to put each one of them on this list. But the number is just three, and so I have decided to put the western movie instead anime movie, which is Marvel franchise. I just love Marvel, I watched all the movies and watched all the TV series (currently just finished The Finisher). But of course, the live action one, I’m not really into the western cartoon except maybe SpongeBob SquarePants. 😋 LOL.


She asked, what two anime do I wish would do a crossover. Well, this is kind of weird question. So basically she asked me what would that are not, but not my favourited or anything like that instead. Hmm, it’s kind of hard actually. Okay … I made up my mind and I think it will be cool if we can watch every main character in Black★Rock Shooter joining the battle and team up with all heroine in Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica … oh dear, my mind is too wild right now.

the challenge..!!!

Ruuuuules :

  • The first rule is to share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Second, answer the question.
  • Third, in the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate eight to 13 people for the same award.
  • Fourth, ask them three question.

So like what you read above, I should tagging at least eight of other bloggers to continues this tagging party, and now I confused because I didn’t feel that I already making friends in this community except a really few people. I read a lot, definitely, including every anime reviews that I can find in WordPress reader, even it often become a review material for my post. But unfortunately, I often just left a like after I read it without posting a comment or anything. But I reached some people on Facebook and Twitter, and I found some of them. So, here is some people that I challenge you to answer my question.

  • Irina from I drink and watch anime – You’re my first senpai here in the community, so I definitely will challenge you here. Answer my questions if you dare, senpai!
  • Rodrovich from the Rodrovich’s Anime Blog – You are a really humble man that so far haven’t told me to shut up even though I bother you a lot.
  • Arthifis from Arthifis’ Place – I just found out that you’re pretty much a perfectionist like me. But not like me, it seems that you have a really creative mind. I hope our blog can grow up together.
  • The reincarnation of Haruhi from All Hail Haruhi – We may not be knowing each other for long, we don’t talk much, we’re like the front tire and back tire, never be together even though they keep rolling … and I tagged you anyway.
  • Doggie from GREAT LAKES CULTURE TREE! – You’re awesome..!!! ^^
  • tetrax from _LIFEisAniMovie_ – He is my honey and he is ready to call me darling, and our #lifegoals is to get married. Well, that is just some conversation that we made recently.
  • Karandi from the 100WordAnime –  Karandi, you’re so mean … keep ignoring me on Twitter is really annoying me. You know, I can’t sleep if you keep ignoring me, I can’t even eat or drink anything if you keep ignoring me..,.. 😭
  • Miss Honeybug from the Miss Honeybug’s reads and crafts – Alright Miss Honeybug, now is the time to challenge you too~!
  • edwardalchemist from the Anime and Movie – You have a creative mind inside your tiny head … maybe we can grow our blog together from this point, and transform into a NEET together too. I myself is on my way to there.

And as for you who dare to accept my challenge for the Unique Blogger Award, then in the name of spirit to sharing love and solidarity, you should answer these three questions. Just be advised, that my questions will be weird as myself.

  1. First question! If your waifu or husbando (or two of them if you have both) … if they somehow selected to join a Hunger Games, with you who also somehow joined in this killing competition … what will you do? Will you eat the poisonous berry together with them? Will you just kill them with love because you’re actually a yandere? Or did you have something else in mind?
  2. Second question! If you get a chance to visiting Japan next week, what is the first place that you will visit after you dropped on an airport? Beside the hotel, of course. Will it be a love motel? Or a porn shop? Or a hentai store? LOL. Or visiting a number of famous landmarks from Kimi no Na wa.? Or did you have something else in mind?
  3. Okay for the third, because the two questions are already pretty high standard enough, therefore the third one is quite simple. Why are you watching anime?

one lovely blog award.

And nope, it doesn’t just end there. Like I said before, I actually tagged by not only one people which, I don’t know why they are awarding me. I don’t mind though, this is fabulous, and I’m really happy. From the Unique Blogger Award, and now to the One Lovely Blog Award. Big shoutout to Irina for giving me this love- I mean pleasure- I mean happiness, or whatever it is. I’m glad that you have tagged me.

Irina, I think everyone already knows her, at least everyone who reads this must be knowing about Irina, because her blog community is way greater than mine. She is my first person that I talked to when I started this blog, she is so nice, and since then her blog has encouraging me to keep writing and writing. She said that she was also still new in the blogging thing, but I found that she is way more creative than me, and definitely can really spending time in blogging thing. So yeah, a huge thank you for Irina, and follow her blog if you haven’t, it’s called I drink and watch anime.

question time – seven things about me!

So here you wanted me to reveal my secrets huh? Hmm, such an arrogant move. How dare you to ask me to reveal my self- how dare you to question me … humph. How dare you to- okay, let’s get right into it. Seven things about me :

  1. one: i’m an alien.
    Yes, I actually am an alien that comes on to Earth. But don’t worry, I wasn’t coming here to take what humanly has, but I’m here because my planet is destroyed. At that time, planet Venus is so beautiful and full of life. But then there is a conflict between us, the war between two major race in Venus has to develop. Because of that, only destruction that has come across to us, with the death of every life on Venus, even the planet itself is collapsing.
  2. two: i’m a prince.
    Yes, I actually am a prince. I’m a son of a King that once ruled one side of major race in Venus. Because of that, he has built me a pod which a ship to afford me an opportunity to travel to Earth. And so, I managed to escape from the destruction of the planet Venus.
  3. three: i’m three thousand years old.
    Yes, technically I actually am three thousand years old. I have learned about all the historical stories on Earth, and I realized now why Venus is still intact. I actually have a time travel experience when I’m in the pod on the way to Earth. Between there, time on Earth is running about three thousand years. And so when I come to Earth, it’s already in the 21 centuries, and Venus is intact again thanks to the gravity device that has been made by Optimus Prime.
  4. four: i have wings.
    This is the biggest secret about me, but yes, I actually have wings. When I come to earth, my body was 14 years old and I had my wings fused to my back. Because I knew that humans on Earth don’t have one, I chop it off and I keep it inside the Dead Sea. Yes, there is a reason why anyone can’t dive into the Dead Sea, it’s because I’m the one that made it like that, so no one couldn’t find my secret wings under it.
  5. five: my only weakness is cockroaches.
    No comment to this.
  6. six: i have died several times.
    My first life has actually become a cockroach, but someone just stepped on me right after I was born. My second life was as the Frankenstein’s monster, I don’t have a name, but my creator (Mr Frankenstein) bring me to life and since then my life has been so dramatical. My third life was as a phone, yes a smartphone, and I owned by a perverted person who is always watching ecchi anime on his phone. And that is why I became a pervert now, because I used to be used by a perverted person to watch ecchi anime all the time.
  7. seven: i’m full of shit¬!
    Ouw yes, I’m full of shit. All the things that I just writed above are completely my shitty talk, except number five maybe; I really afraid of those creatures, especially when they are flying. I also afraid of height, I just can’t look down every time I’m on a high building or when I just staring up inside a large dome. Anyway, I’m sorry if I messed this thing up, but no one said that I should be telling my true self, the challenge is only said that I should tell seven things about myself. 😝 Anyway, it’s like I said, I’m weird and full of shit, I never take anything seriously. So that’s what you get if you ask me questions¬! LOL.

Okay then, I will be passing the One Lovely Blog Award to these blogger bellows. But, don’t you imitate me by just writing shitty things … you should tell seven things about yourself for real..,.. 😆

And remember, guys, there is a different rule for this particular award, which is :

  • Thank the person who nominated you and links their blog.
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award banner to your post. (click here if you want to save the banner)
  • Share seven things about yourself.
  • Pass this on to as many people as you like.
  • Include this set of rules.
  • Inform your nominees.

five flaming hotties¬!

From the Unique Blog Award, and then to the One Lovely Blog Award, now we come into the Five Flaming Hotties, and I hope that I can get more award in the future. Technically, this isn’t an award though, but it’s my honour to be tagged in this tagging party. I was tagged by Rodrovich from the Rodrovich’s Anime Blog. I just wanted to say what he said and I quote, “This tag’s flames have been engulfing the blogosphere. And I don’t know why I am giving these successive line gaps.”

Who is him, if you ask. Well, Rodrovich is an amazing person, he is both my lover 🤤 and my rival for this competition of blogging world. I don’t know what else to say about him … he is so nice and there is no day of me without thinking about him. Oh dear, I think I have a crush on you, O Rodrovich, help, something is wrong with me!

Besides him, shoutout also to the blog called the Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts. This two blog is the ones that hosting this tagging party, and I glad that they decided to create this fun game. Basically, they wanted us to reveal our biggest crush, whether your crush is from a TV series, film, places, or even just an object of your affection. This is including musicians, sports stars, but also characters from anime series, of course.

So then, what are we waiting for? Let’s get right into it.

yorha no.2 type b.

She’s called 2B, stand for YoRHa No.2 Type B. Why am I mentioning her in this list, well, because she is so damn sexy of course. She is coming from the Nier:Automata video game. Speaking hypotesis, if you ask me which anime romance that most appealing to me, I would answer it with Nana just like I explain over and over again. But when you ask me about what romance story that I attracted the most, well then, it’s the story between two androids called 9S and 2B.

It’s so deep yet complicated, I don’t know if my storytelling now is actually telling the truth about the plot of the game. Okay, 2B is basically a secret investigator which her system is set to killing 9S if that android is aware of the secret of humanity. But in the meantime, her establishment with 9S is somehow building emotion that later known as love between them. But then 9S finally aware of the secret and 2B needs to kill her loved one. There is so much that happened in this process. Didn’t long after that, 9S coming back to life without remembering any relationship between him and 2B, because technically he is a fully different android but with the same system as 9S. Plot change … 9S now wanted to kill every last of unit 2B to showing his love to her, in another word, 9S is a yandere. rofl.

okazaki shinichi.

He is from Nana, an anime TV series that I mention several times in this blog even though I haven’t given the opportunity to write a review about it. Why am I mentioning him in this list, well, because he is so damn sexy of course … what else I should say. Shin is a male character, but it doesn’t mean that he can’t attract a male person like me, and this doesn’t mean that I’m gay. Please, don’t even think about it. (*wink wink.)

Anyway, he is so cool like I said before. Imagine a 15 years old kid that working for a really amazing band as their bass player. He is born in Sweden, he speaks British English with a Swedish accent. And due to his dysfunctional family, he left his home and abandoned his original family name. He is so like me … right? (*wink wink.) Except maybe that he moonlights as a male prostitute, with only one woman that being his clients, which is the person that he loves. Damn it, this relationship even just cools as fck. But then, his relationship comes to an end because of the triangle love- ‘eh no actually, they both have someone else in the bottom of their heart.

sad. sad.


Only people who played the game will know about her. Originally, she is known as Sing Love, a famous singer on Earth before the alien invasion that decimated most of the Earth and its human population. She has appeared as the main antagonist in the Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME, an RPG that interest me the most around 2013 or so, right after I watched its anime series with the same franchise.

Her character is an extraterrestrial being that arrived on Earth as a human form and starts to become a singer since 24th December 2031, nearly 20 years before the main story of the game. In her human form, she resides in San Francisco as a singer named Sing Love. Her song was very popular and became a chart hit with her image appears on posters in cities such as San Francisco and New York. Despite her popularity, little was known about her identity.

What, you remember about another fictional character? Hmm, what did you said? Hatsune Miku? Well yes, actually there is some backstories between Black★Rock Shooter series and Vocaloid franchise. Anyway, she later worked with Professor Gibson and participated in human cloning. She is the source of the Gray clones, including Nana (*why is this name keep popping up?) and Stella. Time to time, Stella is already known as the Black★Rock Shooter, but then she addressed as “White” because she is considered as the perfect clone for the White★Rock Shooter.

first child.

Okay, I wanted to put Senjougahara also on this list, but Rodrovich already put her on his list, yes … he put her on his list. It is so mean, but it’s okay, I won’t hurt his feeling because some people just can’t accept the fact that their waifu is actually can be possessed by anyone. So, the next one is one of my many waifu that everyone knows as Ayanami Rei. Anyway, is there a problem if I having more than one waifu? Don’t you dare to questioning my waifu system, I’m very fragile. Again, why am I mentioning her in this list, well, because she is so damn sexy of course!

She is basically not a person, nor an android, but definitely not a sex doll, nor a dildo. She is built by a genetic material from a human and an Angel. She originally doesn’t have a feeling, emotionally-stunted, socially withdrawn and hardly interacts with anyone.

But there is something that makes her so popular, maybe because she has a compelling background story and interesting as a character itself. She is portrayed first time in the series as a wounded girl, but later she touted as an incomplete Angel. Even she is a perfect person, but she is greatly flawed as a dummy plug, which is the purpose of her life. She is also a lonely person, despondently so, and things like this are what have drawn my intention to her gracefulness. And if you’re reading also the manga of Evangelion franchise, you would see the more beautiful side of her than when she’s in the anime series.


Yes, Japan. What is wrong with this? Am I wrong again this time, to have a crush on a place called Japan? Don’t you dare to questioning my crush system, I’m very fragile. Again, why am I mentioning her in this list, well, because she is so damn- uuh, Japan is- uuh, also so sexy, maybe. Japan is basically the earthly paradise for every otaku and trash of the society. Well, this is true, Japan is our freedom.

On that paradise, sex is legal (*wink wink), you can read porn magazines in public places with no one who will scold you, a dozens of otaku stores that available on every corner in Akihabara, we’re allowed to sleep in a park, this is- I mean, what can you get more from a decent country? Also, its people are so kind and humble, especially when you get into their inland.

Anyway, that’s it for my Five Flamming Hotties. And so, I will also hand over this tagging party to the blogger that has been listed below.

And for this particular tagging party, this is the rule :

  • Mention the name of the blog you were tagged by, as well as the creators of this game, and don’t forget to include the game’s picture in your post. (click here if you want to save the picture.)
  • List five of your greatest hotties from TV and/or film, i.e. crushes/objects of your affection, including musicians or sports stars.
  • Tell us how you were introduced to them and why do you think that appeals about them.
  • Add some appealing pictures.
  • Tag seven bloggers for their Five Flamming Hotties.
  • and Post the rules.

And so that’s it. I wouldn’t be forcing anyone who has been tagged to play this tagging party, and of course, it’s including anyone of you who has been awarded by me. (*Hahahaha, you should thank me, you fools.) But your name and your blog will be here forever, as one of a few blogs that I rated it as great. You are the best, most of you even are upheld me. You are amazing people. Thank you also for people who have been so kind for tagging me and awarding me, this really makes me so happy. Irina-senpai, thank you … my beloved Rodrovich, arigatou~ … and Ms Dickless, I’m talking to you too. Really thank you to tagging me.

Note: Yes, I have titled this dear diary post with saying “three awards,” but there is only two awards and one tagging party game. So where is the third award? Well actually, the third award is the Liebster Award that issued by Chizurue. She has tagged me yesterday, and immediately I think about this post, and I’m so sad that this post is already way too long. Probably, I will write about the award that she has nominated me in the near future.

And then, for you who have read this until the very end, it means that you are awesome. For you who enjoyed reading my dear diary post, then you should give it a like below. And as for you who is still new here, then I will force you to submit your e-mail address and follow my blog so I can get you a notification everytime I posted an anime review. The sacred button to follow my blog is on the bottom and on the right corner of this page.

And as for you who are wondering why this comment section is disabled. Well then, you should be redirected to the Guest Chamber to put a comment on this blog. Oh yes, you can also get a free service of anime podcast, you can listen 100% free to various albums of anime soundtrack there.

Okay then, thank you for reading. See you in the next one, bai bai now~!