r#128 – my hero academia: training of the dead

Aight, guys … welcome welcome! nesha here to tell you yet another special episode from HeroAca! Well, I know that maybe … just maybe by now you’re waiting for my review of the third season of the series, but since I’ve been pretty consistent in reviewing every previous instalment of HeroAca, I think that I will cover all the special episodes before I talk about that last aired season. But don’t worry because if I’m not wrong, this is the last special episode of the series so far, so there’s a huge possibility that next week I’ll be covering my take of the third season of HeroAca.

So, since this is going to be another short review … so let us just get right into it.

plot concept – zombie virus!

Okay, maybe you have figured this out by now, that this special episode has something to do with the undead, aka. zombies. Well, you’re absolutely right, and it all starts with a quirk known as the Zombie Virus. This quirk is owned by a guest student from Isamu High School at Yuuei Academy, which is another university besides U.A. High School where their students can learn and train to become heroes. The student is named Fujimi Romero, someone who seems to constantly look down on the U.A. students which causes him to clash with Bakugou. In a nutshell, him and Bakugou have similar traits and personality, he even idolizes All Might, and at one point he becomes jealous of the U.A. Students because they have All Might as one of their teachers.

Back to the Zombie Virus, a quirk that allows him to discharge a pink gas from his body which transforms anyone who breathes it in so that they have the mental capacity and appearance of a zombie, as well as invulnerability and the ability to turn other people into zombies by biting them. However, Romero himself isn’t immune to the transformative power of his gas, which requires him to have a system of nozzles that are attached to himself, and must have the lower portion of his face covered by a breathing mask in order to aid himself from his own quirk.

This episode … has so much fun!

The story takes place after the “Vs. Hero Killer” arc in the second season of the series, it is after Deku and friends come back from the travels to their chosen workplaces to gain hero experience and training under the supervision of pro heroes. I hope that you still remember Grantorino, and this story takes place after Deku bids farewell to the old ‘Master Yoda’ and comes back to school for regular classes. However, instead of regular learning and training, the students of class 1-A gets a surprise activity with four guests from the mentioned nearby Hero school, Isamu Academy High School, and one of the guest students is Romero.

The special activity turns out to be a team survival course in a forest, where the class is broken down into six groups of four. The basic rule of the game is simple, which is to survive as long as possible. Even though there is no system of points or whatsoever, the only way to win is to become the last team standing. And as you’ve guessed it, the training went into chaos since the Zombie Virus spreads across the forest.

subplot – froppy ❤️ mangoose habuko.

Let me be straightforward in telling you this; this special episode has a subplot that is worth watching, and that is the relationship between Tsuyu-chan and Habuko-chan! She is one of the new characters that’s introduced in this episode, she is a childhood friend of Tsuyu-chan and one of the four guest students of Isamu High. Habuko is quite a charming character, and I hope that she will get a further development ahead of this special episode -considering that all of these new characters and story are currently only exist in the anime and not in the manga.

This subplot also has made Tsuyu-chan as one of the main characters in this special episode, even the prologue of the episode focus on Tsuyu’s past a couple years back. It starts with her introducing her family and talking about her daily life when she’s not at school; she explains how her parents were often working away from home and made her the only one who takes care of her siblings, doing things such as making them dinner, etc. As she must be at home that often, she used to leave school early, leading to her classmates making assumptions about her out-of-place behaviour, and combining this with her hero studies to get into U.A. High back then, she wasn’t able to make any friends at all.

Still two years before the current timeline, enter a student who attends the same middle school as Tsuyu-chan, and starts stalking Tsuyu-chan around. Her name was Habuko! She often used her quirk unintentionally, which paralyzed whomever she looked at for three seconds. But despite being often paralyzed by her quirk, or even a little scared of her flicking snake tongue, Tsuyu-chan wasn’t bothered by her stalking … mainly because they both were lonely, and that has made Tsuyu-chan start to understand that she was a socially awkward girl.

Do you want to … be friends?

You stupid frog! I’m just some evil and nasty monster! What do you mean, friends?! Friends are supposed to be chosen! A person like me … being friends with … friends with..,..

One day, Tsuyu-chan mustered up the courage and asked Habuko to be her friend, and Habuko was touched by Tsuyu’s kindness and agreed. Eventually, both of them graduated from their middle school and went to different highs. But their friendship is still the same, and even a day after the new school of U.A. High began, Habuko sent a message to Tsuyu-chan; telling that she has made new friends at her high school and promises to introduce them the next time they meet. And who knows, maybe that time is today.

review – nesha’s final verdict.

So, after the rescue training that happens to be told in the previous special episode, now we’re faced with a survival exercise! And as I said before, this episode has so much fun! Not necessarily because of the survival exercise itself, but because of the interaction of the characters. Even though surprisingly there were almost none of them that were so prominent in front of everyone else, even Tsuyu-chan isn’t really here outperforming other characters such as Deku and Todoroki, but they are so lovable and their fulfilment in this mini-story is just on point, which made them even more adoring to watch.

Speaking of Tsuyu-chan, now after watching this special episode, I kinda more understand why there’s a huge amount of fans who said that this amphibian-like girl is their favourite girl in the whole series of HeroAca. Undoubtedly, she’s one of the original best girls from the franchise.

In the end, this is the kind of bonus episode that is worth watching. And once again, my enjoyment is not thanks the most to the story, which the concept is still pretty cool reasonable -it’s a little bit boring, to be honest- but it’s the characters that were keeping me interested the most in watching this episode. The ending of the episode is pretty cheap, but at least it doesn’t feel like it was rushed. It’s also packed with a lot of comedy, even packed almost too much for only a 25 minutes runtime … but cheap or not in this department, HeroAca still does everything right and on point.

additional pieces of information.

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I was thinking to write about the third season of HeroAca when I started writing this review, but then I realized that I’m also behind in watching the Steins;Gate series. So, I guess the next review is going to be about Steins;Gate. In case you’re interested, just make sure that you’re following #moe404, and we’ll get you a notification when the review is posted.

So, have you watched this special episode? If you have, tell me what you think about it in the comment section down below. Anyhow, thank you for reading. Keep watching anime, and I’ll see ya around! Baaai~

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proofreaded by sliceofalfredo

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