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We are not focused on demanding TV series such as One Piece that is still a rising franchise with its 859th episode that is just been aired at the time this paragraph was written down, we also do not and probably would never write any first impression, and you would not find any reviews of one by one anime episodes —except on special cases. Instead, all of our reviews are posted for a whole show, season, very long saga, or a plain complete series. This is probably the main reason why we frequently could not give short reviews, but instead, they are wordy and lengthy.

For us, anime reviews are the type of content where we dive deep into breaking down different types of perspective and give our opinions on more than just the little things on the surface. Here on #moe404, reviews have its own procedure and structure, a standard to get posted; we do try to write quality first before quantity. So even though by no means that our works are perfect, we always try to get them covering every important element such as its story and its characters.

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These are the 9 recent anime reviews we add on our blog. You can explore more of them using this link, and you can visit our anime index to delve into all of the genres, studios, and other categories as well.

Our blog is also still relatively new and we only do one review per week, and with that, we might haven’t given your favourite anime a score. That being said, we created a page for you to request an anime to be reviewed here on #moe404, and you can do that in this page.

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