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So basically, we have talked properly about the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and I have given my perspective towards it before (*click the link if you haven’t read the review), but there I fairly never mentioned about the special series which comes together with its parent; Tachikoma na Hibi aka. Tachikomatic Days. So here, I want to give you my short perspective towards it because it’s pretty too valuable to miss it.

In short, Tachikomatic Days is a series of comedic shorts attached to the end of every episode of Ghost in the Shell: SAC. The short episodes feature the antics of the Tachikoma think tanks of Section 9 which appeared and have introduced before in the parent series, but here they and only they which are featured, are telling about their days and usually involve some of the simple plot points. So, I’ll give my short perspective towards it not because it’s a bad series to watch, but by reason of the duration for every episode is only about one to two minutes —because it’s a special series like I said before.

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Even though it’s only about one to two minutes duration for its every episode, but it actually contains 26 episodes in total because these have always appeared after the end of every parent series’ episodes. It’s basically a series of shorts that explore the ‘mindset’ of these intelligent tanks, with the interest focused only on Tachikoma without features any other characters besides them. Them? Yes, Tachikoma is a plural because they all possess individual artificial intelligence and every night their mind are all synchronized, so in the main series they always woke up in the next day with the identical consciousness which is each the sum of their total collective experience and development. That being said, Tachikoma are presented with not just one here in their special episodes, but a number of roller tanks which interacts with each other and create a short comedy sketch that over exaggerates everything that is happened in the main series. At the same time, we could see also how an AI actually have personalities and are not ‘just’ an AI, which is a pretty big deal of concept to represent.

From my personal experience, I kinda always looked forward to seeing these at the end every episode of Ghost in the Shell: SAC. Of course, in the order to enjoy it at best, you must have to know the context of what they are talking about and reacting to, which lead you to watch its parent series first before you jump to this. But in addition to that recommendation, I actually rewatched these episodes with my friend who never watched any series from the Ghost in the Shell franchise before, and surprisingly she enjoyed watching it pretty much and appreciated the cute aspect of their comedic interaction! So I was quite surprised right there.

So for your information, the official Blu-ray release of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is available in both regular and special edition version; which the regular version features the anamorphic widescreen video and Dolby 5.1 audio in both languages of English and Japanese dub. In any case —make sure you buy the original ones and choose the right format— you’re going to get the special treatment to explore more because it will include some extras of a wide variety of interviews with the cast and production team behind the scenes of production —including the composer Yoko Kanno on the second disc— and the mentioned shorts of Tachikomatic Days. Anyway, besides the special episodes of Tachikoma which are the main topic of this discussion, the interviews are actually pretty interesting to listen to, especially the one on the fifth disc with Teraoka Kenji and Tsuneki Shinobu who were in charge of creating the various mechanical objects and vehicles seen in the series.

Moreover if you intend to buy the special edition version, you will get more disc of content and fancy case to each volume with the extra DVDs which include the same feature with DTS 5.1 audio and bonus interviews. The special edition version of the first volume also includes a soundtrack CD as part of the set and the seventh volume comes with a tin to hold the whole series; so like I said before, make sure you have chosen the right format before you buy it because there are dozens of options to buy which. Anyway, I bought mine on Amazon, and you could do the same if you interested.


Now lastly, why don’t we fill this opportunity to talk a little bit about who and what are this Tachikoma I keep mentioning about? Well of course, for you who’s already watched Ghost in the Shell: SAC probably already knew and understand about their role in the series, but wait— it’s actually pretty interesting to talk about even for people who never get in touch with the series of Ghost in the Shell. So let’s talk about them, shall we?

In short, a Tachikoma is an AI roller tank which you can find only in the Ghost in the Shell: SAC sub-universe. There, they are best described as —and I quote— “a spider type multi-leg and ped combat vehicle equipped with artificial intelligence,” which possesses the ability to act as both personal transport units and mobile weapons platforms. It was first created by Shirow Masamune-sensei, calculated as nine units of them were initially deployed to Section 9. There, their design immediately steals the show by having a spider-like body. Although Shirow-sensei has applied this fuchikoma design to some of his characters before —such as Briareos on the series of Appleseed— yes, but his best creation yet and still always been Tachikoma.

But don’t get me wrong though, I explained all these Tachikoma things to you not because the special episodes you’ll see in Tachikoma Days are essential to their character development —no, not at all, even the age-rating for this series is for Children. Like I said before, this is just a series of comedic shorts which doesn’t contain any serious atmosphere, everything is created only to entertain the comedic side of the audience; except probably a little bit of concept where it’s explained subtly that Tachikoma actually not just a plain robots with AI, they are actually also one of the indispensable characters from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

closing – nesha’s final verdict.

I was intending to write all this not to answer you the usual question of whether you should watch the anime series or not, instead honestly, I just wanted to share with you how my perspective towards these special episodes. Plus, I quite wanted to tell you about this unique characters which differ from the majority of robotics AI in any other anime franchise. Put it simply, Tachikoma is unique. Tachikoma even climbs to the present day in the act of concept where think tanks introduced as the robotic weapons platforms that make use of artificial intelligence to enhance both their own and people’s abilities. In the Japanese version, these think tanks are officially referred to as takyakusensha aka. the multi-legged tanks.

Anyway, you could find so many good reads about how unique is Tachikoma has inspired the today view’s toward the military technology on the vast world of the global computer networking (i mean internet, pfft), both which written to entertain and/or given you esoteric knowledge about it. Because like its main series —the original Ghost in the Shell— which has become a huge inspiration of both real world and fictional conceptualization as seen on The Matrix trilogy (a franchise from west inspired by Ghost in the Shell), Tachikoma also has to be one of the very first inspirations of today technological civilization, especially when it comes to the military artificial intelligence and its robotic weapon platforms.

So, my final verdict? I guess I kinda became an enthusiast towards this kind of thing, and I glad I’ve shared it with you even though just a little bit. It’s fun to know all these things. I’m happy if this review would herd you to the fandom, or just introduce you to this topic in the most healthy way as possible; I hope you have enjoyed reading this anyway. For the series itself, I would rate it a solid good!

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