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nesha. September’ 05, 2018.

In the beginning, #moe404 was only a single-author blog that made by nesha, it was started out as a fun project in the mid of 2017 to carry out his personal desire regarding the anime fandom, only until it rooted as an anime blog for the global English speaker. Later on, the blog then became his dedication and he spent his weekends giving his reader editorial reviews about the variety of interesting anime that he likes to discuss. As the basic concept, he made this blog for people who curious about which shows that are worth to watch by the end of their weekend, and this concept still continues up to this day with the index of anime reviews that keep expanding every week.

what we do here.

We’re known by most people —especially bloggers— with our collection of anime reviews and recommendations. But little do they know, our face is actually heading also to another way as we want to write more about the broader Japanese cultures besides just its animation industry; to learn its language, travel its country, hands-on its products, and so much more. Because Japanese cultures are so broad, we would like to expand our limitation and talk more about its surrounding; to deliver our opinions, to create discussions, break down special topics, hosting fans talk and interviews, maybe also to cover news and updates.

Just like what we wrote in our Patreon campaign; we realize that we could do about these are only to dream about it, but we will keep doing what we can do right now and deliver the best content an anime blog can offer. #moe404 is created by fans and for fans! We all hope that you can be happy with everything we wrote here. We’re in awe of people like you who proudly nurture their hobby and obsession, having our passion to be shared with someone like you is something that we cherish every day 💖 … thank you for being a reader!

+ anime reviews.

Straight into the topic that most likely you will ask; Yes, we do not focus on any demanding anime such as Black Clover (TV), which is a popular series with its 11th episode that’s just been released at the time this paragraph was written down. Not just that, we have not and probably would never write any first impression too. We also would not do reviews of one by one anime episodes except on special cases. Instead, all of our reviews are posted for the whole show, a season, a very long saga, and a plain complete series. This is probably the main reason why we frequently couldn’t get our reviews short, but instead, they’re wordy and lengthy.

Postscript; We realize that many of our readers are hoping to get us to talk about episodic reviews just like the majorities of anime blogs out there, but we are sorry that the time we have would never enough to do all that.

Here are our last entries under the category of anime reviews: …

    + otaku essays (beta). 

    We specialized this category as “beta” as we do not yet have the consistent schedule to write the sort of thing. But we want to have it as something we would write weekly too in the future, and sometimes we couldn’t resist our passion to just write about it even though it means that the week would pass without an anime review.

    In a nutshell, otaku essays is a category in which we rant about things that are not necessarily connected directly to certain anime titles. Our first take under this category, we talked about the things that have made Kimi no Na wa. so damn popular, but not as a movie review but instead, the piece is focused on exploring the director of the movie, Makoto Shinkai —you can click here to read about it. And as for the future posts of otaku essays, you can expect nothing less than that first take.

    Here are our last entries under the category of otaku essays: … 

      + blog discussions (beta). 

      We dub this category as beta too for the same reason as to why we single out otaku essays; we do not write about this frequently yet.

      Anyhow, this category is created to give our readers some kind of expertise in blogging matter. While we do not say that us people have mastered this field to the point where we had enough learning and it’s time to teach; no, we do still learn and pick up something new from time to time. But blogging is so much fun and sometimes we just love to share what we have got, while probably help those bloggers who are in need at the same time.

      Here are our last entries under the category of blog discussions: … 

        cores behind #moe404.

        Of course, no baby could be born without its mother, no building can stand on earth without its construction, and so this site wouldn’t exist without its people behind it too. Together with, the central of #moe404 is fused by the individual of anime fans just like you, the readers. Let us thanks everyone here for maintaining their interest towards the Japanese culture and making this blog keep expanding~

        In no particular order, below are the members of the party: … 

        + former contributors. 

        Well, that was pretty much everything you need to know about us. #moe404 is still and will keep growing from this point onwards, and let us tell you once again that we could not reach this point if it was not because of you who have read our works, so thank you so much for being here! We really appreciate you, and we love you so much!

        Keep watching anime, and stay tuned for our latest anime related posts!

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