ship logs

  • March’ 2018
    the blog achieved the half a thousand followers milestone
    alfredo butiong aka. alfredopasta (sliceofalfredo) became a weekly writer as a weekly reviewer
    mahin roddur aka. rodrovich (roddur99) joined forces and started doing a collab together; fifty shades of a weaboo
  • February’ 2018
    daniel aka. akito (edwardalchemist) left from the blog as a writer
  • January’ 2018
    patreon account for #moe404 is officially up
    the guest chamber page is removed from the blog (hopefully it’s temporary)
  • November’ 2017
    the first album is uploaded, credit to the anime kiseijuu: sei no kakuritsu
    every one that following me can stream to a podcast, anime soundtrack collection for 100% free
    nesha’s room / the guest chamber has been published
  • October’ 2017
    publicizing my personal facebook profile (do follow and add me as a friend 🤗)
  • September’ 2017
    realizing the majority of my visitor is from international, i began to write in english
  • July’ 2017
    come back to my long lost twitter and instagram that i never used before
    an anime index page was made
    the fixed header and cover page were made
  • June’ 2017
    the first review was posted
  • May’ 2017
    the first homepage design was made
    a header for the blog was posted for the first time
    a translate feature was added as a widget
    deleting several original posts
  • April’ 2017
    finally, i have the courage to at least write a post
  • January’ 2017
    the blog was (incidentally) created