r#54 – regardless of my adolescent delusions of grandeur, i want a date!

Adolescence is not the time for everything becomes easy, but instead, it’s the time when the struggles and moments of regrets are happening. But besides that, there must be some childish and embarrassing that you did then. Many people wonder, is it true that adolescence is the age of transition to adulthood? Our ability to live independently, try to build on our social life, to adherence to social norms … though a lot of people (includin me) who are still loyal to their own hobbies and interest of their childhood, and think that ‘growing up’ is not a thing that must be traversed by everyone. Maybe something is wrong with that, but maybe-

There is a strange term used by Japanese culture especially over the internet, known as chuunibyou. In English, this term is translated to “eight-grade syndrome” and refers to individuals of adolescent and adult who have unreasonable personalities. Do you remember when watching a superhero on TV when you’re small, then you play and pretend to have super abilities in real life? This syndrome is the same thing, but it’s applied to the people that already not a kid anymore. Even there is a physics definition of this syndrome, and on that page, it tells me that chuunibyou will change the overall lifestyle of anyone who experiences it.

Now, Chu-2 Byo demo Koi ga Shitai! is an anime that tells the interaction between two characters. I’m sure this anime has made many people feel nostalgic for their own childhood, I even often feel ashamed of it. Because seeing these two characters doing a lot of things in a silly way, often unconsciously makes me look at what have I’ve done in my childhood, then makes me ashamed of myself.

synopsis – the dark flame master.

Well, chuunibyou lifestyle is a beautiful yet silly way of life that experienced by the Dark Flame Master since his childhood until the time when he comes to his maturity. After he suffered from chuunibyou syndrome in junior high as the Dark Flame Master, he finally decided to move on from his past and undergo his high school as a normal student. To ensure the success of this plan, Togashi Yuuta enrolled in a high school where none of the students there knows about him back in junior high. Perhaps this is a perfect plan, but it is not when you are approached by a moe-looking girl and claiming that she is the Wielder of the Wicked Eye.

The girl’s name is Takanashi Rikka, another chuunibyou like Yuuta, but to make things interesting, she doesn’t feel that she need to move on from her syndrome. There, she is just representing everything that Yuuta have decided to forget. Worse, Rikka just moved into an apartment that one meter away from Yuuta’s apartment. Hearing that day is Yuuta’s last days as the Dark Flame Master, the Wielder of the Wicked Eye wants to make sure this person won’t forgetting his past as easily as wanted to.

That way, Rikka tried to attract Yuuta, and automatically Yuuta’s new life in high school was immediately disturbed due to Rikka provocation. According to this girl, the concept of move on that decided by Yuuta is completely irrelevant, because according to Rikka, their meet is a destiny that has been revealed through her Wicked Eye.

other characters.

Yuuta and Rikka are the whole stories in this anime, their attraction, their dialogue, their respective views, their behaviour, their family matter, and their happiness. Both these characters have substance, they play each other in diverse and highly creative way. For example, is when Yuuta was forced to use his Dark Flame Master character to entertain Rikka who are back then feeling depressed. It all has given me a new level of moe and cuteness that can’t be delivered from any other anime. And I’m sure whoever watching this anime, they won’t be able to hold the smile on their face.

In addition to this couple, there are also other unique people that appear to be the support characters. One of them is Dekomori Sanae, a junior high student who magically can attend to high school before her junior high graduation. And don’t need to be doubted, because since her first appearance she has given me the impression of cuteness that I can’t get from any other chuunibyou character. Basically, Deko is proud to be both Rikka and the Wicked Eye’s servant, and she takes this role until the end of this anime. Not quite there yet, Deko also turned out to master a very dangerous weapon that can be wielded in the real world, it is known as the Heretic … Twintail..!!! 😮

On the other hand, there is also a senpai (senior student) that named Tsuyuri Kumin, a senpai who have the hobby to sleep anytime and anywhere. LOL. There is also another worth to mention character named Nibutani Shinka, a girl that looks normal in public, but she is actually a former chuunibyou just like Yuuta. Mori Summer aka Nibutani has started her encounter with Yuuta and friends through a ridiculous situation even though in the end she became a permanent club member, she also likes to help Rikka to establish her relationship with Yuuta.

talkin’ about love … hmm.

The genres that expressed from the whole series is comedy and romance, with a little spice of slice of life and can be considered as a drama. The point is, this anime is actually a love story. Although the comedy genre is dominating the first six episodes, Rikka’s interest for Yuuta was shown since the first episode and in every other subsequent episode consistently.

Perhaps, many fans will think that this anime is inconsistent because it begins with a pure comedy in the early episodes, but it ends with a high school drama that a lot of people probably didn’t see it coming, or consider it excessive. But for me, it didn’t bother me at all. Maybe because since the start I already anticipated this anime with some romance content, and in addition to that, although the beginning and the ending of this anime is so different to each other, but I can receive pleasingly their love story even though it’s never inserted at the right moment. Better still, although the change between the comedy and the romance is very inconsistent, but the character that played in it, on the other hand, is developed so perfectly so the audience at least can have something to process. This anime has no aggressive behaviour like in the anime Toradora! or AnoHana, there is no gangsta fight between schools, neither crying so hard inside the forest … but this Chu-2 Byo demo Koi ga Shitai! has executed its own comedy, drama, and romance very well. Plus, this anime has so much fantasy that’s going on in it. And because of this anime too, the term of chuunibyou now is known by the eyes of the world.

Alright, I’m not a doctor of love, but let’s get back to the love matter. According to Rikka’s point of view, love is not really a new emotion, but there is often overlap between the sensitive side of her and the chuunibyou side of her. And often she tried to escape from this, often she shifted the subject of conversation from her love matters with Yuuta, to just master and servant relationship with the Dark Flame Master. And now according to me, Chu-2 Byo demo Koi ga Shitai! has the best romance anime that takes the set in a school environment, I really enjoyed Rikka’s development when she realized that her emotion wasn’t just a sense of friendship, but it’s a true love instead. The romance they have shown is so subtle, almost nothing that was exaggerated by tears or awkward conversation, my heart can easily be moved by only one hug between them.

arts and visual.

The positive values are also applied to the luxurious visual and production, inseparable from the Kyoto Animation studio that has successfully performed a solid job to increase the emotional falue for each scene. The most moe character design, the cuteness setting that has overload everyone’s heart, everything has made this anime complete. Not to mention the animated effects that are added every time Yuuta, Rikka, or Dekomori does the confortation with their chuunibyou world where magic and wonder has really existed. There are many really amazing scenes, such as when Yuuta and Rikka secretly sat together under a bridge and watch the light of the city shine and flicked along the river … it’s such a beautiful scene.

The fundamental part of a well-written love story for me personally, is a perfect emotional soundtrack that accompanying the story itself. And as for me, Chu-2 Byo demo Koi ga Shitai! doesn’t disappoint in any way I try to hear it. The right music and soundtrack are used also in the right moment, whenever it as when the comedy happening, or the action and fantasy occur, or when Yuuta and Rikka are on the moment of their love story. Sometimes the scenes switch so fast from the comedy to serious, and sometimes it happened so short while too, but either it’s dramatic or romantic, all of them is just perfect. Several times also the silly sound effects just pop up suddenly in the middle of the emotional scene, made me crying and laughing at the same time.

closing – nesha’s final verdict.

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Chu-2 Byo demo Koi ga Shitai! certainly not a perfect anime in anyone’s eyes. But at least, this anime doesn’t have as many haters as Sword Art Online that I have reviewed earlier. But easily, this anime is on a much different level than other romance anime, especially those anime that taking place on school and always made me bored with the same settings over and over again. For you who haven’t watch this, I recommend you to don’t expect this anime as a pure comedy and high school life, considering almost 70% of this anime turns out to be about drama and focusing on Rikka’s emotions.

I score this seven out of ten, which isn’t a bad score, but why not eight you may ask. Well, it’s probably due to my personal preferences that mostly I enjoyed more action and psychological anime rather than drama and romance. But for anyone that really into this kind of anime, shoujo things, they probably even scored this nine or ten out of ten. And for your information, the next season of anime tv and a few movies of this series are executed very well too, some of them are better than this first season. So according to me, you will be sorry if you decide to not to watch this series, because this is a really good series.

additional information.

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