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The second season of Sword Art Online is one of the proofs of Japanese culture and anime industry in the eyes of around the world. Even so, SAO II still has its own shortcomings, especially in the eyes of anime analysts like me. But really, most people are quite happy with the ending of this second season, many people even still wanting more of it, anticipating the next SAO series with full of passion … but quite a lot of people that also hate it.

Honestly, when I searched the review material for this series, I found a lot of article titles that telling me how bad the series of SAO was. This makes me sad, because no matter how imperfect this series executed, SAO is far from bad. Therefore, after I reviewed its first season, now I wanted to review more deeply also about its second season. So, happy reading..,..

first arc: the phantom bullet.

If you’re a big fan of SAO, maybe you already know this. But if you’re not, then you should know that the second season of SAO is actually divided into three stories that each is very different. The first saga is titled as the Phantom Bullet, and from here we are introduced to one of the new main character known as Sinon aka Asada Shino. This saga is very much the main story in this second season, because of the fact that this story takes 14 out of 24 episodes.

In this saga, Kirito started his adventure in another VRMMO, the game was called GGO aka Gun Gale Online. Here, Kirito has a special task to investigate the death of some virtual reality players in the real world, while the death time is exactly the same as when they died in the virtual world. Too many coincidences are occurring, causing the VR world security company to feel uneasy, as if there is someone who actually can kill in the real world through the virtual world.

The concept and the course of the story itself are very well presented. Though it starts with a casual scenes in the first episodes that, to be honest, it looks like a slow pace at the first time, but then the story goes faster, fast-paced until the end of the 14th episode; full of sweat, action, and of course the sound of saber sword and the bullet rains.

The negative thing in this saga is probably the same thing that happened in the first season of SAO, which is the inconsistency of how the story takes steps. For example, the first episodes that instantly put the Bullet of Bullets tournament forward, then suddenly Kirito becomes an overpowered character in the game and defeats many players easily, then the scenes jump into the part where Kirito dueled with Sinon, then not long after that it’s the time for Kirito vs. Death Gun, which is the main villain in this saga. WTF, the focus of the story is always moving around. Well, I know that this saga is a fast-paced story, but maybe I can more enjoy it all if this focuses is given more time to be delivered to the audience. But maybe the fact that only 14 episodes are given to bring the Phantom Bullet arc, I think the time span is too narrow, and too rush to be delivered.

Maybe you didn’t realize this, that in every battle that happened to Sinon is actually haunted by her past. Here, it’s Kirito’s character that needed to bring the audience to understand what kind of emotion that is shown by Sinon. But because the distance between one saga to another is too narrow, only a little of emotion that we can see from Sinon. In other words, it’s just not as perfect as I wanted to be.

But at least, they made a special episode to fix the audience’s view on this matter.

second arc: the calibur.

The second saga of this season is back in Alfheim. Here, Kirito invites Klein and the ‘harem team’ to raid on a special quest, which is to take back the Excalibur that stolen by the Ice Kingdom, and also saving the world of Alfheim at once. The story doesn’t take more episode than the Phantom Bullet, but it’s certainly worth watching.

There is one thing that makes many SAO fans feel disappointed, it’s because this saga is not in accordance with their expectations, and the expectations are “new things”. Yep, in addition to the character of Sinon who joined the ‘harem team’, this story doesn’t offer anything that new to us.

Basically, The Calibur arc is a story that tells Kirito’s struggle to get the sword of Excalibur so he can become stronger. LOL. But although it sounds boring, but it’s actually not that boring at all. Fina, ly I was quite happy because for the first time after a long time, I can watch again the old team go back together, plus Sinon as the newest addition of course. And at this time, not only Kirito that is on the front line, every member is also given the opportunity to use their fighting skills, so you will find quite a lot of action scenes in this saga.

third arc: the mother’s rosary.

Here, I don’t want to unfold too many spoilers. Because according to me, you have to watch it by yourself, so you would understand that this one saga is the second best after the story of Ordinal Scale. Basically, Mother’s Rosary is the name of one of the most unique and hard to find sword skill, but this third saga actually doesn’t really focus on that matter. The Mother’s Rosary doesn’t feature action scenes as much as the two previous sagas, but this time, your attention will be focused on the characters in it. Not only in the virtual world, but also their conflicts and difficulties while living in the real world. In this closing saga, you will find out the reason why so many people are trying so hard to achieve their goals in the virtual world.

Several new characters appear, few of them are the members of a guild called the Sleeping Knights, led by Zekken aka Konno Yuuki, one of the youngest characters in Sword Art Online franchise other than Yui. For your information, Zekken in real life is still 15 years old. Okay umm, this character immediately became the main character in this saga, with the title as the winner of 67 duels in a row, Zekken is known as one of the strongest players in the world of Alfheim … even Kirito himself can’t defeat her in one on one battle.

But like I said before, this saga doesn’t show us a lot of action, but instead the emotion that is reflected by every character in it, be it in the virtual world or in the real world. Here, you’ll understand why Zekken is trying so hard to get ‘the fun’ in the virtual world, you will understand why Zekken made Asuna her only rival as well as her only best friend. Anyway, the ending of Mother’s Rosary saga has really given this series an impact on anyone who watched it, including me.


SAO II will give you some very interesting new characters to follow. Kirito, Asuna, and the old team members are still featured here, they also have given the opportunity to shine in the second saga. But besides Kirito who always performs from the beginning till the end, and Asuna that shining the most in the third saga … all the old characters like Yui, Suguha, Silica, Lisbeth, and Klein are also given very much the spotlight.

The first new character to appear in this season is Sinon. This one girl suddenly drawing many fans shortly after her first appearance. One of her fans is me. ‘ehem, probably because of her glasses and short hair, or because she’s always holding a large and long gun that almost resembled her height.

The second new character, which the one that deserves to be discussed is Konno Yuuki. This character is the main point where this second season shapes the emotional aspect. Okay umm, as I told earlier, that Konno Yuuki is better known as Zekken in the Alfheim world. She is one of the best sword wielders, of course, if we put aside the skills of Kirito and Asuna. But since Kirito only relies on fighting that depends on power without thinking of the speed and agility, so the toughest competitor for Zekken is not Kirito, but Asuna instead because since the beginning Asuna is already known as the Lightning Flash.

Well from here, the second season started to become more interesting. Although everyone in Alfheim knows a player named Zekken, but the reality in her real world is not as good as in the virtual world. Just like every other Sleeping Knights guild members, it turns out that they all are facing many problems in the real world, and therefore the reason they are trying so hard in the virtual world, is to avoid the conflict and those problems from the real world. When you watch this second season, you may be surprised to know what Zekken is facing in the real world, and what she does to avoid that bitter reality.

arts and visual.

Like the first season, this second season also brings the beautiful fantasy world and amazing characters. Not only is Alfheim world that full of colours, the Gun Gale Online is also very easy to enjoy even though its world is filled only with dark colour and very much illustrated the weapons and the fragrance of gunpowder. The street there is not as busy in Alfheim, GGO has a setting where the street is lonely and filled with many destroyed buildings and damaged vehicles, even though there are also quite many areas that filled with deserts and a little of grasses. There are also lakes and bridges, but all of those is still accompanied by the concept that those places have been damaged due to the war before the current time.

What about Alfheim then? For me, Alfheim looks very beautiful. In the second arc story, you will find a lot of scenery while the group are flying above the islands, you will also dive down so you can see what like the base of the gigantic tree of Yggdrasil is. When we’re coming into the action scenes, you will also find the skills design and boss monster in SAO is more varied than the one in DanMachi. So overall, this second season provides an excellent visual entertainment for me.

Oh yes, what about the audio? Well, the sound effects and the soundtrack are still executed very well. Not forgetting the music, Eir Aoi is re-participated for its opening theme, and again LiSA is provided with the ending theme.

closing – nesha’s final verdict.

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Back to the review.

I was very pleased and enjoyed the show that given by the second season of SAO. For those of you who didn’t read the light novel, I’m sure this second season will make you more curious. And don’t be sad, SAO Project actually still continues and doesn’t stop yet since its first released in 2009.

Sword Art Online II is a very fun series to watch, even though many people laughing at this anime due to its ever-increasing popularity, but I think it’s just a natural thing, because back there is no other game and virtual anime that presented the same quality as Sword Art Online, not even close. So either you would rate this series as good or bad, SAO remains one of the series that you must watch at least once, especially the second season one.

additional information.

more info: http://www.swordart-online.net/phantom/

Alright, everyone, I bless you a happy Monday, and I’ll see you in the next review. Bai bai now~!


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