r#126 – my hero academia: rescue! rescue training!

Previously in HeroAca: the first season, the Hero course class 1-A was involved in a rescue practice and became involved in a massive incident. As just the training began, an alliance known as the League of Villains struck. They used a unique quirk to separate the students, and even the class’ teacher —Aizawa and Thirteen— fought against the villains. The result, however, Thirteen was gravely injured in his battle with Kurogiri, to even Aizawa was also gravely injured by Shigaraki Tomura. They both were left out of the fight.

Afterwards, the teacher All Might joined the fray and reversed the situation a little bit with capturing the attention of the villain known as Nomu. Plus a moment later, the class president Iida Tenya managed to contact the remaining professional Heroes, and the incident was quickly resolved. Although the result hasn’t quite changed; with at least two teachers were injured badly, and the first year students had to overcome the incident and left with an awful experience.

okai so, what is this about?

Well, this is an episode that’s come together with the bundled Vol. #13 manga of My Hero Academia, after it was screened at Jump Festa 2016. Even the characters that play the roles in the story acknowledge themselves that they’re in an Anime Festa special episode … well, except Bakugou since he’s quite stubborn and wouldn’t have anything to do with this gimmick, which makes everything so funny.

The story of this episode basically begins four weeks after the end of the first season, so the character development to even the dress uniform that everyone wears are still the old ones. After everything is settled down, Deku and friends ready themselves to continue rolling as the students of class 1-A. And to complete their training program that has been disturbed by the surprise villain attack at the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, even though most of the teachers —including Aizawa-sensei— were gravely injured in the attack, Deku and friends continue on their training program which now takes place back at the USJ simulated disaster area.

The first rescue operation involves the unknown locations in unknown conditions, together with the unknown accident of victims that are trapped at the bottom of a chasm. This is where the students should learn how to respond to all kinds and different need of victims’ attention; such as ones that are unconscious, one’s with a broken leg, to even someone who’s very frightened which should be treated very carefully to avoid the accident of becoming their trauma. But suddenly on a side of the urban area where Todoroki Shouto is hiding in silent, a large villain emerges from the rubble underneath him. Realizing this, Todoroki uses his ice attack against the villain, but not before the villain appears faster behind him and overpowers him in one strike.

Back to where team Deku operates, Iida comes running at the pair, alerting his classmate of the approaching villain. Confused with the current situation, they see the villain appear while carrying the unconscious Todoroki —undoubtedly one of the strongest students in their class— in one hand like he’s nothing but a regular toll. Again in this episode, as all the teachers at the scene are injured and can’t do anything to suppress the villain attack, this is another villain vs. class 1-A.


The show itself was quite fun to watch, though the production value isn’t as great as the TV series; the animation quality isn’t dropped that far from the original TV series, but the audio sounds like more dull and flatter —but of course, this is basically just a bonus episode for the fans to enjoy, so just letting you know that I’m not complaining here. The episode has definitely stepped back down to being a more average story arc in the series, providing a good number of fun moments while there isn’t anything especially exceptional.

Before I watched the episode, I wasn’t really expecting it to blow me away anyway. But it seems that it has a plot twist in the end that’s quite clever, which made the experience a little bit more fun. And even though I have watched the trailer before I jumped into the episode itself, which it reveals the twist quite explicitly, I only could realize it not before I go through half-way of the special episode. So yeah, it was quite fun overall.

For you who’s a fan of the franchise, this special episode might become an additional entry to watch and add your amount of enjoyment in exploring the world of HeroAca. But for you who’s not really that enthusiastic for this franchise … yes that this is fun and all, but in the end, this is just another special episode.

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Oh, heya there, nesha here! How are you, how’s life going? I hope everything is great, and if not, I hope it’ll get better soon! So, while this post turned out to be a very short review as we were talking about just another special episode, don’t you worry, because tomorrow I will post a review of a movie which I hope can be worth a recommendation for your weekend movie night. But just before we close this post, I wanted to explain a little bit to those of you who have been waiting for an anime review for a while, and a little bit curious of what’s been going on.

So, as you know with me, I don’t really talk about real life stuff and I tend to have a big separation with #moe404; I’d like to write about anime and kind of keep it focused on them rather than myself. And there’s a downside to that; when stuff affects me in real life, which is very rare I would say, and certainly not to extent recently … you guys kind of don’t get much of an explanation. But yes, you may have noticed the past week or so I actually have been leaving this blog and even, I’ve been away from Twitter as well. So, there hasn’t been any reviews, and I do sincerely apologize to that.

Anyhow, now I’m back and as usual, and I would say thank you for sticking around and reading my update on anime that I’ve been watching recently. Hopefully, you guys understand that even though it appears that I didn’t care about the blog, the truth is that I definitely care about #moe404 … but it’s just that every once in a while I have to focus on a rather more important stuff in real life. Anyhow, keep watching anime, and see ya tomorrow! Baaaai~

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25 responses to “r#126 – my hero academia: rescue! rescue training!

  1. Ah, another MHA fan I see? You hit a good part here, but if you haven’t seen it yet season three is epic. It had me whooping so loud my cats went running and my roommate had to make sure I wasn’t wounded.

    • aww, thank you so much! ☺️ i really try to write a post that not only other people would read, but even myself would love to read as well. i hope that the future me will glad that i spent time writing forthis blog.

  2. From the two bonus episode, this one was my favorite, mainly cause it show Bakugo is not a asshole who doesn’t listen to the others idea.

    And you don’t have to apologize for not being around much. We all have your real life outside the blogging community and this real life is not always pink filled with unicorn and rainbow.
    If you need to take time off we, I, will understand.

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