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So I was scrolling my YouTube suggestion, and I found one of post-project that related to Daoko, which is one of my favourite Japanese artists. But what I found this time is her collaboration music video from 2015, which is I’m a GIRL which I already reviewed it yesterday. Long story short, I clicked the video and it plays in the background as I’m fiddling with my mobile game. Then the music end and my YouTube player continue to play its next suggestion … and that is when I first encounter the ME!ME!ME! music video.

Before we get into it, I want to let you know that ME!ME!ME! is a very graphic and brutal depiction of what I think is an otaku’s life. I don’t think if this video can entertain all people, and it wasn’t made for all people either. I never watched something like this before, a six minutes video that contains more than a little NSFW, so it shouldn’t be viewed by anyone under the age of 17 due to its nudity, violence, plus gore, including graphical and sexual themes in it. So if you intend to continue and stay here, then I need your advise and discretion for all the mature content that contains.

For you who’s still under 17 years old, please leave right away.

Still here? Well then, before we begin … go ahead and watch the music video.

settings and characters.

Watched it? Quite bizarre, right? What most people think right after watching it maybe like, “What was that I just watched?” And don’t worry, it’s a normal thing to think because like I said before, this music video is not for everyone.

Basically, this is the third of short episodes that released under a project called Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition, presented by Studio Khara and Dwango. They called it short film series, but the original projects are including spin-offs, promotional films, promotional music video and the music video itself, veejay films, etcetera, etcetera. Their collections are huge considering the complete original net animation was presented in about 35 episodes. We can call this also a parody project, considering the videos they made are mentioning themes from other anime series such as the Ultraman, Sailor Moon, and Mobile Suit Gundam.

All the female lead characters from Evangelion series also appears in this particular music video. ME!ME!ME! itself is directed by Hibiki Yoshizaki, which is a quite professional creator of net animations (I probably will review another work of his later in the future.) On paper, the song lyric was made by the one and only Daoko, with its music and instrumental that was made by a famous DJ known as TeddyLoid, which have produced also one of Daoko’s single before this. And in the visual, we have Shuichi Iseki which someone that I never heard of, but then I watched his work on this music video, and I impressed and hope that he will create something else like this in the future. This project also made under the support of Khara and Trigger studio. First time released around two years ago and since then, the music video has been the subject to intense scrutiny from not only 4chan’s /a/ board, but also reaction videos from the Fine Bros, immortalized with an article that become famous on KnowYourMeme.

From the synopsis alone, no one can expect the same for what they will actually get. Because the synopsis was just like … “You are attacked and ravished by many girls.” … and that’s it, no any other additional clue about it. The same thing happens to the protagonist that later I know his name is Shuu-chan … “He is an otaku who is consumed by otaku culture and lifestyle, probably losing his girlfriend due to this.” … and that’s it, no any other information added to him. So if you were expecting a kind of story that based on this short information, well then, you only will absolutely fcked up.

The story centres around three focus characters, they are the Fallen Hana aka Meme, which is the girl that always dancing as the fanservice object since the beginning … the second one is Hana-chan, which is our protagonist’s girlfriend … and the last one is Syu-chan aka Shuu-chan, which is our focus of the story. Shuu is our stereotypical otaku, a young bed-head haired boy who has a messy room with anime that playing on his TV, cigarette butts, with figmas and cosplay posters littering his room. Shuu is (pretty much like me to be honest) a poor soul who is burdened with such raging and carnal emotions and sensitivities. For the additional information, the girls in this episode (or also in all episode of this project) was designed based on the appearance of the characters in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.

I know if this episode is hardly understandable by only watching it once, because ME!ME!ME! actually displays more than just a fap-fap candidate who jiggling her boobs. My take on the meaning behind this whole piece is a pretty deep, in fact, it’s a depiction of every otaku out there who had gripped in the epic pubescent battle of real life versus their carnal lust. Now you realize that you wouldn’t understand it only just watched it once, I probably will tell you about the story and my experience towards it before you watch it for the second time.

plot – phase one.

So from where I’ve watched it, ME!ME!ME! is divided into four phases more or less.

The first phase, we’re pleased by a light poppy beats with a paired ‘loid’ aka Japanese vocals material for DJs and electronic songs (mostly Vocaloid related). As I drawn into the anime that playing on the TV, our protagonist is fantasising about a blue-haired buxom girl swinging their hips in peppy. Then enter Meme (pronounced May-May), which is a cliche anime hot dirty and perverted girl with a rack clearly unrestrained by a bra, a perfect rounded booty, and ‘absolute territory’ that would make anyone jealous. This world at first is pastel and bright like what dreams usually like, it seems as our protagonist is sucked into his TV, drinking in the seduction … I guess this makes him a prime example of an otaku fuckboy or girl out there, right? I don’t know.

But then, the pastel and bright world soon turns dark. Considering this is a six minutes music video that divided into four phases, the total immersion appears to backfire pretty quickly. The submissive girl suddenly stripped to her peculiar underwear, rolling into an ‘inviting’ pose … before the background colours and the visual theme quickly switch to threatening red and black palette.

The beats become harder, darker, with our protagonist that I wasn’t sure he’s still enjoying this. Meme continues to inviting Shuu-chan with displaying her attractiveness in front of him. She appears to be chained together via her nipple which extremity piercings, robotically gyrating and thrusting in front of a sitting shadowy creature that seems like a monster with four eyes. From the visual that surrounding this new entity, it illustrates power and danger, her four narrow black and red eyes silently observing Shuu-chan as if she doesn’t want her dark world entered by someone like Shuu.

Suddenly the monster creature coming for him. All of the dancing Meme allowing the creature to sashay towards him menacingly. It’s almost like she saying, “This is what you get for delving too deep into your own pleasures!” Everything seems to start glitching and warping, displaying the dominatrix-creature smothering Shuu-chan with her seductive oppai until he is finally gone, an ooze of crimson blood-bubbles even illustrates Shuu’s demise.

After being accosted by a four eyes monster, Shuu seemingly jerking himself back to reality. He wakes up … or does he? He is far too late to come back to reality, the four eyes monster girl follows him, explodes out of the tv and corners him in front of a bookshelf of his room. The feelings that we are actually falling deeper into the realms of Shuu’s psyche are shown by the figmas, seen earlier serenely on his bookshelf, suddenly coming to life and possessed, clinging and crawling eerily across Shuu’s head.

After pinning her prey, the monster girl takes off her mask and reveals her ahegao face underneath, the expression of mightily disturbed, wide-eyed young and pretty girl lying beneath. She forces him down, she grins, and proceeds to vomits what appears to be a saliva or cum (I don’t know, those are just my first reaction) straight down into Shuu’s throat. Heralding trippy colours and fade to black, cueing the phase two of the story.

plot – phase two.

With a bunch of psychedelic images, I’m definitely not in Kansas anymore. I find myself accompany our protagonist as he rapidly travels through some strange dimensions of his own world, which include traversing the curves of a naked giantess female form and greeting a stoic version of himself. We’re then introduced to a story that Shuu witness as a third person. Between those fleeting moments, enter a presence of another female character, one with a decidedly pained expression at some points. Who is she? I ask myself as she’s crying and upset until I watch layers of flashback that depict her as a beautiful girlfriend of Shuu’s, in what appear to be many shared moments of happiness among them.

Seeing himself placed under a scrutinising spotlight, Shuu’s wonder if this is the harsh truth of his reality. Seeing Hana-chan is sobbing, he doesn’t seem to bother as he ruthlessly walks away, unperturbed by her silent begging for him to come back. Is this his past, potentially uncaring self? I ask myself as now seems he feels remorse in hindsight, seeking to change his path … watching Hana-chan desperately reaching out, make him disturbed and reaches for her … but he falls.

His reason for falling there revealed as he’s duly punished by the return of the pony-tailed, masked creature who now looks a lot like Hana in retrospect, has completely eaten Shuu’s lower body, with cheerful she tears at Shuu’s intestines. What’s startlingly evident is the strange aesthetic similarities between Hana and the carnivorous creature —could they be the same person? Now I know why the four eyes monster was known as the Fallen Hana. Almost like how Rize when she’s eating human’s flesh in Tokyo Ghoul, the monster then scurrying away with an intestine still in her mouth as the real Hana approaches. Still crying, Hana kisses Shuu and make him recalls all the memories they made together.

The ending of this phase closed by the scene that displays how Hana transforming into the Fallen Hana, a masked demon with four eyes.

plot- phase three.

The phase three comes in with a scream and here comes the big and dramatic turning point. Shuu is suddenly encased in a mecha suits, dramatically deciding to fight back, restoring his lower body that has been eaten before. Thrown into an alley, posters of these grotesque and frightening sexy/horror images lining the walls as Shuu stalks down the street. But who are these images represent? The Fallen Hana, of course, but potentially also his fear of the changes he must have been experiencing —his own hormones and emotions, and thus women— they’re beautiful but appear to hold power over his sense of control as a consequence. Also, perhaps in his change of heart, there are the beginnings of a realisation that viewing any woman in such way is eerily perverted and wrong, but love and care for another’s feelings is the way of right..,..

What follows is an epic battle, which parts obviously inspired by popular first-person shooter video games. The music kicks into a high gear, throbbing with beats that would be at home on a club dancefloor. He comes upon the Fallen Hana who attacks him but Shuu takes her down, exploding her into green bits. More Fallen Hana appears in this little alley and Shuu-chan takes them all out except for the one who nearly gets him, grabbing his gun and pressing her drooling, suddenly fanged mouth close to his face. With a shot to her cheek, Shuu kills her too.

Wiping those Fallen Hana goo from his face shield, he’s reminded of the real Hana and that pulls him out of the game. His mecha suits relinquish from his body and display his original flesh, which his arm that has been cut off without his lower body which has been eaten by the ‘ghoul’ creature before this phase. Flipping and hurling through space, he spots the real Hana in the distance. They try to reach for each other even though they never manage to do it. Hana is pulled away by darkness..,..

plot – final act.

The fourth phase has Shuu floating towards a massive spaceship. Inside is like a huge concert venue, almost like as big as Yokohama Arena, and it’s filled with hundreds if not thousands of the Fallen Hana lead by a pseudo one who has the real Hana tied up. These Meme creature now certainly can be considered as the fake Hana, as the animation is illustrated they all absorbing the real Hana and morphs into (that looks like) her final form.

Cliche imagination, all the MEME start to using their boobs to shooting at Shuu who curls up to use his own offensive manoeuvres. A massive battle in the sky happens for a moment but in the end, Shuu loses. All the Fallen Hana’s ballistic is taking out over Shuu’s lower torso and arms once again, leaving him to be nothing more than a chest and a head. All the Meme greet him, much to his panic but all of the girls get his mouth since they all don’t have the four-eyed monster mask anymore.

Greed, what they left then just his head alone. In tears, Shuu surrenders to the kiss. A moment and all that, he realizes that his eyes still open, almost like he even can’t die in peace after all of that. Plus, the gesture of his eyes opens is merely mirroring the beginning of the music video, so if you watching this music video from the official website of Animator Expo, the video would loop back to the start at this point, making it a never-ending cycle of psychosis.

conclusion – nesha’s final verdict.

From the quality assessment, the animation is so gorgeous and so fluid, with perfectly chosen vivid colours to depict audiences mood. Yes indeed, the huge-breasted/doll-waisted Meme add to the point of the whole video, but there is another different story and meaning if you watch it from another viewpoint. Maybe you will also need to understand if the music isn’t an ordinary theme like an ordinary music video or usual anime opening and ending theme, it is not created by a band or singer, but a DJ instead. And as we know, all single and remix that produced by DJs are almost far from an ordinary music production.

Yes, this is a six minutes video, but I can’t lie as if I said there’s only a little that happened in this six minutes. No, there is actually a lot that happens, they even tell a story that probably tells a deeper meaning behind it. The last word from its lyric for example, which is “Sayonara!” that we know it can have a different meaning for each person who’s watching it. But of course, this is not for everyone. For an anime lover that mostly enjoyed comedy and kawaii anime series, probably would be disgusted after seeing the first one minute of this video. Moreover, the people which never heard of anime in their life, or never appreciate the works of Japanese cultures … they probably would angry by watching this.

As for me though, ME!ME!ME is one of the coolest fcking episode ever. The music is great, the art is great, the story is confusing yet beautifully animated and awesome AF at the same time. That said, it does indeed have little moments that just out annoy and confuse me, especially when I’ve watched it for the first time. The saliva/cum vomit was beyond gross and the fact that none of the girls in the video seem to know what a bra is … but anyway, that is how anime presents itself, with all the good, bad, and weird thing that makes people become a good, bad, or weirdo. Honestly, I opened more than a dozen tabs when trying to find review material for this episode alone, right then I’ve seen a lot of ideas on what the hell this video means, different opinions from different people.

The clearest interpretation of most people though, is that otaku lifestyle actually can make people crazy, depends on the way how they receive and consume it. Our protagonist —Shuu-chan— for example, who has let the otaku lifestyle cut off his relationship with Hana (who is really hot as bishoujo btw, I wonder if an otaku in real life like me can get a girlfriend as hot as Hana.) And to be honest, I’ve seen a lot of broken relationships that caused by one of them was drawn too much into his/her otaku world, whether it’s anime, cosplay, or games, etcetera etcetera.

As little as weaboos around the world, but there is still a lot of people who have fallen into the lonely life as a hardcore otaku have. Sure, we have our little community pockets in the form of a smartphone or a monitor, through the forums such as reddit, IRC, or 4chan … but if one isn’t careful about the balance of their life, they wind up just living their life for anime alone, with figmas, body pillows, waifu posters, onaholes, and other dirty kinds of stuff that probably you have it in your room.

Cutting out your real-life contacts is a bad decision, and the otaku lifestyle can be unhealthy if you’re gone about the wrong way. That said, there is a thing that known as a well-adjusted otaku if one remembers that “otaku” is just a designation for someone who has an obsession with a certain thing. But being an otaku doesn’t mean that you need to give up your life over your obsessions, and this music video is a cautionary (or if more highly melodramatic) tale of what will happens if you did.

And as I said before, this particular music video is one of the 35 episodes which summarizes the Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition project. So I would give this episode a nine out of ten score, but I still didn’t sure how much score for the complete project after I watch it later. But there we go, a nine out of ten score for this episode.

additional information.

review material: http://www.animatorexpo.com/Wiki (en), and MAL

By the way, if you enjoyed ME!ME!ME as much as I did, I really recommend you to check out the other shorts episodes from the Animator Expo. On the anime side of things, most of Khara studio’s works is always turns out to be a good or even great movie and series, the remake of Evangelion series for example. And as for the music, TeddyLoid is a great artist and you can just pick up his albums on iTunes (click here).

There you go, I just wanted to tell you guys what my feelings and perspective after I watched this six minutes video. For the list of other anime that I’ve reviewed, you can check them via the anime index. Don’t forget to subscribe to #moe404 to keep updated and get a free notification every time I posted new anime perspective. Also, follow me on Twitter or Instagram too to keep receiving bad influences from me. rofl. 😎 And leave a like after you read this to let me know that you were here.

Glad that I have a courage to write and share this to you. Y’all has been nice reading this until the end. I will see you in the next post, bai bai now, have a nice sleep tonight~! (*don’t dream like Shuu-chan!)


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