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haro there, thank you for stopping by on our support page!

Real talk before you decide to support us, maybe you want to know about us as bloggers, about the progression the blog is making, and about the platform that we hope going to be our livelihood in the future. We know all of this is not standard fare, and we understand completely if you are not interested in this. But we are so excited to launch a Patreon campaign! It has been about time we did this!

Even last year, we did not think #moe404 would become some sort of serious thing, it suddenly just happened. After all, we were just nerds who dreamt to do awesome stuff and shake some things up on the internet. Our regular readers know that because of our stubbornness, we basically do things based on our stupidity. I will state this now that except the passion that we have, we do not have other resources to do more of what we have now. Though so, still we always hope the Japanese culture to become a part of our life, our dream is to do content for people like you — full time!

Anyway, for you who did not know, Patreon is a site where creators from all around the world can get some kind of support in the form of subscription payments from their consumers. This campaign is exactly that. But fear not, as we know the reason why you are here is that you love reading anime-related content, this does not mean that we would end our devotion towards #moe404 — whatever happens, our content is still available to be consumed for free even if you are here not as a supporter. But if you like what we do, please consider supporting us financially; you will make us the happiest people in the world!

For the past couple of years, I have been writing about anime quite a lot. And from that span of time, I found out my goals as a writer has turned up, and oftentimes I was squee by the burst of emotions thinking what is gonna be like if my dreams come true. I realized that our little blog has the potential to do more. It is a bit of embarrassing to say but it is true that we are relying on our readers and people like you to carry out our mission together.

By becoming a supporter, you are not only making #moe404 more reliable but you will help us produce more content, definitely better and faster, more creative and ambitious. This Patreon campaign is all about quality and quantity; the more you support us the more we are able to create. We promise to do the best we can and invest as much time and dedication into this, and we really hope we are worth your support.

Besides the Patreon page, the easiest way of taking part in this campaign is through the Ko-fi button, where you can support us and request an anime to be reviewed or a topic to be discussed at the same time. Basically, this is a way for you to take part in deciding what kind of topic we are going to write next; at least this is what we could offer while we gather the amount of money on Patreon to achieve our next goal. Ko-fi button is one-time support, the concept is for you to buy us the equivalent of a coffee for us to review an anime you requested.

And additionally, if you choose to support our work through Patreon, your pledge will give you access directly to us. As long as you keep being a patron, we will hear and consider your request to create anything, and basically just do our best to please you. Optionally, if you are a patron with a $5 or more monthly pledge, you can get your name (with links if provided) to be listed on this page permanently as long as you keep being a patron.

In addition to some extra fun perks that we should deliver in the future, we’re working a way for you to have access to see our future plans and watch our work progression on a daily basis. In the near future, you’re going to have a special role on our Discord server, and please have yourself a certain that we will hear any request/suggestion you’d throw at us. You see, we can do nothing without you, so we shall make sure that we are grateful for you.

what we will do with your money?

There are not many things that we can think of offering, plus you should know as well that we do not have the insane tiered marketing deal like what other creators usually showcase. In addition to that, despite the fact that we will strike you as a special someone, we really do not want the non-supporter readers to feel like they are losing stuff. And if you cannot tell already, we would feel so uneasy about selling parts of ourselves to do something like “have a chance to video calls with us on Google Hangout” or something like that. Mind you that we are still … just some nerds.

That being said, we want to keep this campaign as simple as possible, and make sure that everything resulted from anyone’s support is able to be enjoyed by everyone else including those who are not a part of this campaign. Below here is our rough plan to improve our anime blog … …

(+) Purchase a custom domain for our website
We are desperate to be able to boost our blog with a custom cute and moe domain name. This will turn us to be a blog that is easier to reach and much easier to introduce to the new readers; a domain name also turned out to be more friendly with Google, believe it or not.

(+) Remove all the’s advertising
Just like the old saying goes: “Ads are the worst.” So of course, we do not want you to see them on #moe404, especially when they are beyond our control.

(+) Buy a hosting plan for custom email addresses
One little step on becoming a professional website.

(+) Unlock the CSS editing feature for the advance website design and customization
With this, we should be able to redesign the website to be more modern and magazine alike, we should be able to develop the website to be more comfortable both to visit and to read.

(+) Increase the storage hosting space
As with the more content written, we’re going to need to upgrade the blog’s hosting plan so we can use more multimedia (images, videos, and audios) on our posts with less concern about its storage.

(+) … before we reach the end
Maybe there will be the time for us to run a worth editor and add some kind of ‘guest writers’ program where the contributors will get paid.

(+) … finale!
We definitely need to short these objectives later in the future. But basically, what we want to do is to increase our hosting plan with unlimited storage space, we will also invest in various SEO tools to drive our website traffic and increase our community’s awareness in social media. Plus with the third party themes and plugins, we should be able to remove the branding and create our own brand of #moe404 with the more advanced features —which one of them would be to provide means for our community to give their own reviews and scores for the anime rather than just to post a plain comment (this will be similar to More to go, we want to vine with the YouTube platform to create a more diverse type of content and build a more diverse type of community base.

Most notably and in essence, if you become a supporter, you are giving us the cheer and encouragement to keep creating the content that we do. Also in addition to that, we’re going to make sure everything will keep improving and created in a faster rate. But yeah, we do have big dreams for our future. We know that it’s still far from our reach for now, but we hope that we can achieve these goals one by one very soon.

For the current time, the write-up content is produced around one to 3,000 words a week, possibly more. Though of course, we promised to produce blog posts faster every time someone pledges to our campaign. Currently we have two jobs; one for being a blogger on #moe404, and another for being a part of the society whether it’s studying at school or sweating in real life and make a living. You really are the reason for us to invest more time in #moe404.

we would like to thank you for believing in us, and we promise that your support is going to be a worthy investment for #moe404!

So that’s all. Thanks a whole bunch for reading this far, also thank you very much for the consideration. In case you have anything you’re uncertain about, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact page or send us a message via our Twitter page for the faster response.

You know … if you genuinely do consider being a part of this campaign, we couldn’t say enough about how incredibly grateful we are, it’s really hard to express how happy it makes me. Without looking like we’re just trying to advertise this, you should know that you’re darn awesome. Once again, thank you!