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Hi there! In honor of the recent announcement that the Yuru Camp series getting a second season, short anime, and even a feature film, I would love to talk about this great slice of life series that I and many other anime fans enjoyed during the Winter 2018 simulcast season. That being said, grab your blankets, pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa, get comfy, and let’s jump right into this week’s review!


In the chilly, brisk winter season, an average teenage girl named Shima Rin likes to spend her days off camping alone. She is a complete bliss whenever she gets to set up her tent, start a warm fire, and enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Fuji under a comfy blanket. However during one of her usual night campouts, she finds a girl sleeping at the bus stop; pink-haired, about the same age, seems like she’s a bit of an air-head. Her name is Kagamihara Nadeshiko, and it turns out that she completely lost her way while trying to see a scenic view of Mount Fuji for herself.

After seeing her unfortunate issue, Rin willingly invites Nadeshiko to her campsite and lets her stay until she finds a way back home. And in that short period of time, the two of them have a relaxing hangout by the campfire; eating instant ramen, getting to know each other, and also admiring the incredible view of Mount Fuji in the distance. Eventually, Nadeshiko does get a ride home from her older sister … but while it seems like their time together was cut short, there might be a good chance they’ll see each other again for another camping trip.

In the coming days, Rin is still enjoying the cold weather and keeping warm indoors, while Nadeshiko’s interest in camping increased and she even decides to check out the near-to-disbandment Outdoor Activities Club at her school, which only consists of two members in Oogaki Chiaki and Inuyama Aoi. But it wouldn’t be long until Rin and Nadeshiko cross paths once again, since they both find out that they actually attend the same school. Thus, we start to see the daily camping-related shenanigans of Rin, Nadeshiko, and the Outdoor Activities Club.


Before I get into how good of a slice of life anime Yuru Camp is, let’s talk about the whole theme of this anime; camping. Now I personally have never experienced camping outdoors, mainly because my family just was never into doing so. I’ve heard stories when I was younger from my friends about their time campings, but it just didn’t sound interesting/fun to me; it may be because I was more of an indoor kind of person. So that being said, I had little to no knowledge about camping prior to starting this anime.

But thankfully, camping in this show is expressed in such a great way, both in an informative and entertaining manner. Everything from the different types —and prices— of tents you can purchase, methods of burning firewood, showing off various camping equipment and briefly explaining how they work, even doing step-by-step, quick and easy recipes you can cook with a few ingredients and a small pot and stove … it really feels like I actually learned a lot about this unfamiliar topic and sort of made me gain an interest in camping myself. It also helped with setting that ‘comfy’ atmosphere you hear everyone say when describing this show. Whenever you watch these ladies go camping, the setting is shown and whatever is going on in the scene makes you feel like you’re actually there, sitting next to the warm fire with Rin and Nadeshiko. But there are way more other factors in making this show feel relaxing to watch, which I’ll discuss more later.

But not only did Yuru Camp inform me of different aspects of camping, but it was also absolutely entertaining as well. Seeing all the unique characters like Rin set up camp like a pro or even watching a complete amateur like Nadeshiko learning the ropes, the different perspectives of these campers and the various shenanigans they had each and every episode gave us many new and interesting experiences to watch and enjoy. That’s also one of the main reasons why I consider this anime a great slice of life anime.

A good example of everything I mentioned in these past couple paragraphs is the scene when the Outdoor Activities Club plan for their first camping trip and experiment different cheap methods to make their sleeping bags more effective in the cold weather. While they do think of questionable/unrealistic methods, there are still some things that they tried in which any camper can attempt to keep warm in their sleeping bags. And at the same time, it’s so amusing to watch the goofy shenanigans Nadeshiko, Aoi, and Chiaki experience while finding a solution to their issue. I mean, seeing Nadeshiko run like a little kid when getting something normal like some plastic wrap, it can really make you chuckle.

I guess one flaw I can think of regarding this show is that it is a CGDCT (cute girls doing cute things) kind of slice of life anime, basically meaning that not much happens other than watching a group of moe-looking girls go camping. So if you’re not really into anime where not much happens and there isn’t much of a deep storyline, this (and the whole CGDCT genre, for that matter) might not be for you.


As I briefly mentioned before, Yuru Camp provides us with a group of unique and fun characters to watch throughout this camping-based daily life story. However, one character seemed to take the spotlight and had a pretty big impact on the story progression and even the cast of characters. And of course, I’m talking about Nadeshiko.

She’s your average genki/happy-go-lucky gal, in which you can find in any anime show. But I think what makes her special in this case is the fact that we get to see her go from a person who didn’t know a single thing about camping, to someone who has grown a big interest in it and has the desire to learn more and more every day. It’s also interesting to think that she’s sort of a reflection of us in the audience, since I assume most people who found out about Yuru Camp didn’t or barely had any knowledge in camping. Not only does Nadeshiko learn the greatness of camping, but her interest and willingness to learn to help us fellow amateurs also learn a thing or two about it. Plus, she’s such an entertaining soul to watch. Most of the comedy in this show revolves around her and her blockhead personality, and every silly thing she does or says can make you giggle or put a smile on your face. Nadeshiko seems like a really fun person to be around.

Speaking of her being a really fun person to be around, Nadeshiko also helped with bringing everyone in the main cast together to form a small but amazing group of campers who enjoy being around each other. The chemistry between characters in this show was great to watch while camping together or even when separated, as they still send each other photos or texts talking about what cool things come up while relaxing outside. However, I feel like the chemistry between Rin and Nadeshiko was the strongest out of all the characters. I would say that those two are basically polar opposites in personality..,..

Rin is more quiet and mature, while Nadeshiko likes being loud and doesn’t think twice about things. But despite their contrasting behaviors, they developed a nice relationship throughout the show, and we saw that they both benefit and compliment each other really well. Obviously as I’ve mentioned before, Nadeshiko’s interest in camping came from Rin, but on the other hand, Nadeshiko also helped Rin change as a person. At first, for example, Rin preferred to be alone whenever she has free time/goes camping, but thanks to Nadeshiko and her friendly personality, she warmed up to the idea of camping with other people and realized how different and fun that can really be.

While the other characters like Aoi, Chiaki, and Saitou Ena (Rin’s close friend) didn’t have as big of a presence as the Rin/Nadeshiko duo, they still contributed to the camp learning experience, as well as being entertaining to watch. I appreciated Chiaki and Aoi’s passion and knowledge of camping and how they expressed it in this show, since they were very “teacher-like” whilst explaining various camping-related things like which tent is the best to purchase or an alternative way to burn wood for a fire.

visuals and arts.

The artistic style of this anime was surprisingly a bit different than what I’ve seen in the past with other shows. Things like the character design felt like it looks a little more cutesy or easy on the eyes, which were pleasant to see. But the main things to mention about the artistic direction of this anime were the landscapes and scenery shown throughout. Seeing the stunning shots of Mount Fuji, or even the forests and shrubbery the characters are around when camping was lovely to see and they did a great job capturing the nature of those particular locations.

The voice acting performances from the seiyuu in this show were superb. Hanamori Yumiri did a great job portraying the always happy Nadeshiko, and Touyama Nao surprised me by acting as her role of Rin and doing a much different voice than what she has done in the past with her other popular roles. Those two, as well as all the side characters, did a wonderful job with their roles. Plus, Toyosaki Aki, who played Inuyama Aoi, is one of my absolute favorite Japanese voice actresses and it’s always a blessing to hear her play a new role.

What stood out to me the most artistically though, was the music in this show. I don’t usually pay much attention to the background music/soundtrack of anime, but just listening to the various tracks while Rin, Nadeshiko, and the others went camping, doing random shenanigans, or even just showing shots of the scenery really helped in creating a relaxing and comfy atmosphere to be in while watching. It really feels like it’s a great soundtrack that reflects the comfort of camping and something perfect to listen to if you ever go outdoors. I loved listening to those tracks, in which some of them got stuck in my head and I sometimes started randomly humming them at times.

But the opening and ending themes on the other hand; oh my, they are, like, on another level of enjoyment. The opening song by Asaka, “SHINY DAYS”, is such an infectiously catchy track to listen to. The funky, soul vibe it gives off, as well as the upbeat/fun music and vocals have made for an opening that’s almost impossible to skip. While on the other hand, the ending song, “Furu Biyori” by Sasaki Eri, tones down the energy from the opening song and is a more heart-warming, peaceful sounding song. The incredible acoustic guitar playing, as well as Sasaki Eri’s beautiful vocals, definitely make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

closing – al’s final verdict.

I’ve watched many, many slice of life shows in my time as an anime fan. However, Yuru Camp became one of the more unique shows revolving around daily life, as it dealt with a topic that I and, I assume, many others weren’t too knowledgeable about. But even so, this show catered to the non-campers out there and beautifully showed off what camping is like in both an informative and entertaining way. Learning a ton about how to set up a tent or how to cook food during a camping trip from a group of unique and amusing characters like the energetic Nadeshiko and the civilized Rin made me enjoy every single episode in this series and was a blast to watch overall.

If you’re in the mood for something fun to watch, want a new and unique slice of life anime to experience, or just enjoy being in a comfy atmosphere, I would absolutely suggest watching this great show.

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Thanks a bunch of reading my review for this week! I really do love this show, and hearing that it’ll be getting a second season and even a movie earlier this week put a gigantic smile on my face. I’m excited to see what Nadeshiko and the others have in store for us in the coming year!

And as always, keep watching anime and I’ll see you guys in the next review! Until then~

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9 responses to “r#121 – yuru camp△

  1. It had been on my list for a long time but after reading the review I think I should use the remaining internet to watch this anime.
    Loved the detailed review…

  2. As echoes of Encouragement of Climb continue to ring in my ears! This “Girls Outdoors” is very interesting. If we could get some major outdoor organizations interested…

  3. A very underappreciated series in my opinion. The story while simple is still very fun to watch. The characters all have great personalities and play well off of each other. And of course the animation is gorgeous and the soundtrack (including the theme songs) are among the best that we have seen this year. Thanks for writing about this great series!

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