r#89 – ova: umaru-chan one more time!

Haro, everyone, howdy?! Now I happily would write once again about the amazing Spider-Man Umaru-chan, because I really-really never ever get enough of her in my life..!!!

Himouto! Umaru-chan is a series that I considered to be one of the best comedy and slice of life combinations for the year it was released, so when I found out there’re OVA episodes that have been released separately from the DVD and Blu-Ray bundles, I immediately do the research and ask Google if someone get the episodes for me to download or stream. Then after I watched it, I realize that these OVAs are not bad at all, while I know that Umaru fans out there still don’t know these episodes exists; and that’s the reason why I decided to write about this.

first question: what are these OVAs about?

The episode starts off with a Japonet advertisement featuring a giant pillow for sale, and Umaru was about to call the number they give to buy it before Taihei stopped her. The story then drifting into a dream as Umaru wakes up in her own dream to find the giant pillow advertised in her apartment, and of course, there is no other option to continue the story except letting herself to enjoy the pillow. But instead of herself, Taihei comes in and lays on the pillow, letting Umaru realize that Taihei could become a useless and way lazier than he was before. Realizing how dangerous the pillow is, Umaru transitioning and finds herself in the advertisement she watched before on TV, really similar to the Japonet ad but, here Japoneko —the mascot cat— is the one who advertises, and her cat pillow named Nekolumbus is the one that is being advertised. Everything then becomes so random to the point where it was said the advertised pillow Nekolumbus could fly.

But guess what, the OVA is actually not that long, rather it’s only contains two episodes. But instead telling a continuous story, this two episodes has divided into five short stories. The synopsis I just tell you before is the first short story, which I call it as the “pillow dream with onii-chan” story, which of course has shacked my stomach really hard. Then, the story continues on the next day where Umaru and Sylphinford go to the convenience store as they try to win a Hatsune Miku doll in a lottery. On the other day, Umaru and Taihei go wild at a yakiniku restaurant and unaware that Nana is at the next table over, the story tells the different lives they all had as Nana is a person who appreciates foods more than Umaru and Taihei. The episode continues at the beginning of October when Umaru and Kirie get into the Halloween spirit early and dressing up in costume, trying various pumpkin-based snack and troublesome everyone they encounter with. Afterwards, Umaru decides to fake a fever in order to skip her school.

The stories I just told you was only the main plots that happen in the first episode, I haven’t even tell you the main plots for the second episode. But even though an episode divided into that many different stories, I barely see any mistake they executed, while everything are just so funny and made me couldn’t hold the smile on my face.

second question: why you didn’t know these OVAs exists?

So, on the 29th edition of Shueisha’s Young Jump magazine, it was reported that Umaru-chan would not only get the anime series, but also the special episode in the form of OVA, and the OVA itself would be released and sold along with its seventh volume of the manga edition, which would be published on the October 19th. Maybe that was the main reason of why not many people have watched this two episodes, it’s because it’s not aired together with the TV series even though these two episodes were made by the same staff just like people who made the main TV series. Plus, you need to spend more than 3,400 yen to get the manga bundle with these two OVAs. It’s also limited, because for the first episode only, the reservation session has closed on August 31 aka three years ago —2015.

Of course, from that announcement alone people already understood how huge Umaru-chan series would come up, considering that everyone who had worked around it already is planned for the OVAs and other episodes outside of the main series, even before the TV series was airing. The manga itself was already a breakthrough anyway; one of the kinds which don’t use cliche harem scenes or exposed underwear shots to entice readers even though we’re talking about a life of imouto (English; a sister). One of the kinds which tells the everyday life of a person-centred with a slice of life situation, without exposing any negativity that exists around it. One of a kind which offers so many comedy that is really funny and maintains the relatable characters and situations at the same time continuously. Oh well, on that time around … everyone who watched this series knows that Umaru-chan has given them one more colour to their life.

Me personally, I want to take Umaru-chan home if I could, hug her every time I would go to sleep. ♥

last question: was it worth to watch tho?

What could I say? I love Umaru-chan and I love to watch her life every day —or to be honest— I would love to live her life! The visual and animation on these two episodes maybe didn’t have any improvement from its first season, but I think these are better than its special episodes, so definitely are the sounds and their seiyuu as well. When it comes to the characters, I realize that I don’t need no more any development from them, and I just happily will laugh every time Umaru would make a joke.

Honestly, these two episodes are pretty good and definitely not a waste of time to watch. I was laughing so hard, watched this before was going outside of my room —definitely a plan that I resist to do it— but when Umaru-chan was on my TV screen, suddenly all the dull or whatsoever moods I felt before were gone and I just left to enjoy watching the show. So for you who are still having a need of more laughter in your day, then you definitely need to watch this, especially if you haven’t. The first OVA was released in 2015, and the second one was released in April’ 24, 2017; so don’t forget to watch both of them and not only the first episode. My recommendation is to watch the first season first —if you haven’t of course— before you watch these two, because the second episode of the OVAs is more like the transformation mood from the first season to the second season —which I yet to review.

Especially for people who fall in love with Umaru-chan and/or want to have a sister like her, want to have a life like hers, had a relatable life to hers … you definitely should watch these two OVAs.

additional pieces of information.

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