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People live their lives without claws or fangs, but still, humans have prospered on the earth. What drives them, I wonder – and what’s at the heart of it? I was wondering why I could not find you appetizing in the least, but it makes sense if it’s just like a human keeping a pet! Little mouse, from today on I will make you my pet!

— Tsukiyama Shuu.

First of all, I want to say thank you for all your support early this year. I know it sounds stupid to saying thank for only a post in this current year, but genuinely, stats on #moe404 peaked high almost the twice as I posted something new before. And furthermore, it happened to my first post in 2018; so it’s really made me passionate about what will the blog get for the next in 2018.

But anyway, haro again, internet! And as you probably knew already, that I’m an enthusiast about the series of Tokyo Ghoul. Now what you may don’t realize yet, that I’m already reviewed all of the series of Tokyo Ghoul up to this point, except one; which is the Tokyo Ghoul: “Pinto” !!! So what’s up with this OVA? Is it even worth to watch?

background settings.

So probably, the question is why you rarely heard this particular adaptation to be discussed on any other anime community such as forum threads and boards. Well here’s why; it’s because you would never found the story of this on the original manga itself. Yes, Pinto isn’t adapted from the manga, it’s adapted from the first visual novel that set in the Tokyo Ghoul universe instead, it’s called Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi (English; Days). More precisely, he makes his debut on its third chapter titled “Photos”, described as a standalone story which follows a character of ghoul and his ‘pet’.

For your information, the whole story that tells from this visual novel was about the beginning of Anteiku café, which is the place where a small group of Ghouls gather. But, what people rarely know is how they gather and how they meet each other. Because as we realize by watching the end of the second season of Tokyo Ghoul, the story mentions a little about a flashback to a decade in the past, when Enji Koma aka. the Devil Ape and Irimi Kaya aka the Kuroinu (English; Black Dog), both are still being the leader of notorious ghoul gang of the 20th ward —they are rivalry about killing CCG investigators, but also often clashed and trying to killing each other. It grows a question for people who watched it; what makes both of them now are fighting side by side to defend the Anteiku ideology of the 20th ward of Tokyo?

Well, there is where this visual novel came in. The story on this visual novel tells about the various background of each character that worth to be mentioned, especially the members of Anteiku. But you’re not here to discuss them. You’re here to discuss only one particular character, which is Tsukiyama Shuu. Yes, this OVA titled “Pinto” tells about his background story, takes place when he’s still a fourth-year student studying Social Welfare at the Departement of Human Sciences at Seinan Gakuin University.

As the story goes, more and more of his past revealed. But still … this is the anime series of Tokyo Ghoul, and as always, the anime never really executed what the source material expected. Like … we won’t know everything by only watching this 30 minutes episode; like the fact that Tsukiyama actually comes from the extremely wealthy and influential family, and he became the head of his family after the death of his father at the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation. Small yet important facts like this are never explained in the anime adaptation, and you need to play the visual novel to get to know all about it instead, which is a shame … 100% shame.

But at least, for you who never encounter the visual novel and still don’t know what to expect, then what I can say is the story may quite interesting for you to watch. At least, the story tells about his first obsession with a certain person (either it’s human or ghoul, or half of both). But still, you will never know the big picture like other people who have experienced its visual novel. For some people, his obsession with Kaneki’s scent and taste (and care and love) are even described almost as a love story.

But yeah, mostly for you who have nothing to expect, then this story may become interesting for you to watch. The main story revolves around himself meeting a little girl named Hori Chie, which is a human photographer and information broker. In this current timeline, she’s still a long-time friend of Tsukiyama and the only human who aware of his secret without being dead and eaten. Her is Tsukiyama’s first obsession, he even specifies her as his ‘little mouse’. But of course, you still won’t understand about her by only watching this episode, you even may never know how this little mouse can become an information broker in the future.


So here’s the thing. One night, this little mouse took a picture of Tsukiyama while he’s feasting on one of his victims. Then as he discovering someone is watching him, his ghoul instinct activated rapidly and he immediately responded by going to devour her too, but suddenly he’s distracted by her camera flashes as she takes some pictures without being scared at all. From that, Tsukiyama becomes almost like a geologist who just discovered a rare creature, just in this situation unfortunately that rare creature is also the most delicious and tasteful meat for him to eat. So it’s the question for himself, to eat her and lose everything, or keep her and never taste anything..?! This is the first time Tsukiyama understand himself as a different ghoul than others; as he didn’t just feed on humans for the sake of satisfying his hunger, but instead to tase the best of meals while certifying himself as a gourmet ghoul.

Besides both of them, there is also another character who gives a weight to the story; which is a nurse in a hospital. Because the scenes of this episode were taken at different places every time; a little café, a school, a park … but also in a hospital —and this is where the gore starts to kick-off. Every time Tsukiyama talks about the angel of white, he always refers it to the nurses on this hospital. But just because I don’t want to spill too many spoilers about this 24 minutes episode, what I can only say is that the nurses is an interesting character to watch —it’s clearly a troubled character with her own problem, and I find it interesting to watch both her psychopath behavior and her death have a real meaning to the story.

Overall, the characters were interesting to discover, I just disappointed that the amount of their development isn’t as much as I hoped, so nothing special. Even for me, if I never knew the concept of their relationship at the first place, I probably would be bored to watch the interactions between them —as the amount of connection between them are so little even though that is clearly the one that is being pushed. But yeah, it is Tokyo Ghoul … and the settings around the world of Tokyo Ghoul are always immersive and broad, very climatic and interesting as hell … it’s just, they never really succeed to execute all of those to its anime adaptation.

closing – nesha’s final verdict.

So this is the conclusion. If you never encounter its visual novel before, then the story absolutely will keep you entertained. But if you’re a lunatic fan of Tokyo Ghoul, then you must be very disappointed. On the second thought, if you’re an enthusiast for this series just like me, as my personal opinion … you probably will still appreciate and enjoy watching this episode while knowing they’re actually not as good as its source material.

The most failed thing to execute is the fact that we got to understand the contrast between Tsukiyama’s extremely vivid character and Chie’s extremely bland and modest character. But without a weight of connection that is balanced to that contrast, it just made the interactions between them seems off and odd considering both of the characters has a totally different nature of life.

Forgot to mention, even though it’s not really worth to mention; there is nothing special also regarding its music and visual. So it’s not the best, but definitely not the worst. At least for you who call yourself a fan of Tokyo Ghoul, or for you who wants to taste a little bit the world of Tokyo Ghoul … then you should watch this doesn’t matter of what will you feel after watching it. Personally, as a fan of Tokyo Ghoul, I would rate this episode above seven, but for the quality valuation; it’s indeed below seven.

additional information.

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Well then, there you go, internet! You may watch this episode, but just like any other series of Tokyo Ghoul; don’t watch this while you’re eating, or go ahead if you’re turned on by doing it. x’D (rofl.) Anyhow, I just glad that I finally completed giving my perspective towards all of the anime series of Tokyo Ghoul. And still, one of the most awaited anime in 2018 for me is the third season of Tokyo Ghoul. And if you’re wondering, then yes, Chie also will appear on this third season.

Alright. Thank you for watching as usual, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bai-bai now~!


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