r#114 – steins;gate: egoistic poriomania

Haro internet people, and guess what?! We’re back to talk about Steins;Gate once again, but not the current on-going one, which we’re still far from discussing that. This time, we’re going to talk about the second instalment of the two special episodes from the series. The first one that we have talked about was Open the Missing Link, which is an alternate ending of the initial one that we all have watched on its 24 episodes TV series. And surprisingly —or not that surprising, if you knew already the original course of Steins;Gate from its visual novels— that particular ending was the one that actually expanded to the current on-going story, Steins;Gate 0.

Not being as important as that alternative ending, it isn’t necessary for you to watch this particular special episode in order to fully enjoy the main Steins;Gate series. However this episode still may be worth watching, especially for those people who have been enchanted by the main series, and this one episode may bring them one step closer to the world of Steins;Gate. Anyhow, I rewatched the episode a few days ago, and now it’s the time for me to tell you my thoughts..,..


This episode takes place two months after the story of the main series comes to an end. Invited by Feyris who will participate in a Rai-Net tournament, the Mad Scientist and friends go to Los Angeles —little does Okabe knows that the American Virgin aka Makise Kurisu awaits him upon his arrival. But due to the flight security that takes Okabe’s act of pretending to be a mad scientist seriously, everyone has to cancel Feyris’ hotel reservations and have no other choice but checking into a motel.

Later that night, the American Virgin invites the Mad Scientist to come inside her room to talk. One joke from Okabe, and the conversation topic changes to a serious talk about Kurisu’s weird dreams, a question whether those dreams were just merely a dream or if they actually happened in the different ‘world lines’ which Okabe visited before.

The next day after cheering for Feyris, who participates on a card tournament, Okabe spots someone who looks like Amane Suzuha; a friend who shouldn’t be born —not before the next seven years. Towards the end, Okabe’s concerns about Suzuha will come to light, and being stranded on a wasteland will provide Okabe with an opportunity to be straightforward about Kurisu’s dreams. Discussing another world line, another place of which they have confessed their love for each other, leads to the Mad Scientist making his confession for the American Virgin once again.


From the writing standpoint, there is no exceptional plot in this 24 minutes episode but pretty much production quality that you expect from the Steins;Gate is here; so even though everything is small-scaled, they still keep every little detail so well done. At the same time from the visual and animation standpoints, both are as good as the main series, or even better. It’s absolutely fantastic; everything is clear and specifically its characters, they move smoothly and I can see that people who bring these characters to life have drawn everything in a very detailed fashion.

The seiyuu are also amazing, especially the voice actor for Akiha Rumiho aka. Feyris Nyan Nyan. Same goes for the sound effects, every punch delivers its intent; whether it’s for comedy purpose or for those moments which made my heart beat quite fast. As for the soundtrack, this one episode still uses the “Hacking to the Gate” music track by Kanako Itou for it’s credit theme, which is still amazing.

For the sound quality comparison, strangely enough, the Dolby surrounding sounds are better on the English dub. Nonetheless for me personally, even though the surrounding effects on the Japanese dub are rather more flat, I still chose to watch everything with the original Japanese voices and English subtitle. Thankfully, there aren’t any misplaced lines of subtitle *thanks to Funimation— and everything was just presented naturally.


I can say easily that this special episode is genuinely well crafted, and while you think it’s all because of the screen time that’s quite short … you’re wrong. As you have read on the synopsis; there are at least three plot points that may or may not explain theories of the future Steins;Gate —what will happen from that point onward, and how the state of our characters changes from that point onward. Two of the three plot points are happening between Okabe and Kurisu, and the other happens to the person who Okabe chased because she has a similar face to Suzuha. And it’s pretty hard to say that having these important moments in only 24 minutes episodes is a convenience, rather I would see it as a handicap since it was a challenge for the directors to deliver the moments in such a short amount of time.

So much of today’s anime is all over the place to the point where I should exhaust my own brain to compensate for the show’s lack of focus. “Steins;Gate: Oukoubakko no Poriomania” is an easy example of an anime that does it right; delivers the story in such an effective and impactful way, focusing on the very things that simply affect our mind: human behaviours.

At this point, whoever watches the episode must have already connected to the characters in the series, even seeing them interact with each other is such a relatable thing to watch. So what more do these characters have to do in order to continue the story narrative? Oh well —and this is what’s amazing about Steins;Gate— they generate new ideas and mix them with the already developed older ideas until it accomplishes an impactful meaning. Did you get it? I hope you get the point I’m trying to say.

So what’s this new impactful meaning that happens to exists in this episode of Steins;Gate? As a matter of fact, it’s pretty simple; only for Kurisu to find out that in another world, she and Okabe have fallen in love with each other. The idea itself doesn’t sound that great, we’ve even witnessed the same scenario before in the previous TV series. But what’s great is how the story focused on leading up to that final moment, and almost anything else that happens in the story ends up doesn’t matter anymore.

This concept gives the episode an idea to focus onto, and when the show managed to concentrate on one idea, me as a viewer will naturally gain something to attach to. Okay, let me explain … the episode is basically concluded in two main scenes..,..

The first scene is a montage of Okabe running while breathing heavily, indicating that he’s been chasing or trying to reach a place that he wants to. The second scene opens the linear events that start two weeks earlier when Okabe and friends are planning to go to Los Angeles … and we understand these two timelines as the episode explains itself. But not until we finish everything, we finally can learn that the opening scene was merely a bridge that connects the linear events about Okabe and friends in Los Angeles, with the actual final moment that gives an impactful meaning; when Okabe confesses his love to Kurisu.

closing – nesha’s final verdict.

When the credits rolled at the end of the episode, what I thought about was, what if every anime has this focus when they tell their stories? that must be very great. Just because the show delivers its story in such effectiveness, every character felt so natural when they interact with each other, and so I believe that what happens on screen is so real. I don’t see them trying too hard, even when Okabe exaggerates things I never see him overdoing it.

And when the episode ends- only after the episode ends, I was beginning to realize the echoes that the show was trying to define; thoughts of Steins;Gate such as how communication is limited by human personalities, languages, perspective and honesty … thoughts like how time doesn’t always move linearly, how past can influence the future or vice versa, how future can influence the past..,.. It’s so amazing to realize a short story like this was actually filtered through so many far-reaching concepts, there’s actually a weight and a volume in this short story, an actual large volume that’s very meaningful.

Close your eyes.

— the American Virgin.

additional pieces of information.

material resources: official siteAllcinemaANNcrunchyrollWiki (en)AnimeNfoAnisonMALMAL (S1)MAL (S2), and VNDB

* this image is available to be downloaded!

Now I know that this is only a 24 minutes episode, but like I said before; this is a prime example of an anime which does it right. Realizing all this has increased my standard in enjoying anime as an anime enthusiast, as someone who appreciates any form of great arts … and now I can only wish other anime I’ll watch in the future can apply the same quality of effectiveness on delivering their stories.

Keep watching anime, and I’ll see you again next time! El … psy … congroo.

© written by nesha5971
proofreaded by sliceofalfredo

14 responses to “r#114 – steins;gate: egoistic poriomania

    • im really happy and thank you for the nomination. but sadly, i don’t do tagging games and awards anymore … or maybe later if i could decide to create a personal blog, i would do them. anyhow, arigatou~

  1. I liked this episode as an “epilogue” episode. It gave us more time with the characters that we all love and wrapped up a couple of plot points in the series. Overall, I thought it was a fun episode.

  2. I preferred how it ended with episode 22 since it better gets across the consequences of time traveling. This happy ending while not bad isn’t the kind of ending that has me coming back to watch it any time soon. I find the series to be pretty average with a few highlights.

    • this isn’t the original ending anyway … but well, who doesn’t love a happy ending?
      now we have both sad and happy ending, so why not enjoy both? rofl. but yeah, okabe seems like not being himself with the backstory of tragedy erased from his foreground- or i dunno, he’s still awesome as always tho

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever really seen someone cover the OVAs. Very cool and good review! I was a little let down watching them personally because it just felt too short. I mean yeah only one of the two really added to the main world-line so of course it was short. Idk I guess I really wish we could get a Steins;Gate two in addition to 0.

    • yeah, we do them here. welcome to #moe404 and thank you for commenting~
      i will cover the movie later, it might interest you since it’s the continuation of the ending on episode 23 and 24..,..

  4. Ohhh sounds interesting! I haven’t watched this series at all but I might give it a try 😀 thank you for your great review!

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