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Initially, I want to cover another heavy anime to watch, maybe another movie or another tv series which requires you to use your head to think while you watch it, but no. I decided to review a comedy anime, which the parent’s series I have covered last month; My Two-Faced Little Sister. But do you know that Himouto! Umaru-chan actually has released also its special tv show? It’s 12 episodes, but each one only present as a two minutes duration of story. If you have heard about it then you would know what I’m talking about, if you don’t know what I’m talking about then I’ll explain why you never encounter the 12 special episodes of Himouto! Umaru-chan.

First of all, spoiler alert! And you may go ahead watch this one episode before continue reading my review..,..

the good.

Of course, after this, I’ll write also my opinion about what’s bad of this show. But let’s talk what’s good first of all. So definitely, this comedy show can make you laugh, even a good laugh. It started with only Umaru-chan and her brother Teihei provides me with jokes conversation and light explanation about what kind of anime is this, and then more colourful characters popping up and introduced as they become one part of a larger sequence of comedies. You’ll be introduced to Ebina Nana in the second episode, Kirie will come out in the third episode, and Sylphinford will be there in the fourth episode. Even Motoba Takeshi aka Kirie’s brother and Tachibana Alex aka Sylphinford’s brother will be there as cameos.

This isn’t our normal reality. No matter what happens, it wouldn’t be strange here!

So, what kind of anime is this? It is just a bunch crap of short episodes? Well, it’s not just ordinary short episodes, even some people more enjoyed watching these instead of the initial and original show of Himouto! Umaru-chan. There are no fillers or politeness, it’s straight comedy to make you laugh, from the beginning to the end. It’s entertaining. Plus, as Umaru-chan explains in the first episode you just watched earlier, the show takes place not in the real world, even she and her brother aren’t living in their real apartment; the story takes place in a parallel universe! You got that right. Somehow, everyone exists here will be there as their super deformed version of themselves.

That’s the setting of the show. Furthermore, you could say these show as a parody show as well. A few references already have mentioned in the initial anime, but here they’re not just mentioned, but they’re also cosplaying as the characters instead, act and pretend to be part of those other animes. From the anime of Naruto, Super Sentai and Power Rangers, even the franchise of Dragon Ball. They’re also somehow having the awareness that they all are on the show, they talk about fanservice and stuff, figuring out how the censorship works if they’re take a bath naked in the hot spring —so to let the sensor and go away, they decided to wear bikini and swimming suit instead of naked in the hot spring.

the bad.

Honestly, there’s the only little problem that occurred to this show, but they all are significantly affected the overall show. First of all; the visual’s quite ordinary, and some scenes actually below the average. Second, although all the sound and music is fit enough that I don’t notice the misplaced sound, voice actors also good, but the dubbed voice actors were bad —I mean really-really bad! It’s like Dora the Explorer class of voice actress. So make sure when you watch it, you switch the audio source option to the Japanese and subbed, don’t watch the dubbed version!

To avoid this, definitely you should watch the initial tv show first of all, or you will find these short episodes weird. Some people would never think these tell stories, it’s random or just straight to comedies, although I believe that huge fans of Umaru-chan would see that it manages to tell pretty good stories in the short amount of time. Surviving a zombie invasion, learning about Akita Prefecture, learning how to be a chibi character, training like Master Roshi from Dragon Ball, escaping a prison, more and more. Of course, it’s kinda rushed and we definitely shouldn’t ask why everything so sudden, or why everyone really extracted to Umaru character.

closing – nesha’s final verdict.

Final words, don’t think about anything that related to the initial show when you watch this! Because all the development of each character won’t be displayed in this parallel universe, Kirie no longer being an introvert, and Sylphinford no longer being a rival for Umaru. They all just having fun and we forced to see their different personality that I think must not exist, they shouldn’t really be there —you know what I mean. So, it’s quite creative, but the story kinda hard to impress a lot of people, and the characters’ nature seem doesn’t fit, the English voice actresses definitely made the show dull.

But anyway, these are just bonus episodes from Blu-ray, so we shouldn’t complain. For the fans of Umaru-chan, you may watch this already, but now you know why other people were not watching this. Yeah, don’t watch if you’re not really a fan of the franchise. As the bonus though, you’ll get also the preview of Kirie and Sylhi’s character albums that already released in September’ 16 in 2015 —so you probably better to buy the separate bundle if you’re just want to collect their music albums.

additional pieces of information.

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