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First of all, I want to thank nesha for inviting me to come rabbling about anime at his place in celebrating this blog’s 100th anime review! 😮 Even though I have another collab running, nesha was —in fact— my first and I lost my collab virginity with him. *blush* I don’t know why but, there is something in the air that just makes you want to write dirty jokes when you’re writing for this blog! 😆

If you know me anyway, then you already knew which is my favourite anime of all time and yes, that’s the one that I’m going to write about today; I’m going to review Nana as a guest writer here on #moe404! Probably not in such a great way as nesha would do it, but hey; I’m trying okay?! So let’s just jump into it!


Two girls which only thing they have in common is their first name, Nana and Nana, find each other on a train heading to Tokyo. One wants to become a Rockstar, the other just wants to marry her boyfriend and become a good housewife. After arriving, they separate with the thoughts they will never ever see each other again; not in a million years, they would think that they would end up living together, becoming best friends and the emotional rock for each other.


Nana is a masterpiece from every perspective you look at it. However, there is something that completely stands out for me behind that awesomeness; the story, which has three aspects that completely made Nana stands out from any other similar series I have ever seen in the anime world.

So, the first aspect is its ‘pace’. Nana is all about drama, and as many shows with the genre of drama out there, Nana would be pretty easy to give you some episodes that are not interesting enough as an introduction of its settings or characters development. You know, those kinds of episodes that in the end isn’t worth to invest your time in it, something that only reconstructs a small event or a plot twist that actually doesn’t change anything.

But when it comes to Nana, the story is well written in a way that you will have a lot of climaxes during the series, where you don’t even feel once like there’s nothing happens in every moment. Every episode has their objective; whether it be the climax episode, or can be the calm after the storm, can also be a bridge to start another arc; Nana will take the emotions out of you in each of its episodes. It can be happiness, sadness, angriness, relief *I don’t know* It can be basically everything. With this kind of pace, it’s just natural for you to end up watching all the episode in one seating because it will make you want to watch the next one and see what is going to happen.

The second aspect is its ‘climaxes’ as I told you about the many climaxes during this show, and when I say many is that in every ten episodes you will have at least two gigantic story climaxes. But okay … having a lot of story climaxes doesn’t mean the anime is good. In case all of those climaxes are not good enough then the anime, in the end, is also not good enough. But when it comes to Nana, you can just bundle your belt and be prepared to start an emotional rollercoaster ride, because those climaxes besides being executed perfectly, they also hit hard. I mean … really hard!

I’ve watched Nana for five to six times now *(?) I lost count* and I even cried in my last rewatch, forasmuch as that I’m not even an easy crier. Every plot twist really builds for another plot twist until the story introduced another plot twist; the climax went well and when it happens, every second is delivered so well to the point that you just feel being slapped by a hand full of feelings. So basically, you’d easily found so many shows which focused on drama whatever their context is, but unfortunately, most couldn’t execute it as well as Nana does.

The last aspect that is worth to mention is its ‘conduction’ … or is that how you call it? What I am referring to is the plot bridges from one climax to another.

So, the plot is well written, of course, that is period … while probably you won’t get this during the time your first watch, but after rewatching so many times just like me to the point you’ll know all the events from the beginning to the end, you will start to notice things in the story that you didn’t notice before that; times when the show actually has implemented already the first spider threads and indicate a lead to the climax without you realizing any of it until it happens … until it happens again afterwards, and happens again and again— one after another plot twist you had each. Everything is just written brilliantly and keeping it as reasonable, but also in the way of it interpreting the small things which happen that day to become great things in any matter of time —that’s how life works and Nana was able to adapt that issue from the real world so brilliantly.

In conclusion, Nana has to be one of the best scripts ever when it comes to drama adaptation. All about its pace, climaxes, and its bridges are just brilliantly written and it will make you want to watch an episode after another until you end the whole series. The only bad thing I have to point out is that the story is not finished and probably never will. The creator had some kind of illness and the entire work related to Nana had to stop. Even if you jump from the anime adaptation to its manga series, the story of Nana will be interrupted in the middle. *sad*


But a great story won’t works if you couldn’t have brilliant characters to drive its story, right? If I had to describe Nana’s characters in one word, then I would have to say the word is “real”. To be honest, any of the characters could be one of my friends *if I was friends with rock stars anyway. All of them have their own distinct personality; there is not even one character that is similar to another, as the same thing happens in real life. Moreover, all of the characters are complex as they all have their own qualities and flaws. Nana is that kind of series where you will like its characters along the story progress, until she does something that you are completely against and makes you mad at them … but then after some episodes, you may like them again.

Everyone makes mistakes, and the casts of Nana are no different as they are realistic ones; all of them will have times when they will not do the best action they should have and —as in real life— they will suffer because of that. The characters’ personalities are always changing as again, they are complex. It’s not only a development in line where the character goes from point A to point B, and that’s it … the casts of Nana will start in point A, proceed to Point B, then go to point C, then they have a lapse and come back to B, then to D, and so on and so on —I hope you would understand what I mean by this.

Each character development path is a spider web with many steps forward and other going backwards, which makes sense because it is what happens in real life too. Let’s say that you are a childish person, then something happens that makes you become more adult; it really doesn’t mean that you will come from one point to another and change your personality completely in the matter of one day, the development of these characters greatly helps to increase the complexity of the world they live in. Surprisingly however, you can just fall in love with them on day one they introduced, even before you dive into their more complex side of things.

So even though I’m not going to speak about all of them, but let me just tell you a little bit about both Nana and Nana.

osaki nana.

She is the Rockstar; one independent that doesn’t show any kind of vulnerability —I would call her a hurricane woman. A person who just too cool and will makes you like her from the beginning only because of her coolness, as any kind of rock star. However, although having this edgy personality, not speaking a lot of herself and will kick your ass if needed, she is still a great and loyal friend —she is basically the voice of reason and the one who has her head more in places when it comes to adulthood. I just love everything about her, especially when we finally start to see her character opening up and showing her side that is way more vulnerable than you could expect.

komatsu nana.

She is .. the wife? 🤨 Well, at least that’s her main life goal. Completely different from the another Nana in every little thing, her personality almost always acts as if her world is ending. Komatsu Nana is coming to Tokyo after her high school with some years of saving money, and always been living at her parents’ house made her know nothing about the ‘adulthood’. You know, the boring side of things about the adulthood; making the management of your money, working in days even when you don’t want to, paying bills, so on and so on. Her idea is only one, which is to become an independent woman and start to live with her boyfriend. From the beginning however, you know that Komatsu Nana would be hard to work with.

First, she is tooooo dependable, which basically to everyone. She’s also a childish, self-centred. and anything that happens to her is like the end of the world; she is so dramatic. However, you will fall in love with her the same way because she is just so pure and a good person at heart. It will be a fun ride with her great highs and incredible lows life; you will be able to see her growing up, becoming more of an adult, being able to become a little more selfless, and et cetera —most people will basically relate to he; even if you are the most mature teenager in the world, there are always things that you didn’t prepare for *which are completely normal though it’s something you never experienced it. Seeing her character development will make you remember the time when you did the same stupid things as she does, or having fun learning from her experiences.

visual and arts.

Okay, the part that I am more afraid of writing for #moe404 is that I just don’t know the best way to write about these things, so bear with me! 🤣

The animation is old, from the year of 2006 in fact, so don’t expect the same visuals quality we have now in 2018. I would say however, since Nana has its own unique visuals, it’s one of those anime that really aged well and when you grab it today to watch it, you will like them nonetheless. Maybe there is not as much movement as you expect from an anime nowadays, however since it is an anime about drama, I don’t think it is a problem —especially when they did a great job with the voice casting, its music and conversations will manage to take you completely focused on what is happening and feel all the emotions even with a more static image.

One of the things that Nana blows me completely away is the character design, they are completely unique to each other, even unique to the other anime out there. Something that I see often in a lot of anime is that when they have a character style, they will go with it to the most of the characters; even if they are distinct from each other, you might see that their face being drawn the same eye, or the same hairstyle —which they all basically have the same character style. Well, that is not the case in Nana; with each of the character has their own physical traits, where some of them are tall while the others are short, some have wider and more opened eyes while the others have small eyes, some have long hair while the others short —and so on. Not even their faces’ traces are similar to each other, which is an important part to make the character real as a whole, and they delivered it extremely well.

When it comes to the dressing part, I am not a punk and I would never even consider half of the clothes that the characters wear are the way of a punk, but they are awesome —I don’t have any other word for it! For you to understand, I even bought the lock and key of Osaki Nana and Honjou Ren —another support character— then gave it to my boyfriend. From top to bottom, everything was designed with extreme detail and just made the best outfits I’ve ever seen in a drama anime.

closing – arthifis’ final verdict.

As I already told you, this is —by a long-shot— my favourite anime of all time, I think Nana is a masterpiece and I recommend everyone to watch it and/or read the manga even if you are not really into anime with the drama and shoujo genre. The main aspect that will please everyone is how well the story and its characters are constructed, which both of the components were executed perfectly in making them realistic. What I mean with this is that at one moment, you will stop ‘seeing’ this as an anime and really fall for the characters; you cry, you smile, you will get angry and laugh with them. The story will enter so deep inside your heart that these characters’ fate will care to you as they were close friends of you.

I’ve rewatched this anime for five times now *I think* and with each time I watch, I notice new small details that although completely going over my head in the first times, they add even more complexity to the Anime as an all. And so, Nana is a masterpiece..,..

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Haro everyone, nesha here. First of all, thanks to Arthifis who has accepted my invitation to write on #moe404, a blog which has become the centre of my daily days these recent months. I’m so glad that I have crossed the journey towards the 100 anime reviews, though of course, more anime perspectives will keep coming from here and out —this is not the end yet!

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