r#120 – my hero academia 13.5

Hei everyone, I’m so sorry that I might have left this blog in the dark for the past week. What really happened is that I moved my room, and even though it sounds so simple, my moving process was actually very slow and stressful. Even now, one week later, I’m still barely settling in. Anyway, I want to fill that gap where I didn’t write anything and maybe I could write two posts for this week … hmm? Maybe, or maybe not.

But I couldn’t write that much, especially with all the things going on with my life currently; so that being said, I decided to just cover a recap episode *lol. So here it goes, HeroAca episode 13.5 is a recap of everything that happened during the first season of Boku no Hero Academia.


In the show, especially in the first couple of episodes, the character of Deku is introduced as a nerd boy who likes to carry his nerd notebook everywhere he goes. Possibly because he never knows when a crime will take place and when the superheroes will appear, he’s always prepared to write and learn something new every time the ‘action’ happens around him. And that’s where the concept of this episode title came from; Hero Notebook.

Basically, this episode is nothing more but a rundown of every main thing happened in the first season; Deku became a full-time narrator, telling the story about when he met with everybody else, straightening about his relationship with All Might and his classmate … villains come and villains defeated awesomely. There’s something off about it though; I don’t think this episode is intended for people who have watched the show, but instead, I think this was created to help people who’re new to the franchise and decided to skip the first season and just watch the show straight from the second season.

In short, you don’t need to watch this episode if you have planned to watch ‘marathonly’ from one season to the next one. Both the first and second seasons of HeroAca have finished airing, so I guess this episode was intended to just remind people who have watched the first season a long time before they decide to watch the second one, this episode might be used as good for their reminder for them. After all, this is a decent summary if you need to watch it.

And that being said, if you want to know my thoughts about the show itself or just want to know if the show’s worth your time to watch or not, you can read my review of it that I have posted last month.

additional pieces of information.

  • Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season: Hero Note
    My Hero Academia Season 2: Hero Notebook
    Boku no Hero Academia Recap
    Boku no Hero Academia 13.5
    僕のヒーローアカデミア 2ndシーズン ヒーローノート
  • nesha’s review of a special episode
  • first time aired in the spring, 25.03.2017
  • from the studio of Bones
  • tagged under the genre of #action, #comedy, and #super_power
    tagged under the subgenre of #manga and #shounen
  • the age-rated as PG-13

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Okay so, I wanted to create a new ‘routine’ on #moe404 for every time I cover a recap/special episode, which I won’t do too often since I quite rarely cover recap episodes … but I think this will be fun. The routine is to feature a couple comments from the series which the recap episode of. So since what I’m covering currently is a recap episode of HeroAca the first season, now I will feature a few best comments that people have wrote under my review of HeroAca the first season.

Let’s see what these people have to say..,..

Fred – 22.09.2018

This show is turning out even better than Naruto and that is saying a LOT!

I must admit that if I were a young guy, Tsuyu Asui would be my favorite gal. Plus I wish Toru Hagakure would get a developed a lot more. Being literally invisible most of her life should have had some kind of serious impact. Plus she gets to run around nude most of the time. That seems like it would be a lot of fun.

Fred is a mysterious person, quite rarely talks about himself but he sure is a productive blogger. Well, maybe his blog is a definition of himself, he writes a lot after all. You can click here to visit his blog if you haven’t known it already, but I’m sure you have because he’s awesome.

Christian Bruno – 23.09.2018

I covered Hero Academia after its second season and I’m hoping for a follow up once the current season wraps a week from today. I think most of the criticism has come from the show’s boom in popularity combined with certain unrealistic expectations from some loud internet minorities, but I’ve simply found the show to be a blast, not unlike yourself. Aside from being a quality watch, I also think it’s the most fun anime currently airing, and it brings back a bit of that childhood anticipation I used to have waiting for new episodes of a show growing up.

Christian Bruno aka. AniB is an analyst of so many things around animation, not just only the shows that came from the land of the rising sun, but also critical about anything animation both from the West and the East. Click here to read his thoughts on the 2000’s classic Death Note.

Cesar Mendez – 23.09.2018

I’m in the minority on this one. I really dislike MHA a lot XD

Your review on the other hand was refreshing to read. Hardly I see any positive review mention its inspiration. A lot of the times reviews I read on MHA act like MHA did all these things for the first time when it hasn’t. Mostly gets across an impression the writer didn’t see that many shounen yet. Though I’m in a different position, glad you enjoyed MHA as much as you did.

Cesar Mendez describes himself as an average guy who likes anime, movies, music, reason, and occasionally dreams of world domination. He’s one of a few people who’s still proud and showing the world his appreciation towards the classic shows, but also having fun writing the current movies and shows that he stumbled on. His blog is a pile of good reading material if you like anything anime, click here to visit his review of Area 88 OVA.

fauzia salma – 06.10.2018

I watched this show recently. The first time it aired I kind of avoid to watch it because the stereotypical hero themed world x’D but I’m glad I’m watching it! As your review said, it has good execution, and for me, the most interesting is Deku-Kaachan relationship. Most shonen manga had this type of rivalry relationship, but they just had different story build and I like it.

She’s an artist and a writer who has the same mother language as myself. I’m pretty happy that she had read my blog, and by the way, you can click here to visit her profile page on DeviantArt.

Madeline – 07.10.2018

As someone who has only watched the first season and some of the second seasons I totally agree that this show has a lot to offer right from ep 1. The people hating on this show are usually the ones who think that everything that becomes ‘mainstream’ is automatically trash, but I’m sure if they gave this show a try they wouldn’t be disappointed.

Madeline is anonymous, but I bet she’s one of our followers from Instagram.

By the way, speaking of Instagram … a couple weeks ago, I have created a side project of #moe404 —a fun project more precisely, more to like something that keeps me away from boredom— that I manage alone. Currently, there isn’t any direction that would connect #moe404 to this little thing that I called a project, so this is more like self-promotion. But hei, I want you to know nonetheless.

Nothing complicated; it’s called #nae404 and it’s just a fan Instagram account where I post anything aesthetic related to Japanese pop culture (which 99% is about anime and manga). It’s nothing but pictures, but most of the time ‘just pictures’ have given us more colour to our day-to-day life, am I right? So if you use Instagram often and want me to give your life more colour while you scroll your Instagram feed, you’re more than welcomed to follow @naenotfound.

And okai … that’s it! I bet this post will come out as one of the laziest reviews I ever made … but hei, not everybody knows about this special episode of HeroAca —including you (probably)— and it’s my job here to tell you things about anime. Hero Notebook is a decent recap episode, and if you’re planning to watch the whole series of HeroAca, you may want to slip this episode in between the first and second season. And there’s another review coming out tomorrow, so I hope you’ll stay around until then. In the meantime, keep watching anime~

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7 responses to “r#120 – my hero academia 13.5

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  2. I’ve only seen the first episode of BNH but It’s on my bucket list. Deku seems like a pretty interesting kid.

    Recaps episodes are refreshers. Well at least that’s how it always seems to me. They usually only show highlights. But I also get why it could be for someone just looking to jump in mid series but they end up missing so much.

    I like this new thing your trying. Shouting out your readers is a super cool idea.

  3. You’re sweet. Thanks for the shout out! I did see this OVA after finishing season 1 since it been a while. Would have liked to see some new animation in it, but it was a recap episode so don’t know what I was expecting from it haha.

    I saw some Fauzia art work on her DeviantArt page. I liked what I saw. The soft colors of her art makes it very appealing to my eyes. I’ll be sure to also check the blogs of the other folks you shouted out. They sound cool.

    • well, there is the beautiful showcase of artworks tho, so there was something new. all the pictures in this post aren’t edited or whatnot, it’s legit taken from the episode … in case you missed it, just adore these gorgeous paintings =’3

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