f#6 – top 5 magical girl themed anime

Hi, everyone. I’m sorry it took me so many months to say “hi” again after the last time. In case you’re wondering, I was pretty occupied with life as per usual; I realized that killing a huge, scary, mega strong dragon in an RP game is so much easier and more fun way of obtaining money in-game rather than doing anything to get real money in real life. LOL yeah, I’ve been busy.

I sleep once every two days and three nights, sometimes once every three days because I always want to have fun in life too; I don’t want to get burnt out, so I spend most of my time trying to balance the work and playtime. But now my mom is hospitalized again, and I neither can work or play anymore and instead, spend my time to stay by her side and take care of her.

This gives me a random and uncomfortable sleep schedule, but also naturally, my mind can’t stop figuring out what should I do to fill my free time while I’m here. Because I can’t be playing games and have fun next to my ill mom, obvi. So here I am, wondering may I be able to switch my head on and off, and write some stuff for my long lost blog … maybe.

I don’t even know what to write about and how to start this. Generally, I would write an anime review every week, but I’ve lost track of what series I’ve been chasing to be reviewed. You see, I always try to organize myself and I always end up with a long-ass plan on what to do, what to write, etcetera-etcetera; the problem is that I rarely do anything according to plan.

Anyway, after a minute thinking through, I’ve now decided to write about magical girls! UwU, what a random topic to be discussed! I know, but I just want to roll with what I have in mind right now. So, welcome to nesha’s top 5 magical girl themed anime! Yaaay..,..

Okay, what we’re going to talk about is a few anime recommendations from me of the said theme above. Although, I’m also self-aware that I’m not a huge fan of magical girls themed shows, but I have watched some of them and with that being said, this list is going to be a little bit shorter and different than other people’s choice on which movies/shows they would put on their list. Aight, here we go.

panty & stocking with garterbelt.

First on the list, have you heard of this show? It’s a show about two ‘angels’ who are banished from heaven because of misbehaving, who then came to Daten City that’s overrun by ghosts which they need to obliterate. I have reviewed this show as one of my dozens, early anime reviews; and if you can stand reading a very awfully written article, then feel free to read my review about it.

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is a casual show for fans who’d like to enjoy watching an anime that doesn’t really tell a story. PanSto is also a go-to one for anime fans who can enjoy a magical girl show that is not afraid to make sex jokes and cursing every two seconds. PSG is like Deadpool but instead of the ugly face and its gore, PSG has beautiful faces and a unicorn-themed-palette coloring the show. PSG is a mature, R rated show, and some people might love it or hate it for that obvious reason.

For me tho, it’s an awesome time killer considering that I watched the show back when I had a lot of free time, so I can look back my experience quite easy. I remember by then I thought I was going to finish PSG in the span of a few days, but instead, I finished it in just one sitting. It’s pretty fun and it’s always a pleasure to watch something that’s a little different. Oh yeah, have I told you that PSG is so different from most other anime, to the point where if you just glanced at it, you would think that PSG is a cartoon? Well yeah, there’s that too.

sailor moon.

Second to our list, have you heard about Sailor Moon? Or I guess no, that’s a wrong question — of course, you have heard about Sailor Moon … the series is a legend! Maybe the right question is that, have you got the chance to watch it? Because I know, and I understand completely how a series with hundreds of episodes will scare a bunch of newcomers and even veterans alike. Sailor Moon is a huge franchise, and even I haven’t gotten to finish it; maybe finishing it is going to be one of the far-fetched goals of my lifetime.

Well, if you’re me kinda person, then at least you have to watch one movie of this classic franchise, especially if you’re into shoujo anime. My recommendation is going to be Sailor Moon R: The Movie – The Promise of The Rose, which was my first installment of the franchise that I watched as well.

It’s based on 40+ episodes of its TV series, and definitely a classic; my personal opinion is that the movie is not great, but not bad either — it’s still fun to watch even as a standalone movie. Well look, Sailor Moon is no doubt the most famous magical girl anime everywhere you ask around the world, and to at least making a conversation and be a part of the cool kids among the anime communities you’re in, you better have touched the world of Sailor Moon even if it’s just one movie. Makes sense?

birdy the mighty.

The franchise of Tersuwan Birdy is something that you should know as well. It’s about a girl named Birdy and her adventure. But what awesome is that instead of being a magical girl, she’s more like a magical girlfriend; and not in a usual and normal girlfriend, she’s actually an interplanetary law enforcer, an alien agent who happens to live as an idol on Earth … girlfriend. And so then enter Senkawa Tsutomu, a completely normal high school student who one night in the wrong place at the wrong time, while exploring an abandoned building with his friend, gets killed by Birdy.

Birdy is a humanoid, which means she has the appearance of a human even though she is an alien. And being an alien, Birdy knows a way to save Senkawa’s life, which is to join bodies and become one with him. Together after that accident, as they deal with the everydayness of Senkawa’s life and being an idol as Birdy, they also have to hunt down intergalactic monsters as well as criminals who happen to be aliens.

Birdy the Mighty is an enjoyable series to watch, it contains a lot of comedy and probably one of the fast-paced action scenes of how a magical girl should fight, or at least for the last decade. Although the combination of sci-fi and school life genres has never been an unusual thing happen to a magical girl themed shows, and even though the plot of Birdy the Mighty was never been so great, the characters of the story managed to pays it off with their charming and their delightful interaction with one another.

Birdy the Mighty is an awesome franchise based on the 1980s manga, and the original 4 special episodes were released in 1996 by Madhouse studios. A decade later, the iterations of the OVA anime were aired as the TV series known as Birdy the Mighty: Decode, which tells more about the world of Birdy, and even has gotten its second season and more special episodes.

Well okay, this getting long now. In summary … I think Birdy the Mighty deserves your attention.

puella magi madoka magica.

I have been wanting to review this series on #moe404 for so long, but so far I haven’t gotten the chance to do it. Madoka Magica was definitely a pleasure for me to watch, and even now I’m ready for another rewatch. It’s my kind of anime that’s filled with psychological drama, sociological plots, philosophical conversations, as well as decisions that oftentimes manage to make us questions our own decisions that we’ve made in our past.

This is a story about tragedy; imagine if you have sold your soul to the devil, what would you do to gain it back? what are you willing to sacrifice in order to gain your soul back? Madoka Magica is all about magical girls’ adversity, misery, suffering, and anguish. And in case you haven’t realized yet, this one is also a mature piece, and definitely don’t watch this with your kids (if you have any that is). Also, if you haven’t watched the show and now interested to watch it, I recommend you to watch the first and second movies before you explore the more stretched story on its 12 episodes of TV series, only then after all of that, you may watch its third movie to finish the whole story.

I can’t stress enough, to tell you how good is the storytelling of Madoka Magica. Plus, the art direction of the whole franchise is one of the prettiest in this early decade of Shaft studio, which is the studio that responsible for some other great franchises such as the Monogatari Series. This is also the main reason why I recommend you watch the first two movies before you watch the TV series — is so you can enjoy first the incredible movie quality of the soundtrack, art, and animation. Anyhow, just watch the show, it’s one of my favorites!

honorable mention – kiki’s delivery service.

To be clear, Kiki’s Delivery Service is not in the actual list not because it’s not good enough as an anime movie, but instead, it’s here as an honorable mention because I think almost every anime enthusiast have watched the movie. It’s much of a great movie made by Studio Ghibli, one of the most popular pieces, in fact, one that I don’t think needed more of a recognition. But I know there’s always a probability that someone hasn’t watched this yet, so at the very least, I could mention it here and give them the introduction that the movie deserves.

Kiki’s Delivery Service tells a story about the 13-year-old Kiki who decides to leave her house and become the traditional magical girl aka. a witch. The whole plot of the movie will sound so different from the other titles that I have mentioned before this, considering that Kiki’s Delivery Service doesn’t introduce an antagonist or even a magical transformation. But Kiki is a young witch, she has a precious item that she cannot live without, she flies and casts magic, and she even has a familiar spirit!

The whole movie tells about her transforming into a great witch, which is like watching a magical girl transformation but in a stretched, more grounded way, and down to earth. Being a different person from everybody else, Kiki has taught me about bliss and independence, but also vulnerability and isolation. Lots of great things have been said about her character development in this movie, to the point where even though there are many anime about girls adventuring with their magic, and stories of witches making their dreams come true, there’s only one witch whose her story must be mentioned here in this list … and that is Kiki!

some other honorable mentions.

All these below are more like the fans’ favorites rather than my own personal favorites. These are basically a few magical themed anime that are very popular among the connoisseurs. I have chosen five of many magical girl themed anime of which some of them are more well-known, with the others being better series overall as an anime even though they are less popular. If you are a fan of magical girl themed anime, and you haven’t watched these, let it be known that these are five essentials you need to watch next.

I will copypasta a paragraph of their plot/synopsis so that you’ll have a picture of what the story is about. Anyway, here are our honorable mentions..,..

A passive high school boy named Aikawa Ayumu gets killed during a spate of mysterious serial killings. However, Ayumu is resurrected as a zombie by the necromancer girl named Eucliwood Hellscythe, whom he had befriended just before dying. When Ayumu reawakens, he is tossed into a world of magical girls and vampire ninjas. And of all things, he starts to serve Eu as her guard while happens to deprive the magical girl named Haruna of her magic power. Together then, Haruna orders Ayumu to fight against the anti-magical girl system known as Megalo in her place.

In the era of the gods, on the island Shikoku, in the city of Sanshu, year 300: Yuuna Yuuki lives an ordinary life as a second-year middle school student, but she is also a member of the Hero Club, where club activities are literally doing their best for the community they live in. Dedicating their lives to helping those in need, the Hero Club members caught in an explosion of light and transported to a strange forest, where they encounter mysterious monsters known as Vortex which seek to destroy the Divine Tree, a guardian deity that protects and blesses humanity.

Kinomoto Sakura was an ordinary 4th grader until she accidentally opens the magical book of Clow Cards and scatters dozens of powerful magic cards to the four winds all around the world, an accident that has made her appointed to be a Card Captor by the Guardian of the Seal known as Cerberus. To protect the world from disaster, she must capture all of the Clow Cards with the help of her friend Tomoyo and Cerberus.

Here’s the story of a 12-year-old Mitsuki who loves to sing and wants to become a singer. However, she has a tumor on her throat, which might only be cured at the cost of her voice. Her time is running out because she has only one year before the cancer kills her. In order to realize her dream to become a singer, she has to transform into a 16-year-old magical girl with the help of two shinigami and takes a singing audition.

The 13-year-old ballet student named Ahiru is clumsy, good-hearted and sweet … but also has a big secret. On the other hand, a mysterious Drosselmeyer morphed a young duck into a girl to give her a mission, which is to help a Prince to get the parts of his heart back. With that in mind, she morphs into Princess Tutu, a magical girl who dances to ease the pain and purifies all the bad feelings.

kill la kill.

Aight, we’re back into the actual list … and yep, I always save the best for last.

This one is also an anime that I always want to do its review here on #moe404, and you may remember I was praising the series when I did the review of Darling in the FranXX. And if I’m not wrong, that was the only time I ever mentioned the series. But here’s the truth: Kill la Kill is my favorite magical girl anime ever! I remember it was released in 2013, and it was the year when I spent almost all of my time sitting in front of a monitor; I followed the hype when it’s still airing, and I watched the show marathon right after the series has finished in the first quarter of 2014. It was so fun, and I loved it so much to the point where I attempted to make an AMV of it, and I created one even though it’s clearly a poor attempt of a 15-years-old to do so.

Not many people would see Kill la Kill as a magical girl themed show, but it actually is a magical girl themed show! And there’s even no magic in this show, but instead, it’s all about young girls and their fashion, girls with their guns, girls with their katanas..,.. Or maybe the main difference that distinguishes Kill la Kill from other magical girl themed anime is that the show doesn’t have many shoujo souls as its connoisseurs, and instead, shounen fans would love to watch this even though it’s not a shounen show. The targeted audience of Kill la Kill, to be exact just in case you’re wondering, is seinen fans.

The story is about a schoolgirl named Ryuuko Matoi who transferred to Honnouji Academy after picking fights in several schools all over Japan for several months. She wields a sword that is actually one half of a giant pair of scissors made by her father, which she knows that the other half was stolen by someone right after they killed her father. Ryuuko believes that by picking fights everywhere with her blade will eventually shine the truth about her father’s death and the identity of his murderer.

Just like the title of the story, Kill la Kill is an anime filled with battle royales, kill or be killed scenarios where the strongest conquer the weak. And just like any other magical girl themed shows, everyone in this anime has items and clothes that can transform them into a more powerful form of themselves. The show really appreciates the idea of clothing being the source of powers, and while we’re on the topic, I would say as well now that Kill la Kill is my favorite ecchi anime ever! Whaa?! Yash!

You definitely can watch the show for the ‘plots’ if you know what I mean, and there’s also a clear yuri subtext throughout the show, if you’re into that kind of thing … but if you never prioritize these aspects when you’re choosing what anime to watch, then no worries! Because Kill la Kill also offers you so many great things besides all that. And everything is huge in Kill la Kill, especially its character and world-building; that even though the story mainly only takes place at an academy, what happens there to Ryuuko affects the world surroundings such as the city they live in, some other parts of Japan, and if you get onto the last episodes, the entire world!

Kill la Kill is an anime about school wars, girls romances, student hierarchy, adult politics, family dramas, weird aliens, doggos, girls’ fashions, awesome actions, and much more! And in the course of 24 episodes, there are sad moments, exciting moments, funny moments, insane moments … and believe me when I say this: all of those really deliver! As you know that I am an enthusiast of great videography and visual animation of an anime, still, I can’t forget also the amazing music and soundtrack that coexist with the amazing story of Kill la Kill. It’s a complete art! This was also — I believe — my first crossing with the work of Sawano Hiroyuki, which is someone who’s still in my top 5 people of the anime industry that I adore their works.

Children don’t watch Kill la Kill, for the obvious reason, but as long as you’re not an underage kid … then Kill la Kill! You don’t like magical girls? Oh, I’m pretty sure you haven’t experienced Kill la Kill! You haven’t watched Kill la Kill? Then yes, I recommend you to watch KILL LA KILL! Besides the dozens of greatly developed characters, the show also offers you one of the best plots turns in anime ever; it’s a twist that if you have connected to the characters and their worries at that point, since then to the end of the series shall be an awesome time. I cannot stress enough about this, I just want to share how great Kill la Kill is. Just watch it, please; it’s worth your time, I promise..,..

All right, I think that’s all of it: some awesome few magical girls themed shows and movies that I could think of. Glad I’m able to write this down. I really hope you and other people can find this post useful, though I don’t know if this blog still relevant or nah but frankly, it’s been a time well spent writing this list. I also want to say that I really appreciate you if you’re someone who has been here since many months ago before I’ve gone hiatus, and now you’re back; I really appreciate your visit. And I want to welcome you as well if you’re a random person who stumbled upon this site — welcome!

Really, doing this has brought back many memories that most probably I shall visit again one day. Anime is always fun, as you know. But before that, I probably should watch the long-overdue Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Adolescence of Utena that have been saved offline on my phone for a couple of days now. Anyhow, thanks again for reading; I hope I will write another blog post after this one gets uploaded, maybe an anime review or some sort, though I don’t even know If I will ever find enough time to do that with just a phone, because I don’t bring my laptop here.

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Hello there, this is nesha from the future … or should I say, from the current time. I actually wrote this post a couple months ago, and now I realized that I don’t wanna make everyone worry; I probably should tell you that my mom has been recovered a lot and currently is no longer hospitalized. ~(≧▽≦)/~ That’s it. Thank you.

Anyhow, as usual: keep watching anime, and (I don’t know when but) I’ll see you again next time~ bai-bai now~

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