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Haro, everyone, and welcome to another anime review. I guess you’re going to get down right away and read the review of this beautiful TV series, but lemme say this really quick; arigatou! #moe404 just reached its half thousand followers achievement, and it’s all thanks to all of you people. I don’t know how to say this but I’m really proud that the blog has reached this unbelievable mark, I believe this is going to be a huge throwback in maybe a year or two year in the future; I would see this point every once in a while and remember again the feeling of happiness that now I’m having. Anyway, don’t fulfil your heart yet because I definitely will say “thank you” again in this month dear diary.

As an early celebration, I happily will introduce you to the newest addition to this bridge; lets us open wide our welcome to the one and only, Alfredo —known as @alfredopasta or you may already used to call him Al! I’m so happy being able to work with an awe-inspiring person like him, being a part of #moe404 together with someone is really an exciting feeling. I wish this can go on and on forever! I believe he’s more of a sentimental person rather than an action-packed person like me, he’s more to cute and lovely songs rather than rock and EDM, which it all makes we both quite different; but diversity is something that could be beautiful and fun to work with, so I’m looking forward to his future opinions on various anime shows and movies from here and out.

That being said, this is his first attempt, his first small step entering the brigade, his first anime review on #moe404. So let’s read his breakdown of a beautiful TV series titled Tsuki ga Kirei, aka The Moon Is Beautiful.

If you know me, romance is one of my favourite genres of anime. It may not be the preferred genre for most regular anime viewers, but the sweet and heart-warming (and even unfortunate) moments between a couple just intrigues me and most of the time puts a big smile on my face.

As a young teenager, the aspect of love has been prominent in my mind of recent years but the thought of having a significant other at my age honestly isn’t all that worrying. There is some pressure here and there as you see more and more couples populating your high school but while it would be nice to have a girlfriend or boyfriend by your side, there are the consequences and struggles that come with that package. In my opinion and case, I personally wouldn’t want to add those to my ‘already difficult agenda’ of studies, personal hobbies and needs, and also taking care of my health.

Today’s anime share a very similar story to what I just mentioned, and also might be one of my favourite romances I have seen so far.


We follow two young teenagers, a book lover and an avid writer Kotarou Azumi, followed by one of the best members on the track team Akane Mizuno, and both having the desire to go farther in their respective ventures. As they enter their final year of middle school and the tough decision of how they’ll advance in their education waning upon them, the two of them happen to be put in the same class.

What was a relationship where they never talked before quickly changes, as Kotarou and Akane start to develop an unknown feeling for each other and slowly grow closer thanks to the occurrences and meetings they find themselves to randomly be a part of. Thus, a young love starts to bloom.

However, the two timid lovebirds discover the difficult side of romance and experiencing love at a young age —with things like jealousy and anxiety affecting their relationship in a negative way. Because of this unexpected occurrence, the future of their relationship is unclear. Yet, both are determined to advance in this thing called love.


The main reason why I and many other viewers enjoyed this show is the great amount of realism implemented in it, especially with the story and characters. While a lot of romance shows that we usually watch are the silly and hilarious romance comedies, even sometimes it followed with also a pinch of drama … you won’t really see the style of romance stories like Tsuki ga Kirei’s being popular, let alone being adapted and created into an anime. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy romance and comedies as much as the next person, but having a little variety in a genre that can captivate a lot of people doesn’t sound bad at all.

As I mentioned, the way the director Seiji Kishi —which also worked on shows such as Angel Beats and Assassination Classroom, damn that’s a great directing background. lol— expressed this story really does make it seem like what Kotaro, Akane and the significant side characters could happen in someone’s life.

One of the story elements regarding that realism that also happens to be one of my favourites, was the pacing. Since our two main characters both have a very shy and timid nature to them, the story and how they progressed their relationship together tended to be slower than most romance stories. And that was completely fine by me. With my past experiences with romance anime being a lot faster and straightforward, I wasn’t exactly used to Tsuki ga Kirei’s type of pacing between couples but surprisingly it worked and I still enjoyed the unique way of this couple started their love relationship.

Romance and drama tend to blend together nicely in anime shows and could also be considered as good as a pairing like a peanut butter and jelly. And with Tsuki ga Kirei, I believe they expressed both genre labels pretty well. You could definitely enjoy the obvious romantic vibes our characters gives, along with how it transitions into some dramatic moments; for example, the concept of struggles that Kotarou and Akane have to deal with as jealousy. For me, both the romance and drama kept me on my feet throughout most of the show just because of how intriguing the genres are expressed. Although that might just be a thing since I’m always freaking out whenever cute moments and story-changing moments happen between the couples.

I’d also like to mention how ‘pure’ this show is. Mainly with the romantic part of all things, but watching a romance show like this where the main focus is love and how it can affect one’s life in a positive and negative way was probably one of the best things about this show. It stuck with its main idea instead of other romance based shows where their main goal is really trying to make you laugh with its silly comedy or even spark of some emotional feelings in you are too exaggerated in telling their story. What I’m saying here basically backs up how unique and different Tsuki ga Kirei is from other shows in the same genre, and I applaud them for doing that.


I’ll mention realism once again cause the characters absolutely reflect that theme throughout the show. The behaviours of Kotarou and Akane make it feel like any person could realistically be in their shoes. When romance happens and dating at the age of a middle school student’s, it’s natural to be very nervous to ask a girl or guy out and even act awkward around them. It’s such a brand new concept to a young person’s mind and let’s just be honest here, I think when you were twelve or thirteen, you were too nervous to even mention a hint of romance to your crush.

And let me just say that these two and watching their awkward interactions with each other are just so sweet. I know I’m basically around the same age as them but god damn it, young love is beautiful to witness.

Some side characters also have a very significant role in this story and how it affects the relationship between Kotarou and Akane. Usually, with romance stories, you have to add side characters that do exactly one thing, which is to change the main couple’s desire to love. But they felt real, had a purpose in the conflict of the story and overall their personalities and behaviours were interesting to watch instead of just watching some bland supporting roles. It absolutely didn’t feel like they were only a necessity in a story like this show’s, they were more than that.

Another character aspect to mention was how much the protagonists’ parents and families were involved with Kotarou and Akane’s situation. I think it’s a trope or a cliche in anime that parents are barely even mentioned or even not present in the main character’s lives due to death or some other unfortunate event.

However, Tsuki ga Kirei surprisingly went the complete opposite route, as we got to see what kind of relationship that our two main characters have with their family and as a matter of fact, they had a pretty significant part, not only in Kotarou and Akane’s relationship but them as individual people. Again, it gives off another realism vibe to our story as having family and parents help you make the right decisions in order to be content in the future, whether it be academically or involving relationships, can be something most of us have or will experience.

Other than that, I appreciate the effort to make most of the characters feel rational since the main age group of most of the characters are teenagers; as Kotaro, Akane, their classmates, and other of their friends always act like pretty realistic. Going to the amusement parks, teasing their friends, gossiping, hanging out. How characters acted in this show honestly felt more real than some characters in various slice-of-life shows, a genre of anime where it’s supposed to feel real.

visual and arts.

To be honest, the art and animation of this show isn’t the best thing I’ve seen. However, I can definitely see where they were going with it. There are the small, positive things to appreciate about the art direction such as it’s unique and sort cutesy like character design and how realistic they wanted to go with the fact that there aren’t any characters with any unnatural hair colours —except for Roman, who has very very pink hair.

However, there are some drawbacks with the art and animation of this show such as the use of CGI to show background characters, which I just couldn’t get over it. It was pretty ugly to the point where it bothered me every single time I saw it. Other than that, there were times where the visuals were a little choppy but that’s pretty much it.

As for the musical side of things, I thought this show’s opening and ending themes were some of my favourites in the Spring 2017 season —other than the theme for Eromanga-sensei— which I didn’t watch but thought ClariS made yet another great song. Just making things clear (lol). But really, Nao Touyama aka the voice actress who sang both themes plus voiced the teacher, she has a very beautiful voice and it blended together well with the accompanying sombre and relaxing tunes.

closing – al’s final verdict.

Tsuki ga Kirei is considered by seasonal anime viewers as the ‘dark horse’ of the Spring 2017 anime season, meaning that while it wasn’t as popular and discussed as the giants that were airing at the same time such as Attack on Titan Season 2 and My Hero Academia, it absolutely had the potential to be one of the best shows out the bunch. Would I consider this show as underrated? Mmm, maybe at the time which this show was airing but towards the end of the season, people started to see how much praise it garnered and it surprisingly was considered as a really nice show by most.

If you’re somewhat of a fan of romance (or an avid one like me), I truly believe you would enjoy this anime. I think a good amount of people would appreciate a type of love story where it’s a lot more realistic than most other anime of the same genre once in a while. It still has the same elements like a pair of characters meeting, them becoming a couple, a conflict they have to face and a resolution but with the added charm of the viewer being able to relate to it in a pretty significant way and thinking that something like what Kotarou and Akane are dealing with could happen in the real world makes this show a lot more enjoyable.

additional pieces of information.

*material resources: http://tsukigakirei.jp/AllcinemacrunchyrollWiki (en)AnisonMAL, MAL #2MAL #3, and 

this image is available to download for your desktop! x’D

Thank you very much for reading my first full-fledged review on #moe404, I really do hope you thought it was interesting and possibly even made you want to watch this beautiful romance. I’ve seen a lot of love stories in anime, and this one has to be one of my absolute favourites, so I’m honoured to share my thoughts on this show to you.

I had a ton of fun writing this review, plus I definitely think I could improve on some areas so I hope to refine my reviewing skills while being a member of this blog. That being said, I’m not exactly sure what show I’ll be talking about next week but I’ll be sure to pick out a good one. Last but not least, I also run my own anime and J-culture based blog, where I talk about things such as voice actors and actresses, music and generally random write-ups so if you are in any way interested in my ramblings, feel free to check it out at sliceofalfredo.blog!

Alright, enough self-promotion. 😀 Again, thank you for reading and if you enjoyed this review, consider to give this a like, check out our other pieces of work and follow #moe404 for more content! Bai-bai now~

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