dd#10 – moe news, #nae404, and more

Hellow, people, readers, fellow bloggers … nesha here, how are you today? I hope you’re doing wonderful, because I’m feeling wonderful.

Okay so, there’s been something on my list for a while, and we do have some announcements for you guys particularly regarding our social media but a few other things. It hasn’t been a while since the last time I wrote a post like this, not even a month yet, but today I want to keep you guys in the loop for what we’ve been cooking and planning even though we’re just taking a small step forward.

So first of all, is the social media we own. We noticed that some of our readers have been confused by how we use our social media, and my close friend on Discord suggested me to write another post to explain just that. Because it’s interesting to note one or two things about these, as we don’t use them to simply telling people to visit our blog, but instead, we much prefer to give the new types of content for every kind of followers who follow the account page.

facebook – moe news.

So right now as I write this post, we are on the last month of Spring anime season, and I’m personally waiting for some anime movies to be released. I had watched several trailers and a long wind-up for movies such as “Weathering With You” and it’s looking like it’s gonna be a big night at least for me personally, not just for the fact that it’s from Makoto Shinkai, but also in terms of the what the premise is, what the studio is, and the whole focus of the production value the movie had … and that kind of stuff.

I dedicated this blog mostly for lengthy discussions such as anime reviews and a few essays here and there, yet I want to share also this excitement; trailers, anime spoilers, small discussions and small notes to do with this big release that’s coming out. Posting all that here is going to swarm the blog with little paragraphs posts followed by links to some Facebook or Twitter updates.

So beyond my own hysteria, I decided to be kicking some stuff up, and shake some things that probably matter for people like me and you. It’s a news page! Yes, you read that right. I and Al decided to create a Facebook page and use it as a news channel where we post some news, of course, and probably some memes as well in the future.

It’s currently up and running with the current page name is Flat is Justice —maybe will be changed later. Even though it’s not gonna be particularly highly trafficked because people always take anime news as sort of has-been-content at this point, but the amount of excitement I realized and I felt about certain shows and future movies, just weighty and meaty feelings … you know, I just want to pass that around with you.

We have a pretty decent catalogue now with 100+ anime reviews here on #moe404, and the blog has been running for two years even though there are a few long time gaps because of the hiatus reason. But I feel like we’re ready to create a new branch of ‘main project’ since we’re constantly asking ourselves “what content we could deliver without ruining the pace of writing the long and lengthy anime reviews.” I think this is it!

Honestly, I don’t really know what we should do with a Facebook page, but I think all the main things such as profile picture and the page’s username have been settled, the rest is just going to be a forever on-going post-production. We also have been adding a few news contents in the past few days, and it is on purpose for us to announce this matter here a week after we created the page; so you can see what we’ve been cooking there and expect the content we’re going to be posting in the future.

instagram – we have a few.

Okay next, it’s going to be Instagram coverage! While it was kind of the first time we touched the realm of the Facebook page, we actually have been around a bit longer in the domain of Instagram. First of all, let’s talk about a couple of accounts that Al is manage. And by the way, where’s Alfredo? He hasn’t written anything recently. Maybe I should get into him and blackmail him or something if he doesn’t write soon … maybe.

Anyway, alongside doing stuff on his personal blog and here on #moe404, Al does have a couple of otaku-based Instagram accounts that you may find them interesting to follow. The main one is @shukadaily, a fan account revolving around everything about the ever-so-popular franchise that is Love Live! It is essentially a fan page where he posts random photos of the seiyuu behind these school idols, showing his appreciation for the franchise and the work behind it, possibly in a creepy way..,..

I know that he has been a Love Live enthusiast for about two years now and he can definitely say that the franchise means a lot to him, maybe because it was one of the first anime related things that influenced him to do blogging and stuff. Not only that, Love Live! has certainly introduced him to many things such as the idol culture, voice actresses, particular genres of music, and a ton more things about the Japanese culture. Also in the @shukadaily account, he often teases his daily life —kind of— through the Instagram story, together with a ton of Japanese music suggestions.

The other Instagram account you can follow is @seiyuuspotlight. It’s based off a segment he usually does on his personal blog, which pretty much the same thing as his other Instagram account but with him posting more photos of the general seiyuu from different beloved anime. He does his best to include a good variety of well-known and loved anime voice actors and actresses such as Hanazawa Kana, Miyano Mamoru, Sakura Ayana, Maeno Tomoaki, and many more. This account, again, is essentially a fan page where he shows his appreciation for these lovely people.

Next, there’s #nae404 with the username of @naenotfound. It is a side project of mine that I manage alone, a fun project more precisely; something that keeping me away from boredom. Currently, there isn’t any direction that would connect #moe404 to #nae404 except that both are influenced by the anime and Japanese culture as a whole. In this account, there is nothing but aesthetic pictures and short videos, sometimes they are calming and some other times they are triggering. And I think that’s just literally it —the description of #nae404— nothing more.

For what is worth, there’s also another last account on Instagram, and that is @kyureta. I love Japan, and this account was made so I can express my affection and adoration for photos taken in Japan.

what else?

Let’s end this with the already well-known ‘official account’ of #moe404.

On Twitter, you can find us on @moenotfound, and on there we usually just tweet a few times a week after we put up a post here on the blog itself. It’s basically a beacon that notices our friends and fellow bloggers about “hey, we just put up a post here, check it out” or something like that. In case you’re following this blog and you’re active on Twitter, then this account is the total must follow at least.

Okay so, tl;dr all that, let’s summarize all of it.

that’s it!

Before we end this tho, we do have some considerations and few ideas to talk about, little notes before we wrap this post up. So first, I’m beginning to think that we should have a kind of official account on Instagram as well since we did grow faster on Instagram than on Twitter, so we’ll be sure to work on that in the future. In addition to that, there was an idea for #moe404 to have a kind of group chat. Whaa?!

FYI, I already did this a long time ago; long before even Al become one of the writers here, I created a page with a tlk.io Webchat widget as well as a music player so people can hang out together, and it turned out to be just not a great page. So now, I was thinking to create a Discord server where we can build a community, share some stuff and trade opinions on things around anime (and memes, obviously). But I don’t know … it’s still just an idea.

Also, listen, guys. If you enjoy this whole idea, or if you basically wanna support us in any way, I’m genuinely seriously asking; if you have any desire to support all this #moe404 and whatsoever we’ve been doing, PLEASE do feel free to check out our support page of which will lead you to our Ko-fi button or Patreon page. It’s almost two years now this blog exists, and I really want to do things better at it. So yeah, time is really tight and scary at the moment, at least for me.

Okay, that is all. Thank you all for reading and checking this post out. Really tho, if you want to see daily and random pictures of (mostly) the Love Live seiyuu, feel free to follow @shukadaily on Instagram. Also, we do hope that the news segment on Facebook will be fun, informative, and helpful to you. Once again, please check the tl;dr above for all the links. Aight, keep watching anime, and I’ll see you guys in the next post! Baii~

© written by nesha5971 and sliceofalfredo
artworks are credited to Cozyquilt and Hamayumiba Sou

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