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Please don’t hesitate to speak up and tell us everything if you have something you need us to know, feel free to send your thoughts here or you may contact us via direct message of the following accounts.


Also, please note that we read all of your comments. So depending on needs, you may not mind this page and just drop us a line or two in any comment sections available in this blog. It will help us to separate and prioritize any different kinds of feedback we receive, thank you.


In case you don’t favour any social media, the form below is created for us to talk via email privately. Please don’t forget to fill in your email address so we can write a reply to your message. Feel free to send your thoughts here.

postscript: we are just a human.

Regarding requests and suggestions, please mind that we are just some ordinary people and not a group of wizards who can do anything with a blink of an eye. So that being said, there will be a process and your requests will take some to be materialized. Maybe it will require a day or two, or a week or two, or it could be longer in some cases. For an example; if you ask us to do a review of a movie that we haven’t watched yet, we will need the time to watch the movie first before then we start to write the review. So yeah, please understand.

Anyhow, we always excited to meet a new friend so, we will look forward to hearing from you! ❤