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Once, we didn’t think this #moe404 project would become a serious thing, it kind of just happened back then. After all, we are just nerds who wanted to do some awesome stuff while happens to don’t have the resources —except passion and time— to do so. Additionally, except the dedication that we have, we basically do things based on our stupidity. Though still, we wanted the Japanese culture and otaku journalism to become our life as our dream is to do content creation for people like you full time, even though all we do here is rambling creatively about stuff that we hate and love.

We know the reason that you’re here because you love reading anime-related content, and fear not because we won’t end our passion anytime soon even though you’re not here as our supporter, whatever happens the site will still available to enjoy for free. But if you like what we are doing, maybe even consider supporting us financially, we would very much appreciate it.

Even though we haven’t done much, #moe404 actually has a purpose and mission to reach, and we are relying on people like you to carry out our mission together. We have big dreams, one of them is to create a more diverse type of content, and we believe that #moe404 has the potential to do so.

One little secret you should know; ads cannot sustain our project and we don’t want them to be on our back either, and this is the main reason why we created this campaign. By supporting us, you are not only making our site more reliable but you actually help us produce more content for #moe404. This campaign is all about quality and quantity; the more you support us the more we are able to create stuff. Even though all we can promise you is for us to do the best we can and invest as much time and dedication into the site, we really hope we are worth your support.

The easiest way of supporting our campaign is through the Ko-fi button, where you can support our work and send an anime request to be reviewed or a topic to be discussed at the same time —of course, we don’t want to ask your money for nothing, so at least this is what we could offer while we gather the amount of money to achieve our next goal. It is a one-time support every time you decide to do so, the concept is for you to buy us the equivalent of a coffee for an anime series to be reviewed. We love to give shoutouts too, so prepare to get your name mentioned every now and then!

Additionally if you choose to support our work through the Patreon, we are not promising any rewards —not for now, maybe we will in the future. But still, at least your pledge will give you access to see our future plans, see our work progression, and some extra fun perks now and then. Optionally, all the patrons with $5 or more monthly pledge can get their name (with links if provided) to be listed here in this page permanently as long as they keep being a patron.

what will we do with your money?

(+) Purchase a custom domain for our site
We’re desperate to be able to boost our blog with a custom cute and moe domain name, and with this our site will become easier to reach and easier to introduce to the new readers.

(+) Remove all the’s advertising
Of course, no one loves ads and we don’t want you to see them on our site.

(+) Buy a hosting plan for custom email addresses
One little step in becoming a professional website.

(+) Unlock the CSS editing feature for the advance site design and customization
With this, we should be able to redesign the site to be more modern and magazine alike, we should be able to develop the site to be more comfortable both to visit and to read.

(+) Increase the storage hosting space
As with the more posts written, we’re going to need to upgrade the blog’s hosting plan so we can use more multimedia (images, videos, and audios) on our posts with less concern about its storage.

(+) … before we reach the end
Maybe there will be the time for us to run a worth editor and add some kind of ‘guest writers’ program where the contributors will get paid.

(+) … finale!
We definitely need to short these objections later in the future. But basically, what we want to do is to increase our hosting plan with an unlimited storage space, we will also invest in various SEO tools to drive our site traffic and increase our community’s awareness in social media. Plus with the third party themes and plugins, we should be able to remove the branding and create our own brand of #moe404 with the more advanced features —which one of them would be to provide means for our community to give their own reviews and scores for the anime rather than just to post a plain comment (this will be similar to More to go, we want to vine with YouTube platform to create a more diverse type of content and build a more diverse type of community base.

See? We told you that we have big dreams for our future! It’s still far from our reach for now, but we hope that we can achieve these goals very soon!

For our current situation though, the content production rate is around three to 5,000 words a week, though of course, we will be having no other choice but to produce the content more faster every time someone pledges to our campaign. Currently, we have two jobs; one being a writer for #moe404 and another for doing our works on society, whether it’s studying at school or sweating in real life for a living. To put it simply, you’re the reason for us to invest more time in #moe404.

we would like to thank you for believing in us, and we promise that your support is going to be a worthy investment for the site’s greater good!

In case you have any question or notes for us to know regarding this campaign, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact page or send us your message via our Twitter profile for the faster response!

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