dd#9 – love how the moon lays upon me last night

Hello everyone, nesha here and welcome back to Dear Diary, where I talk about anything not having to do with anime. And the topic for today would be … I don’t know, I don’t even know why I’m doing this. I just feel like I have something that I want to write, to let my readers who care enough to know about this kind of things. Well, sometimes people just want to know what they are getting into when they follow a blog or a website, and with that, I wish we can form a closer relationship.

So first, I want to talk about what I’ve got so far.

I’ve got myself to write every day, at least a bit by bit every night. I often open my draft and continues where I left off until I fall asleep somewhere in the middle of a sentence, then I’d woke up and found out I have to work so I’d turned off my loppy until I get back to it again later at night.

So far it’s pretty good writing cycle. It doesn’t even bother with my job. I always prefer to go to work before the sun sets in the morning, then get a few hours of sleep after I’ve done everything, and go home only after the night comes. So after I took a bath and get comfy I always watch YouTube videos, play games, and catch up with my plan to watch, all at night time. And with that, so far I’ve been having fun every night, and writing a blog post is one of those funs.

And oh hei, the result is not bad, I do manage to post a review on each of the last two weeks. So it’s awesome. Yaaaaay~ But except Fridays tho, I always hate everything that has to do with Friday because it’s the day I’d be busy because I have to go outside during the day and sweat a lot, as one should pay the bills for himself, of course, and I do my own laundry and everything. Well, at least I’ve caught up with my own schedules.

Okay um, what else? Oh yeah, I want to give you um new … project? Or not it’s not a project; it’s something that I will be doing besides this, or not, I don’t really know. Haha rofl. No um, seriously, I just want to make my own blog where I can post anything I want and whenever I want it, a place that doesn’t stricted (is that even a word) with any schedule and rules, so I could just post something that’s so long or a post with only one sentence every time. It’d be totally random, and I just want to have that for myself.

It’s almost like Twitter, but this one I can add the tags and I have some widgets … but it’s still pretty much like a Twitter page. Of course, you don’t have to follow me there because I’m not dedicating this new blog towards the anime fandom, it will be just for me and about me alone. Maybe I’ll update it once a week, or once a month, or maybe once a year … who knows. It might be filled with depression and anxiety too, so stay away if you’re allergic to those kinds of thing.

But anyway, if you interested in this, for whatever reason is, I’ll be available at bitch.mlblogs.com. I know, it’s a funny name for a blog link. You may meet and talk to me there. And oh one last thing, with me having this blog now, it means that I won’t accept any blog awards or any tagging game that’s directed to #moe404; so if you nominate me or something, I will respond to that in my personal blog.

Moving on to another topic, it’s … the same topic actually, but different context. I want to have something that’s new, but this time is for #moe404 as well. I thought about it for a while, and I’ve decided to use a portion of this blog to give its readers some anime news. Like, we’re opening a branch and its a news division 😂 it’s kinda cool. But yes, I should be able to write a post about anime news at least once a week, because I won’t have to make the stories, so most of them I’ll only have to copy and paste the headline, and know about it to properly talk about it.

But I won’t talk about every news there is, of course, but I will talk about some of them that capture my interest, I will surely do. And with that, I’ve been thinking about bring up also some feature posts from the blogosphere in that same post; so after the news that I gather from the anime industry, I should feature as well some recent posts from the blogging community. But I don’t even know if there’s a blogger who’d recognize the worth of me mentioning their name and talk about their works.

Hmm … mkay this idea is suspended. I shall question this on our official Twitter account @moenotfound. Please follow us and visit our Twitter page to answer the poll about this matter. The poll will end in 24 hours after this post is available to read, and the answer to that poll will determine whether I will or I shouldn’t write about the blogger features.

Speaking about the blogger, I definitely will annoy Alfredo and ask him to write again for #moe404.

Al, as we usually call him, is a wonderful blogger who writes posts way better than me, and definitely blogs better than me. We both also have differences about the kinds of anime we’re into, the genre we usually watch, or the kinds of music we both listen. If you’ve been following his personal blog at sliceofalfredo.blog, you knew already that he and I are living in two different worlds. Aight, that’s a bit of exaggeration.

But yeah, despite the last movie I reviewed was created by Isao Takahata, Al is actually a better reviewer for this kind of movie because he has such passion for a slice of life drama more than me. So yeah, this blog definitely has lost so many colours with me being the only writer.

Besides asking Al to write again, I’ll also do some reworks for all the pages of #moe404, including our Patreon page. There will be many broken links and empty pages, but by reading this I hope you’ll understand. I also want to say “thank you” for that one patron of our Patreon, I’ll definitely keep improving and do everything better in the future for you.

* this image is available to be downloaded!

Hmm, okay I think that’s it, that’s all from me today. Let me know in the comment section below what you want from me to write or produce or make or I dunno. I don’t know, who knows. But thank you guys for all the support, and thank you too for making me feel welcomed again. Keep watching anime, and guess I’ll catch you in the next one. Bai-bai now~

© written by nesha5971
artworks credited to Zec

5 responses to “dd#9 – love how the moon lays upon me last night

  1. i forgot to update as well that ive changed the tagline of #moe404, from “a weirdo way to talk about anime” to “anime explained in broken engrish” or something like that. 😊

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