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“What anime you want me to review?” … is one of the few questions that always pop up in our head. So if you have something or anything you needed us to do, please just don’t mind to speak up and tell us all about it. Feel free to send your thoughts here! This page is created for you to request an anime to be reviewed, but not only that; the form below is also for you who want to send us questions, demands, anything about the blog itself, or even send your message to one of us personally.

But first, there is a set of rules that you need to obey. ‘ehom!

  1. First of all, do not spam us by sending a multiple messages/applications via this form. We promise that we will follow up your message right after we see them once.
  2. Second, if the thing you need to ask is a demand, then you’ll need to ensure your demand is something that you have heard before and not just something that you don’t know and only telling us to find out about it.
  3. Basically, just make sure that your request has a point that will make us happy to grant it.
  4. Of course, if your request is something to be reviewed, then it should be related to anime and nothing else.
  5. In case you weren’t trying to fill the form with a request (maybe you just want to say hello), then please don’t mind this page and just put your message in any comment section available in this blog. It will help us a lot to separate and prioritize a different kind of feedback we receive. Except of course, your message is too personal to be posted in public section; go ahead and use this form.
  6. And at last, please take your time while you write the message. Because we love to read anything that is beautiful, especially a message from a new friend. 😁

postscript: we are just a human.

… some ordinary people and not a group of wizards who can do anything with a blink of an eye. So that being said, there will be a process and your request will take some time to be materialized. Maybe it will require a day or a week, or it could be longer than that in some cases. For an example; if you ask us to do a review of an anime that we haven’t watched yet, then we will need the time to watch the anime first before we start to write the review. So yeah, please understand.

Anyway, we always excited to meet a new friend so we will look forward to hearing from you. ☺