nc#5 – coming of age anime you need to watch right now (second half)

Hi everyone, hello hello, and welcome back to #moe404!

So last week, I wrote a post titled coming of age anime you need to watch right now and if you haven’t read the post, then I recommend you to read it. Now there, I explained that it was the first part of this anime listing, and the second part was coming soon. Well as you’ve guessed it, here it is the second part of that anime listing. In case you still don’t have enough anime to watch, here are the other five best coming of age anime recommendations.

So, what do we have here? Let’s just jump into it! 😊

maquia: when the promised flower blooms.

Last week, I mentioned a relatively new movie titled Mirai, but I haven’t watched it and so I didn’t talk much about it. But I have watched another new movie that has released quite recently … I borrowed the Blu-ray from a friend and watched it alone in my room. The movie is heavy, with a wonderful story and wonderful characters, also wonderful visual and animation considering that it’s from the P.A. Works studio. And with the almost two hours of runtime, I really recommend you to prepare some snacks before you watch this movie. Anyhow, here’s what the movie about..,..

Maquia is a young orphaned lorph girl. The lorph clan is people who are far removed from the world of men, spending their days weaving a special cloth which serves as a written chronicle of the passing of time. They age much slower than humans, to even have the capacity to live for hundreds of years. The people of lorphs are legendary to the outsiders, they even have been dubbed as the Clan of the Separated. And since her early years, Maquia has been warned about creating emotional attachments to the outsiders, saying that she will learn the hard way about true loneliness if she does that.

One day, the neighbouring kingdom of Mezarte attacked the lorph village, an army of soldiers is sent on the backs of flying dragons called Renato to burn their village. In the middle of chaos, one of the Renato goes berserk and dragged Maquina to flee out of the village. And since that day, faced with the real world ahead, she starts to take care of herself, and even give it her best to raise a child named Ariel. Believe it or not, the adventure of Maquia is a tale that took her twice of a normal human lifetime.

i want to eat your pancreas.

Again we’re speaking of a new anime, there’s this one movie that captured my attention recently … it’s called I want to eat your pancreas, which is kind of stand out because of its title alone. The movie is based on a novel written by Sumino Yoru, which then the series adapted into live action. And by the way, even though I watched the English dubbed version of this anime movie, it’s actually still 200% better than the earlier adaptation *just in my opinion— Also, since the movie might be the best go to for you to watch —as most probably it’s still available in some of the theatres near you— I will try to not spoil you too much about the movie’s drama. But here’s the synopsis..,..

One day in a hospital, a high school boy named Shiga Haruki happened to find a diary which belongs to his classmate, a girl named Yamuchi Sakura. Driven by curiosity, peeking inside the weirdly named book allowed him to discover Sakura’s tragic secret; it turns out she has been silently suffering from a terminal illness in her pancreas, and has only less than a year to live. That day, Sakura explains to Haruki that he is the only person apart from her family who knows about her conditions. And since that day, even though they both have completely opposite personalities, Haruki decides to be together with Sakura during her last few months.

So I think, despite the number of cliches this movie actually will deliver, I want to eat your pancreas is the kind of movie which you supposed to love intensely no matter what. So in the end, I guess if you still have this movie available to watch in the theatre, make sure you bring your girlfriend or boyfriend to get you both the most of your night time. Oh yah, there’s no gore element in the movie despite the quite interesting title —this is a movie for everyone— so if you have an attraction with romance, please don’t hesitate to watch this!

a silent voice.

One of the first anime I reviewed on this blog, I stumbled upon this one movie which had me thinking about myself and my cheerful old days when I still couldn’t understand anything about the world —days when I would say anything I wanted to say, days when I would do anything I wanted to do. This one movie is about a shape of voice, a story about someone’s voice that cannot be heard … a story about growing up and tragedy, depression and empathy, but also love and friendship. For me personally, this movie is a mirror, a reflection of one’s life.

This is a movie for people who’ve been in a state which made them unable to sleep, stay up until seven am, with some sad dark thoughts in their head. Or I don’t know, you may get a different idea about the movie.

From above the surface, this is a story about a boy named Ishida Shouya and a deaf elementary school girl named Nishimiya Shouko. During their childhood, Shouya had always trying to impress their classmates by bullying Shouko because she has a disability of hearing. These period has made their life turned upside down thereafter, especially for Shouya whose life has filled with the battle of emotions.

The movie will take you on a heavy experience, a rollercoaster of fate, or maybe a karma … you’ll learn about one’s struggle of making amends for what he did in his past. So as you can imagine, Koe no Katachi (English: A Silent Voice) is definitely one hell of a movie.

Considering that I also gave this movie a nine out of ten in my review post, this is a movie that you have to watch at least once in your life. Especially if you’re depressed, then you definitely have to watch this and look, that in the end, there’s actually hope and happiness in this world. You just have to find it.

the tale of the princess kaguya.

Of course, we have to at least put one movie from Ghibli in this list. So, Princess Kaguya is a character from the actual tenth-century old tale, famous by the name taketori monogatari (English: a tale of the bamboo cutter). It is a fictional prose narrative of the Japanese folk and considered as the oldest extant Japanese tale that has been documented. The tale itself is about the life of a mysterious girl named Kaguya, who was discovered as a baby inside the stalk of a glowing bamboo plant.

One day, while walking in the bamboo forest, an old man who harvests bamboo came across a mysterious shining stalk of a bamboo tree. After cutting it open, he found an infant the size of his thumb inside it. Considering that he and his wife still not yet have a child, he rejoiced to find such a beautiful girl and of course, he took her home. Since that day, he and his wife raised the girl as their own child and named her Nayotake no Kaguya-hime (English: Shining princess of the supple bamboo).

But of course, there’s always a gimmick … or in this case, a miracle. Since that day, the old man who harvests bamboo learns that every time he cut down a stalk of bamboo, there always be a nugget of gold inside it. He realizes that soon after the princess joins his family, they became rich. Even the princess grew from a small baby into a normal woman, also with extraordinary beauty. From that one day, Princess Kaguya had blessed the life of this family. From that one day, their life has never been the same anymore.

… honourable mentions …

First for the runners-up, there’s Clannad. But obviously, this title is not here because it’s not amazing enough to get into the actual top 10, instead it’s here because I already listed the show in the previous anime listing. So since it’s not quite fair to mention the same anime back to back, I have to put Clannad in this honourable mentions.

For the second runner-up, there’s a show that started off as a light novel series and was then adapted into an anime series, and that is Tiger x Dragon —or you may know it by its famous title; Toradora! It’s a show where the protagonist is a pure innocent but with a very frightening appearance, especially his intimidating eyes. And on the other hand, there’s also a very chibi girl named Taiga, and together they will make this romantic-comedy to get you a good time watching it.

The story takes place at the beginning of summer, 1966. Because of his father’s job situation, Nishimi Kaoru moves by himself from Yokosuka to Sasebo in Kyushu to live with relatives. Kaoru was an honour roll student who tended to keep everything to himself, but only until he meets the notorious ‘bad boy’ and his devil-may-care classmate named Kawabuchi Santarou, Kaoru learns how much fun it is to play jazz and finds the first person he can call a real friend.

This TV show is one of the classics, and one of the best presentation of an anime in the coming of age genre. It was adapted from a manga series that tells a story about a group of Japanese teenagers who form a rock band and their struggle to fame. Our main character is first introduced as an average 14-year-old, who then will have a rapid development to become an outstanding guitarist after he meets with a guitar prodigy called Ray.

This one is an adaptation of a manga series that’s written and illustrated by Suetsugu Yuki. It is about a school girl named Ayase Chihaya, who is inspired by a new classmate to take up a traditional sport known as karuta competitively. Anyway, this paragraph won’t ever be enough to introduce even only the beginning of what Chihayafuru represents, so you must have to take my word that this show is one of the gems of them all anime in the coming of age genre.

  • (bonus) goodnight punpun.

Okay, this might not be the place, but you know … this is just a bonus. After all, Goodnight Punpun is actually not an anime and instead, it’s a manga. But I’ve been reading this manga forever now, and it’s very-very intriguing to explore. This is one of a few works that are very unlikely to be adapted into a picture presentation. So in case you have too much free time, I really recommend you to read this manga.

from the new world.

As usual, I saved the best for last, and —imo— this is one of the best storytelling in the history of anime. This TV show is called Shinsekai yori, which in English it’s translated to “From the New World”. What you’ll be getting by watching this is the vibe of Attack on Titan, but with a lot less of the action and gruesome elements that come from it. What’s left is the pure adventure filled with mysteries, relationship, love and friendship, to even a war, together with a lot of intellectual and philosophical perception of life.

At one side, you may see this show as fcked up as it is, but from another side, you may see also how beautiful the story is. On one side, you may see this as a show filled with unpleasant fantasies, but from another, you may see this as a fascinating story that’s also so relatable. Just like Tristan Gallant, aka. Arkada from the Glass Reflection has said in his review of the show … and I quote, “Shinsekai yori is a very complex story; one with many variables, plot lines, and interpretations. But for those who are willing to go into this series with an open mind, you might be surprised at the kind of story that this is, and how enjoyable it can be.”

The story is divided into three parts of life. Set in Japan a thousand years after the modern era, everything is based on the background setting of a mysterious case happened in 2013, a beginning that has made 0.3 percentage of the human population develop psychic abilities that allowed them to alter their surrounding environment. Thanks to the nature of human, the manifested powers were soon to be used for violence and crime, which then leads to a breakdown of modern society and a world war that devastated most of the Earth inhabitants. And so, with the unknown purposes, both the conscious and unconscious use of these powers are now altering the wildlife and everyone’s surrounding environment.

And with the unknown reasons, the oppressive and feudalistic regime has risen up over humanity after the fall of modern society. These regimes too, however, dissolve in chaos due to the violence of the psychic humans. With no one actually knows when will the psychic endowed humans will eventually establish a stable society where there’s a way to control their powers, a huge agenda and conspiracy is created; to use a kind of genetic modification and social conditioning to make themselves incapable of violence against other humans.

This conspiracy created a vicious circle, which will be applied every time there’s a psychic human who kills another human, a biological system called Death Feedback is activated, causing the attacker/murderer’s organs to shut down and die almost instantly. The mysterious mind behind this conspiracy also use genetically designed animals for the same kind of purposes, such as the mole-like called Monster Rats that resembles human; able to speak human language and living in a complex eusocial society ruled by queens. There’s also the feline Impure Cats that are used to kill children at risk of developing one of the two dangerous disorders; known as the Karmic Demons aka. children who are unable to control their own powers, and the Ogres aka. children who can suppress the Death Feedback, which then allow them to use their special powers freely against the other people without any cognizance.

All of that is, my friend, not even everything that Shinsekai yori is based on. There’s still a lot of things that only will be revealed after you unveil the curtain, and just like I said earlier; the story is divided into three parts, and with this I can say that Shinsekai yori is one of the best anime that has managed to push the boundary of how much a coming of age anime can go for.

The first part open by Watanabe Saki who then becomes the main character and narrator of the story. Begin by her being a new student at the Saint Academy magic school, and from her outlook of the world, we’re introduced also to at least the other four main characters; they are Asahina Satoru, Aonuma Shun, Akizuki Maria, and Itou Mamoru.

The second part opens two years later when Saki and her four close friends are reaching their adolescence, times when they develop relationships and distance between each other, times when one would break away from the pack. Since then the story starts to involve Gods, demons, death, and the predetermined course of life that has been told by a creature named Minoshiro. And as for the third part, Saki is no longer a child, she’s now in the mid of her 20s and works for the village government in the Departement of Mutant Management.

The show is 25 episodes long and without a doubt, there’s a lot of colours, histories, myths, pieces of knowledge, and powerful experiences of life. From love to hatred, from parenting to growing up, from school days to business practices, from a peaceful way of life to an interracial war … there is so much weight in Shinsekai yori. After all, this a tale that’s been told from the new world.

Actually, there are so many positive words to describe Shinsekai yori, and I don’t even know which one is the best. The show itself is one of the best which —obviously— it offered so many things that one would stumble upon in his life, and at the same time, it doesn’t feel too packed. In this blog until this point, I have praised quite many anime in all genres and categories, and so basically, you can take all that and change the subject to Shinsekai yori. This show is that good.

So yeah, of course, you should watch this.

Okay, that’s it! Forgive me if I wrote this anime listing without highlighting the other elements than the story, I focused on the theme of coming of age after all, so I really wanted to tell you what’s great that anime can really offer you from this point of view. In case you want to read my anime reviews where I dive into everything I can jump into, from the story to the characters, from the production value to the visual and animation quality, you’re more than welcomed to visit our review index to look for any anime review that might interest you.

Also, I’m so sorry that I had to delay this post until now. I actually really wanted to watch I want to eat your pancreas since weeks ago, and I finally had the chance to do that before 2018 came to an end. People here said that the movie was so good and it’s also listed under the genre of coming of age, so the plan was that if the movie is actually good enough, I wanted to also spread the word about this at the same time, so you can watch the movie in theatre as well! Or well, I really hope that the movie is available to watch in the theatres near you.

Fun fact; the movie actually has been open and premiered since September here at my country, even before it was premiered at the Film Festival in Los Angeles … but I had no chance to watch it. What would you expect anyway? I’m the kind of guy who would wait a year long for the Blu-ray release rather than spending one night to go outside and watch the movie early in theatre. But hei, I just glad that I want to eat your pancreas was still available here, and finally, with bribes in the form of popcorn and hot chocolate that a coworker of mine promised me, I got to watch the movie in the movie theatre … yaaay~

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So that’s it. I honestly don’t really know what to write anymore. So anyway, thank you for waiting, reading, and making it to the end! Keep watching anime, and I’ll see you again next week! Bai-bai now~

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17 responses to “nc#5 – coming of age anime you need to watch right now (second half)

  1. That like is mainly for Princess Kaguya. That was a great film. Some other coming-of-age anime that I think would be noteworthy would be Hikaru no Go and The Place Promised In Our Early Days.

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  4. Great selection in both halves. “Eat your Pancreas” has very similar vibes to “Your Lie in April”. I think you need to add FLCL. I enjoyed it tremendously. The two sequels were enjoyable too, though you have to approach them as stand-alone series and not the same creature as the original.

    • i have the dubbed version of all three flcl instalments for months now, i still couldnt find the time to watch it. i really want to watch at least one instalment in one sitting!

      thank you for recommending it to me

  5. Some favourites in this as well as some new suggestions, thanks! I just finished Kids on the Block and aim to post about it at some point. 😊

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