(not) compilations

This is not our list of collections, nor compilations —actually, we don’t know how we should call this category. But in any case, this is where we gather many variations of all kind anime series for certain topics that are specified every time we talk about it. This is definitely not a huge library where we place our magnificent collections, but it’s also not simple things that you would pass by only reading the title alone.

Anyhow, we do not just write the basic Top 10s where you could find them easily in many places across the internet, yet this is the place where would discuss way more than just one anime in one post. So, welcome to (not) compilations! 🤣

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    #moe404 is still relatively young and as our main content here is anime reviews, we aren’t that often writing an anime listing for this category. That being said, you may request us to do a listing of something anime related, such as the Top 10 Tragic Romances in Anime that’s been requested by one of our readers. We have created a page for you to do just that, you can tell what you want for us to write through this page.

    Because when you request something for us to write, we will put that on our priority. 😉 Thank you for visiting this page!

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